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Drax's Handy Tip #3

If you are keeping up on my home life,  you know I have impulse control issues.

I have so far been caught with paper towels in my mouth, eating butter from the butter dish, knocking over beer bottles on the counters and well, the list goes on. 71 more words


It's For Your Own Good !!

I guess trying to break out of the fenced-in yard again was probably not a good idea !  But it was worth a try, so I thought ! 195 more words


The Great Escape !

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can…..


AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!!  All that effort finally paid off !   168 more words


Actions speak louder than words, but they're loud too

At its most fundamental level the idea is to shoot birds over your shorthair’s point or within gun range of your lunging Springer. Maybe it’s putting a sneak on feeding mallards or decoying honkers to your pit. 375 more words

Bird Hunting

Solitary Confinement

It was bound to happen…..

Every time I get some extra privileges, extra space to roam in the house, I end up in trouble ! 252 more words


Drax's Handy Tip #2

The Backyard, a wonderful place to play, to run, hop, skip and jump !

To have an occasional  game of Fetch, or Keep Away !! 156 more words


Why I Have a DraxLife Blog

Maybe because It’s Fun ?  I’m Weird? Too much time on my hands?  I need to get out more???  Maybe it’s Therapeutic?  ( maybe a little of each??) 284 more words