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Baaa Baaa Baaad

The Laundry Room. It’s the place where my food dish gets filled up two times a day.  But they keep me waiting a little too long once in awhile, and so the tossing and banging of the dish on the floor will get their attention. 257 more words



“The Bark”, the magazine, is asking all owners of happy, smiling dogs and puppies to submit their favorite pictures to be included in the next several issues. 196 more words


A Public Service Announcement

What is going on I asked?  Why am I experiencing baldness at such a young age as 2 years old?  It was quite the shock to suddenly have my hair falling out as you can imagine.   470 more words


Moby finds his joy!

I never thought we would be running two dogs at scent work, but here we are! Moby is totally enjoying class since it involves loads of food. 163 more words


2017 New Year Resolutions

Christmas is almost here, there are decorations everywhere and in every room. A beautiful tree in the house is always exciting to see. Then there are these owls I spotted in the yard and they’re pretty cool all lit up at night! 282 more words


Weekend Warrior

The Weekend!  It’s that time again to get some pheasants, chukers and serious flushing done.  Getting ready on Saturday for my much needed hunt the next day!   284 more words


Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

AKC Group: Sporting

Vizslas began to come to fruition in the 1930s. Some Vizslas had thicker coats giving them better protection in cover and water. One of these thick coated dogs was crossed with a German Wirehaired Pointer. 246 more words