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Drax's Handy Tip #2

The Backyard, a wonderful place to play, to run, hop, skip and jump !

To have an occasional  game of Fetch, or Keep Away !! 156 more words


Why I Have a DraxLife Blog

Maybe because It’s Fun ?  I’m Weird? Too much time on my hands?  I need to get out more???  Maybe it’s Therapeutic?  ( maybe a little of each??) 284 more words


Seriously Drax

So today I learned that Drax is my middle name, and Seriously is my first name.         ” Seriously Drax,  what are you doing on the couch ??” 138 more words


"Road Trip" schedule and topic ... mark your calendar!

Your dog can’t say “huh?” or he often would, because when he disobeys it’s likely the owner’s fault, according to author and TV host Scott Linden. 587 more words


Say My Name

DRAX the Destroyer it’s  from the Marvel Comics, yep !!  That is my name, tough guy name too, which I believe I have been living up to so far. 106 more words


Escape Plan

So, today seemed like a good day to plan an escape !   I don’t know what’s on the other side of the fence, but it must be something good since these people are keeping it  to themselves !!! 132 more words


Unfinished Moby

Some days one gets inspired and then it fades…. So was the case with the Moby image today. He was laying on a sofa with his paws dangling off the edge and head resting at an odd angle over one of the fore legs. 146 more words