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"The Struggle is Real"

That’s laughter in the other room!  I hear jokes and stories being told, I hear they’re sharing their stories on Facebook now ,and you know what? 282 more words



I’m thinking  the events of the past year are definitely and appropriately being called The Drax-capades!

I’ve been told not to grab the paper towels, or eat napkins and begged not to attack and rip open my bed!   213 more words


Bored, Bored, Bored

And really confused!

What is wrong with this picture??

What is wrong with these people??

Well I’ll tell you!  Apparently there is something called “target shooting”, which makes  absolutely, positively NO SENSE! 127 more words


Second Frost

Frost. There is always something special about the first (or the second) frost of the season. It pushes the fact that yes, the seasons are changing. 256 more words


A Hunting We Will Go...

Yes, it’s true, after several practice runs with the long leash, the day is finally here and now I can start to fulfill my destiny of being a hunting dog! 159 more words


Is it really mid-November?

I’m rather puzzled as to how we’re now at mid-month and I don’t know where time has gone. Ok, I did spend several days doing inventory/banking/clean-up after Open Studio. 369 more words


Drax's Handy Tip #4

Let me tell you a little something about our backyard, it can be pretty muddy when it rains!  Try as they might to grow grass in some parts of the yard, our running and playing always seems to ruin their efforts.   228 more words