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Art by Geoffrey Johnson

“Zehn” sagt die Stimme in seinem Ohr. Sein Startsignal. Er setzt sich in Bewegung, taucht ein in den Menschenstrom.

“Neun” Ruhelos sucht sein Blick nach einem Vertrauten Gesicht in der Flut von Fremden. 200 more words


How To Make Friends in Germany

Moving to any new place where you don’t know a soul can be rough. You may get used to going to restaurants, movie theatres, and parks alone, but at some point you’ll want to share the good times with someone else. 385 more words

How to Buy Groceries German Style

So, grocery shopping seems like one of those things that should be simple enough no matter what country you’re in, right? You pick out what you want, put it in your cart, pay for it, and leave. 926 more words

Very Random Thought of The Day

I was thinking about Scrabble, the board game. And then I started wondering how the hell German speaking people can play Scrabble. German words are soooooooooooo long. 106 more words

Places We Go

Lern Deutsch – a review of a German vocabulary app

I call Lern Deutsch a vocabulary app, although it’s more of a game than anything else. Developed by the Goethe Institute, the free app was probably designed primarily as a marketing tool rather than a serious attempt to develop an educational language app. 630 more words



Heute ist mein deutscher Unterricht endlich beendet.

Er war nur 2Monate und nur 3Stunden pro Tag und 5Tage in der Woche, aber ich hatte viele Stress. 578 more words


"Reflexes and instincts are not pretty. It is their..."

“Reflexes and instincts are not pretty. It is their decoration that initiates art.”

~ Martin H. Fischer, physician, author, German born, American