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A Demonic Entity Stalks A Cab Driver In The Trailer For "LUZ"

Luz, a young cab driver, drags herself into the brightly lit entrance of a run-down police station. A demonic entity follows her, determined to finally be close to the woman it loves. 183 more words

TV And Movie Trailers/Interviews

like a dog

Ah, The Trial. This was one of few books written by Kafka- as grey as the others, and showing, in the main character, a weak individual broken down and eventually killed by a dominant, unforgiving authority. 594 more words


WWII - On the way to the Uman pocket

In the summer of 1941 German, Hungarian and Romanian troops encircled the Red Army south east of Uman. These pictures were taken by German troops an the march towards the frontline.


Introductory post

Herzlich willkommen zu meinem neuen Blog!

Upon starting a new blog, I believe that there are some questions that arise. I have listed those that I find interesting below and will make an attempt to adequately answer each question in a satisfactory manner. 813 more words


#German Challenge: Stage 1

Stage 1 of learning a language: Look up the 1000 most common words.

This is the technique that I have used, and have found it incredibly effective. 237 more words


The annoying thing about handling tourism as a Dane

Ah, the summer season is upon us and with summer comes… Tourists! *Clears throat*
Usually I’m a pretty mellow person but there are some things that can make my blood boil in a blink of an eye and this topic is definitely one of them. 1,479 more words


#329 Neu! - Neu! '75

Neu! ’75 is the third album from the German band Neu!. I have never heard their music until today. The album contains one side of ambient music and the second side is kosmische, Krautrock and proto-punk. 102 more words

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