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German Memories - Holy Roman Empire Era War to Napoleonic Wars

In a while Pascal Sadune, the leader of the tsunami survey team joined me and my discussion with him digressed into many of the German historical events. 28 more words

A German puzzle!

Huge thanks to John and Christine for bringing back this wonderful gift from their recent trip to Germany. All 1,000 pieces are currently out on the table, waiting to be sorted and for the fun to begin. 54 more words


Labor of love: 1962 Ford Consul Capri

The Consul Capri built by Ford EU was the attempt of building a cheap but good looking coupé for the masses: unfortunately its low-powered engine and production cost didn’t contribute to its commercial success. 154 more words

For Sale

Words I can’t Pronounce in German

They say that after a certain age, a person loses the ability to pronounce certain parts of a foreign language. That means, unless you start learning a second language from when you’re a kid, you’re always going to sound like a foreigner and there will always be some words you just can’t get right. 390 more words


David Sedaris and his technique with gender

There seems to come a point on every course I teach, where my lovely students begin to share their theories about why certain words in French or German are one gender or another. 199 more words


German Of The Day: Populismus

That means a left-wing political doctrine that proposes to help the common people who are being exploited by a corrupt dominant elite. Or at least the one I am referring to here is of the left-wing variety. 85 more words