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The Big German Trade Surplus

The current account is the sum of the trade balance (exports minus imports), net income from abroad (usually dividends) and net current transfers. As the trade balance is generally the largest of these components, a current account surplus usually implies that the nation is a large exporter and has a positive trade balance. 2,160 more words


ThreeXThree Cards - Devi - v1.0


Devi is an other of 20 characters I originally made for the game Ballfighter. I don’t know if this game will be published ever because it has nothing to do with EastForge. 120 more words


Don't Crack It, Just Hack It: How German Cops Plan to Avoid Encryption

CC0 / Pixabay

German police have decided to stop seeking decryption keys to encrypted messages sent via apps, such as WhatsApp, instead they will simply hack into devices and spy on suspects.
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Human Rights Violations

Germany's Great Rulers: Otto Von Bismarck

Understandably whenever German leadership figures are mentioned people automatically think Adolf Hitler. But let me introduce you to a key predecessor to Hitler; Otto Von Bismarck. 516 more words

Cinema Ritrovato 2017 - review - PEOPLE ON SUNDAY ("Menschen am Sonntag," Robert Siodmak and Edgar G. Ulmer, 1930, Germany)

During the years of the Weimar Republic, German film production flourished. In 1929, a collective of filmmakers got together to make a film named People of Sunday… 736 more words