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Ivanka Trump Booed in Germany over saying her daddy been good by Women

duh? i mean  what in the world is Ivanka Trump drinking or thinking when

told an audience in  Germany that  her daddy Donald been good by Women over the years… 52 more words

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Head Scratching in Europe: Brussels and Berlin Shaken By Turkish Referendum

A significant number of eligible Turkish voters living in Europe supported the referendum that curtails democracy in Turkey. That has triggered calls for consequences in both Berlin and Brussels and stirred up the German election campaign.  249 more words

The Muslim Times

Israel snubs German foreign minister in row over human rights talks

Benjamin Netanyahu cancels talks with Sigmar Gabriel after German foreign minister vows to meet Israeli rights groups

  211 more words

The Muslim Times

AllExperts is dead

Quite a number of my readers have come to my blog through AllExperts, where I have been answering questions on German law for a decade. With more than a thousand thoroughly answered questions, my profile there was a great source of information on all aspects of German law. 271 more words


Top Five Recommended Beer Styles Countdown: #4

In case you missed the first post, this is the second post in a mini-series focused on my top recommended beer styles. If you haven’t already done so, go back and read my previous post: … 667 more words