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Brief Thoughts on Guns and the Holocaust

One of this week’s outbreaks of mass psychosis concerned Ben Carson’s claim that Jews could have “greatly diminished” the Holocaust if they had been armed en masse. 370 more words

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Migrants Reach Europe Through Arctic Bikes

“Avoiding Risky Seas, Migrants Reach Europe With an Arctic Bike Ride,” by Andrew Higgins for the New York Times:

Pelted by hailstones and buffeted by an icy wind, Yasir Arslanuk, a 55-year-old Syrian engineer, his wife and two young sons wobbled across the border from Russia into Norway astride bicycles last week, the latest migrants to complete an improbable new route to Europe.

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Nürnberg: auf wiedersehen, Deustchland!

Day 23, 07.17.2009

I wrote this journal entry at 4:40pm–a mere 7 hours and 20 minutes before my last day in Germany ends. It was indescribable how devastating the reality was that I was heading home. 1,982 more words

Der BundesRepublik

A waffle, a walk and a picnic in the park

The city of Bochum sits between Essen and Dortmund in the northwestern part of Germany. It offers shopping, a variety of food and a long street of bars, clubs and pubs. 464 more words

Paying for Berliner Schloss

Audun Engh of INTBAU kindly noted, after reading my last post, that the figures next to architectural elements and statuary in drawings of a Berliner Schloss façade near the end of the Extrablatt PDF represented not the cost of those elements but the price for having one’s name associated with them, as a way to raise private funds to ornament the outside walls. 344 more words



Frontpage, by Daniel Greenfield, Oct. 9, 2015:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that refusing to take in Muslim migrants is a “danger for Europe.” Merkel as usual had it backward. 1,310 more words

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