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Travels #5: Berlin

Closed doors closed doors
Closed doors and walls.
Berlin Berlin let me in!
I dont want to know anymore
And it is cold and there is rain and I can see the sun. 85 more words

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On travels #4 : Culture and roots

I have never truly appreciated the enomous disservice my ancestesters did me when they uprooted themselves and went off to find terranova. New land.

I suppose there was promise of better living conditions and excitement and purpose and adventure. 616 more words

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Why Does It Feel Like 1930s Germany?

Why Does It Feel Like 1930s Germany?

We aren’t recovering from a war; we aren’t living through a crippling inflation; while things could be better, our citizens are not experiencing widespread deprivation and suffering. 323 more words

Election day

Hi people,

today we elect the German Bundestag. And folks, go voting. Geht wählen!

I just came back from voting. Okay, I admit, this time was hard. 162 more words


Black Forest Adventures

The black forest of  Germany is filled with magical rivers and waterfalls amidst tall trees and picturesque towns nestled among cascading hills. After our trip, I understand why many fairy tales and children’s stories are set within the black forest: this region is extraordinary. 490 more words


How Not to Cover the German Election Results Today

(Image by KevinNinja used under CC 3.0 via)

Dear Journalists and Bloggers Outside Germany,

We will have the German election results in just under six hours. 545 more words

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