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15 Photos Of Fairytale Sights You'll See When Cruising The Bavarian Alps

Traveling by land to any European countryside is really a delightful treat to the eyes. Along the way you will see a lot of breathtaking¬†views that you can’t ignore. 203 more words


Germany: Berlin, Part 1

It’s hard to deny that Berlin has a reputation. And not just in one sense, either; be it partying, history, culture, coffee, Berlin has a lot to offer in many different respects. 1,028 more words


English meets Merkel

Bill English has met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the last engagement on his European trip.

NZ Herald: PM homeward bound after crucial Merkel meeting… 406 more words


Germany Is Bristling at Donald Trump's Latest Comments

It’s Germany’s turn to feel the heat after President-elect Donald Trump turned his ire on the country’s automakers, its supposed dominance of the European Union, and the failings of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy. 805 more words


Tax Competition: A Necessary Liberalizing Process to Discipline the "Stationary Bandit" of Government

Mancur Olson (1932-1998) was a great economist who came up with a very useful analogy to help explain the behavior of many governments. He pointed out that a “roving bandit” has an incentive to maximize short-run plunder by stealing everything from victims (i.e. 841 more words


Are Americans being 'DECEIVED' by environmentalists and BigWind? YES

The radical environmentalists at Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense
Council and the outgoing Obama Administration must be exhausted from their
unceasing work to construct what can only be described as a renewable energy… 2,508 more words