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Sykes-Picot: The secret deal that changed the Middle East forever


On May 16, 1916, a secret pact carved up the floundering Ottoman Empire into spheres of British and French interest, foreshadowing the future map of the Middle East and, critics say, sowing the seeds of many of its problems a hundred years later. 774 more words

World News

Entry 3: Dresden's Rise From The Ashes

Saxony is an eastern region of Germany that (surprise surprise!) has a lot of history. The main thing to know about was a King named Augustus II the Strong, who gained his rather cool title by regularly breaking horseshoes with his bare hands and wrestling random peasants. 712 more words

Little Africa/Berlin

Now I’m on a 6 hour bus onward to Berlin from Amsterdam. The bus sucked. I ran out of wifi that was alloted to me in the first hour. 1,052 more words

Travelogue H21

I would like to think that, at some lull or other in the conversation, my thoughts went back to the St. Stephanerkirche. But this would amount to little more than narrative fabrication, engrossed as I was by the stories being shared around me. 624 more words