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City - Berlin

Berlin is a political and educational center of the nation located in northeastern corner of Germany on the bank of the river Spree. The city is being perceived as a gateway between Western and Eastern Europe as transportation ways connect to all sections of the continent. 42 more words


Germany’s Merkel faces tricky task to build government -- Far-right party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), is now part of the mix

The Associated Press

BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel is embarking on a complicated quest to form a new government and find answers to the rise of a nationalist, anti-migrant party. 332 more words

History of Berlin

Berlin was established in 1307 located in northeastern Germany, it is one of the biggest capital cities in Europe and a major center of culture, politics, science and media. 161 more words


Merkel IV : Twilight of the Gods

Angela Merkel won her fourth Bundeskanzlerin mandate, but lead the CDU/CSU to the worst result (32%) since 1949. The Jamaika coalition (CDU/CSU, FDP, Grünen) is… 55 more words


Berlin Wanderlust|Vater Bar 柏林流浪記|酒吧裡的她和他

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晚上十點,尋著Artem給的地址來到了他上班的酒吧 ─ Vater Bar。剛抵達時我還遲疑了一下,以為自己走錯了,因為大大的招牌上只寫了 「PAPA LIEBT DICH(上帝愛你)」。我在外探頭探腦了好一番,正打算轉身走掉時,Artem打開門叫住了我。



劇場女演員 ANNA 》 85 more words


When extremism changes our view of normalcy

Most people weren’t surprised by yesterday’s Alternative für Deutschland landslide election, perhaps because we long since allowed extreme views in our own governing bodies, to such an extent that their views increasingly become our own, seen as the standard to which we’re all held. 271 more words