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We get it, Keith Jarrett is great

Keith Jarrett came on my Pandora this morning and as usual I loved his playing. The song ended – I think it was a Gerry Mulligan tune – and it must have been the last song of the concert because the audience went crazy, clapping whistling, who knows, maybe they even took off their clothes a la Woodstock. 48 more words


I Want to Live

I post about ‘jazz and film’, because Academy Award will announce next week.

‘I want to Live’ was a 1958 film directed by Robert Wise. 97 more words


Saturday Night Tunes: What Is There to Say?

Friends, without making this All About Me, I’m scrambling right now. I forgot to put this in the queue before I left town, and I’ve been stymied in most of my efforts to grab a bit of internet while I’ve been away, which is why you’ve gotten a total of one (1) post since Wednesday that I hadn’t already scheduled before I left. 288 more words

High Culture

Night Lights(3)

The alternate version of ‘Night Lights ‘ was issued.

The master version of ‘Night Lights’ was playing piano by Gerry Mulligan.

But the latter version was playing on clarinet by the leader. 69 more words


Night Lights(2)

Speaking of ‘Night Lights’, there is a famous record of Gerry Mulligan.

This song is first track of the A-side.

David Brent Johnson is using this song as an ending theme of program. 99 more words


In Praise of Gerry Mulligan, Lester “Prez” Young and Melodic Jazz

“But, Can You Sing Me a Song”

By Roger Crane “Song Scout”

I discovered jazz thanks to a hip girlfriend named Jennie. She thought that I was “like way too square, man”  and, sometime, in the ‘50s, the pretty, zoftig Jennie took me to The Haig, (a small club with a big sign) to see this guy named Gerry Mulligan who, in my young ignorance, I assumed was some new rock & roll singer. 485 more words

Charlie Parker