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Gertrude Stein and the Word "Gay"

By far the most distinctive feature of “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene” by Gertrude Stein is the use of the word “gay.” A quick command+f of the PDF tells me “gay” appears 139 times in the three and a half page story. 454 more words

Role Models.

A few months ago I was asked who my female role models were. I think role models of any kind are important, taking inspiration from the words or work of people you admire and incorporating it into your own life, and I’ll often look to others for help when I feel lost and in need of motivation. 664 more words


Whitman, the Beats, Stein, and Li Po: A Tribute

Some evenings call for a poem. This came from one such evening.

Whitman, the Beats, Stein, and Li Po: A Tribute

It is time to begin again. 218 more words


Small Details: Mass Production As Literature

I worked in the used book business for a long time sorting books to be sold online both independently and as a contractor for a store. 698 more words


When you’re struggling so much with writing and you just want to take any job you can get but you’re secretly wishing there were a modern-day Gertrude Stein, a genius among geniuses, who would take you under her wing, lend you money and tell you that you don’t need to proofread and fact-check other people’s work. 49 more words


In 1934 Gertrude Stein was on a book tour of her native America after 30 years living abroad in Paris. After arriving in San Francisco, she decided to take a ferry across the bay to Oakland to visit her childhood farm and the house she grew up in on 13th Avenue, but when she got there, she found the farm gone and the house razed. 297 more words


Kill Your Friends Review

Kill Your Friends is not nearly as deliciously nasty a film as it should be and not half as clever as it thinks it is. Scripted by John Niven from his own novel, the movie takes a satiric look at the British music industry in the late 1990’s, the supposed heyday of the late, unlamented Britpop movement. 609 more words