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The Woman Who Saw Too Much

I am also fond of saying that a war of fighting is like a dance because it is all going forward  and back…That is the reason that revolutions and Utopias are considered too difficult: they are up and down not forward and back. 11 more words


It is extraordinary that when you are acquainted with a whole family you can forget about them. – Gertrude Stein http://ift.tt/1VBjKso

Gertrude Stein

A house in the country is not the same as a country house. – Gertrude Stein http://ift.tt/1TtQK29

Gertrude Stein

27, rue de Fleurus

For Elizabeth

“You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.”
-Italo Calvino… 281 more words

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso

There is an exhibit of paintings currently hanging at the Grand Palais in Paris that features the work of the early 20th century Portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso… 323 more words

Favorite Things

konkrittles #24 - Actions & Acting

I have erratically decided to get Gertrude Stein’s line »act so that there is no use in a centre« tattooed, partially because I enjoy the irony of it and partially because I think it is essentially true as a statement which is also ironic which I also do enjoy.  738 more words