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Book Review: Maggie Nelson's Bluets

Although Maggie Nelson is more popular for her “genre-bending” book, “The Argonauts,” I recently had a chance to read her earlier poetry book “Bluets.” In an attempt to revive my hobby of writing literary commentary as I previously have for… 2,009 more words


Gertrude Stein

You attract what you need like a lover. ― Gertrude Stein


Ms. Stein in Bryant Park

Gertrude Stein resting in thought.

Or, not thinking.

About New York

The rose

The rose

The purity
           the clarity
the beauty
           of the rose

the living rose
           grown from seed
proud in its bed
           or snipped and displayed… 81 more words


Portrait photography - initial explorations

This Gesture&Meaning-induced exploration into Portrait photography is fascinating, so far. I thought it was the genre I understood the best and the one that is, in some ways, the most straightforward but I am finding this is not so. 1,184 more words

Alex Majoli

A Moveable Feast

Ernest Hemingway

Paris in the 1920s was a magical time for Hemingway. He and his first wife Hadley lived very frugally, but his lack of cash was more than compensated for by the richness of the people who moved through his life: Sylvia Beach, Gertrude Stein, F. 53 more words

Book Reviews

Making sense of 'The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas'

Gertrude Stein’s biography reads like a Who’s Who during the roaring 1920’s with cubists, surrealists, dadaists, art dealers and publicists all intertwined. Not surprisingly, this makes her incredibly hard to read for students, so I made it easy. 45 more words

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