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She Is Still Burning 3 (Dec 2000)

By December 2000, I’d become ambitious for my little e-mail publication and was promising readers that if they printed the instalments and kept them in a notebook, eventually they’d have a book-length anthology. 2,386 more words

She Is Still Burning


Though I walk through the valley

I have no fear

My mind a plethora of jumbled thoughts

Tender buttons

Decisions, decisions

On how best to cut short a life… 49 more words


Tim Staley | Interview

Kenneth P. Gurney. Tells us how you started in poetry? What age?

Tim Staley. I wrote my first poem around 3rd grade. I don’t remember what it was about, but I remember winning some award for it from the state of Alabama. 811 more words

Literary Cluster Analysis

I: Introduction

My PhD research will involve arguing that there has been a resurgence of modernist aesthetics in the novels of a number of contemporary authors. 941 more words

Couple Format (The Identity Between Love and Work)

In Summer 2016, I organised a series of conversations at the Architectural Association in London, where guests were invited to share one “Couple Format” that has, in retrospect, made some kind of mark upon them.  159 more words

On Concepts

Midnight in Paris

If you’ve seen this 2011 movie, then you know it’s about writers. Owen Wilson stars as an American writer in Paris from the year 2010 who stumbles into the roaring 20s to meet the Fitzgeralds, Zelda and Scott; Ernest Hemingway; Gertrude Stein & cohorts. 215 more words

About Writers

Book Review: ECCENTRIC MODERNISMS by Tirza True Latimer

Tirza True Latimer’s most recent monograph is a slim yet substantial examination of a “network of enterprising outliers” that profoundly influenced art and culture making in the first half of the twentieth century, but have been generally been omitted from most accounts of modernism. 580 more words

Book Review