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Understanding Gertrude Stein by Not Understanding

How does someone read Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons if they do not understand a single line? I decided to stop trying to understand it. I reread the first half of “A SUBSTANCE IN A CUSHION” a few times, trying to read it differently than I would normally read for a literature class. 447 more words

Nowhere City: On Homesickness, or a Longing for Home

Last week, in a post entitled “Sidewalk City: On Parisian Café Culture and the Social Politics of Public Space,” I reflected on the paradoxical status of the Parisian café as a site of both sociability and solitude, on the margins of the modern city. 1,100 more words


The Gertrude Stein Look-Alike Contest

We’re getting up in years, we few forthright men who revealed to each other that we wanted to write back in our youth.  It takes a lot for a guy to open himself up that way to another man. 811 more words

Lit Youngstown at Salon de Fleurus

The McDonough Museum of Art, 525 Wick Ave., presents Salon de Fleurus, a representation of the Parisian salon of Gertrude Stein, a gathering place of artists and thinkers of the early 20th century. 54 more words


How big are the words modernists use?

It’s a fairly straightforward question to ask, one which most literary scholars would be able to provide a halfway decent answer to based on their own readings. 378 more words

What Is The Question?

While on her deathbed, Gertrude Stein supposedly asked, “What is the answer?” There was a long silence before she followed this up by asking, “What is the question?” How many of us would be uncomfortable with those being our last words? 1,562 more words