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PRODUCT DESIGN Limited Edition Set of Lego Boxes

  • Dimensions 
    3.5 x 2 x 4 inches, 4 boxes

    I designed and constructed a set of four containers to hold fifty identical objects, for a graphic structures and systems class.

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The Magic Behind Digital Media

The Theory of Gestalt holds that the whole is different from and usually more than, the mere mathematical addition of the whole’s constituent parts. – Writing & Editing for Digital Media 2nd Edition Brian Carroll…

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4.3 Artist Statement & Title

My Artist Statement:

My work concentrates on how the media is constantly bombarding us with images of how to think about things, how we should act, and how we should look. 154 more words

3D Comp

4.3 In Progress

Images of projects in progress. The photo below is the project that fell off. 

The below photo is of my final project in progress. 


3D Comp

4.3 Ideas

  1. Media. (The media is constantly bombarding us with messages on how to think, act, look, etc. Record on a calendar how many advertisements I see or hear a day on a calendar.
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4.3 Initial ideas

  1. Violence. (Collect weapons around the house & document them in a photograph all together. Find items that aren’t necessarily weapons that can be used as weapons and document those also.)
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4.2 Research (Magda Sayeg)

Magda Sayeg (http://knitta.com/about/)

Knitta is a group of artist who began “knit graffiti,” also known as “yarn storming,” and “yarn bombing” in Huston, Texas in 2005. 153 more words

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