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Gestalt Theory

As usual, the best lecturers for this class are the guest lecturers. In this case it was the program director for my degree, Peter Schumacher. Check out my notes:


Psychology of Design

Gestalt Theory

Graphic design doesn’t just take some imagination and creativity, it requires a little understanding of human psychology and how we perceive the world, or objects, around us. 289 more words

Can Upheaval Emerge A New Whole of Wholes?

To what degree is dishonesty affecting society today?

In so many instances, dishonesty is uncontrollably allowed to appear honest, by versions of “politically correct.” Are we are somewhat baffled by an answer to effective engagement of the parts, for the benefit of the whole? 1,136 more words

American Made

Gestalt Theory: An Overview

Gestalt Theory, basically put, asserts that the Whole can be something fundamentally different from the Parts. A painting becomes something more than a series of differently colored brushstrokes. 2,398 more words


Experiences: Gestalt theory

During graphic design we were talking about something interesting; the gestalt theory.

What it means, is that the visual world is a complex world, and that our brain has developed a strategy to deal with this complexity. 70 more words


Analisis Kasus Pembunuhan Terduga Penyihir di India: Komparasi Empat Pendekatan Klasik Psikologi Sosial

Senin, 20 Juli 2015. Moni Orang, seorang ibu dari lima anak sedang berada dalam rumahnya yang terletak di desa Assam, India. Secara tiba-tiba pintu rumahnya diketuk secara kasar oleh banyak orang. 4,326 more words

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