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Gestalt Theory

Gestalt, derived from the German for “form” or “shape” is a psychology that focuses on cognitive behaviors. Graphic Designers are influenced by the visual perceptual aspect of this, particularly the theory that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. 525 more words

Graphic Design


Diagnosis is a process that involves collecting data about one’s illness (collate their symptoms) and determine their anatomic, physiologic and/or psychosocial derangement (usually called disease) in order to direct a clinician toward offering specific treatments. 368 more words



I first ran across the word gestalt in my early 20’s reading an Ayn Rand book.  I may have tripped over the term a couple of times since, not sure.  437 more words

Pop-Up Book

For this assignment we needed to create a pop-up book. I came up with this project that focuses on gender. The project is meant to be an interactive project that leaves much up to interpretation. 189 more words


A logo to heal and face bullying

According to UNICEF, more than one in three students experience bullying on a regular basis. A terrible statistic that shows the high manifestation of violence in the life of children. 882 more words


A positive message for the victims of bullying

Who does not remember the walls of the school? Some of them were full of color and cheerfulness thanks to the help of teachers that posted schedules or important announcements. 827 more words