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Feng Shui, The Japanese Zen Gardens & Gestalt Theory

Banner image courtesy of The Telegraph article: ‘Beautiful Zen Gardens In Pics’. Photography by, Alex Ramsay.

My research into the practice and theories of arrangement have led me to reading up on the practices of Feng Shui, and briefly the Buddhist religion. 735 more words

PRODUCT DESIGN Limited Edition Set of Lego Boxes

  • Dimensions 
    3.5 x 2 x 4 inches, 4 boxes

    I designed and constructed a set of four containers to hold fifty identical objects, for a graphic structures and systems class.

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The Magic Behind Digital Media

The Theory of Gestalt holds that the whole is different from and usually more than, the mere mathematical addition of the whole’s constituent parts. – Writing & Editing for Digital Media 2nd Edition Brian Carroll…

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