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At the table one never grows old.

There’s a wonderful Italian saying, “a tavola non s’invecchia”, which translates as “at the table one never grows old.” My fondest memories are recalling family time at the dinner table, eating, laughing, and oohing and aahing over anything placed before me. 454 more words

Get A Life

Sterling Ascentia – Get A Life

A digital-first 360-degree campaign for Sterling Developers’ new offering – Ascentia, to show people working in and around Marathahalli-Sarjapur Road that the area is pretty cool contrary to popular belief, and that living there would be a great way to get a life, instead of wasting it stuck in traffic.

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Humor is the best medicine.

When I had my hip replaced, I went into the operation using my playfulness to ease the fear of going under the knife. Because I had previously held a workshop at that hospital, the nurses who prepped me were totally prepared for my banter and were ready to participate. 411 more words

Get A Life

Where Have I Seen This Before?

I admit that I’ve only watched the phenomenon known as “Doctor Who” once in my life, and that was years ago when my son, now a fully grown man, insisted that I watch what he described as an amazing TV show he had just discovered. 199 more words


Spontaneity brings TWINKLE to the human spirit.

I have always been a huge advocate of “awe” and “spontaneity”, and I now believe they are more important than ever in a culture that is increasingly stressed out. 452 more words

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Life Outside Tabletop Gaming

As of this writing, my lawn needs mowed. My girlfriend just told me we need more powdered sugar and our general baking supplies are low. We’ll have to go grocery shopping either this evening or tomorrow. 390 more words

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It won't be the last time I clean out closet.

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet for the hundredth time over the years. It appears to have a life of its own. Once I have everything in place, something very mysterious happens. 462 more words

Get A Life