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I was just making sure you were trying to tell me what to do. Send me a postcard from hell why don’t you?

Reading the Comics, January 9, 2018: Be Squared Edition

It wasn’t just another busy week from Comic Strip Master Command. And a week busy enough for me to split the mathematics comics into two essays. 1,102 more words


No He Didn't!

Oh don’t even try it baby bitch. You followed me first. I’m not the only one who knows it.

Need to get a life #mompower 😨

I know I need to get a life when I’m so excited by the new diaper bag I bought! I look at all these pockets and whoa… 206 more words


Single Since Birth

“Single Since Birth” means I have noone whom I must, “Ya Masr” to. I like it that way. God and his advocates are more than enough to deal with. 29 more words

OMG! I've Become "That Chick"!

So I’m realizing that I’m getting older and becoming that chick that even I used to talk about back in the day while pre-gaming with my girlfriends before we headed to the club. 714 more words