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Quote of the Day: Frank Sinatra

“If you don’t know the guy on the other side of the world, love him anyway because he’s just like you. He has the same dreams, the same hopes and fears. 15 more words


Facebook's down, what you gonna do?

What do you do when Facebook goes down?  a) panic ? b) get on with other stuff ? c) didn’t know it had gone down ? 398 more words

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Where did my happy hair go?

    Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and convinced myself that I needed to have the hairspray that she used to make sure my hair would not move. 460 more words

Get A Life

Is being negative influencing the productivity and morale of your company?

Whenever I’ve been hired to do a workshop in a corporation the individuals who hire me often relate that they want me to try to get the employees to realize that being negative is influencing the productivity and morale. 433 more words

Get A Life

Get a life

For those that pass judgement without understanding …. get a life…


Το ονομάζω μετάβαση.

Η εκ βαθέως ηλίθια διαδικασία να προσαρμοστείς (συμβιβαστείς) στην νέα σου πραγματικότητα που σου σκάει (μάντεψε πως) ΜΠΑΜ μες στα μούτρα. Αγαπημένο ψαράκι μεγαλώνεις, γίνεσαι αναλώσιμο και αμ τι άλλο έμαθες να αγαπάς τους δαίμονες σου.

Think about what we think about.

If we watch people on TV commercials, we’re led to believe that we live in a society where people laugh all the time and everybody’s always having a great time. 462 more words

Get A Life