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What's your natural optimism level?

According to research by psychologists at the University of Illinois, no matter what happens, people tend to return to a genetically fixed level of optimism. David Tellegen and David Lykken at the University of Minnesota found that twins shared a “characteristic mood level,” even when raised separately.

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Get A Life

...and Chair

i only just realised I entitled yesterday’s post to include another topic which I totally forgot about.

My new chair.

Now, I don’t have a great deal of room. 236 more words

Relief And a Chair

After taking the week off last week, I returned to most of my classes this week (I skipped yesterday morning, cause it was freezing) but most importantly I went back to sculpture class yesterday. 182 more words

Teens & Food: A Surprising Connection (what every mom and dad needs to know)

As the mom of three teens (and one adult), I make it my business to know what’s
happening in their lives. Fortunately for me, my group is pretty low maintenance. 373 more words


Fixing your life often requires a hard look within

  • I’ve led hundreds of workshops on stress management over the years, and many of the participants have wanted to change elements of their lives that get in the way of their happiness.

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Where I Am After a Week Off...

I know it’s hard to guess from the title of this post, but I took the last week off. I needed some… Reflection?… time.

A whole week later and where has it gotten me? 150 more words