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Take a walk around your life periodically and try to remove what is taking up time and space that no longer serves you.

Over the years there have been books that have attempted to persuade the culture to simplify their lives. As consumerism has engulfed our lives, it appears that the adage “less is more” is becoming more of a dinosaur mentality. 441 more words

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“Publish or Perish”

I have loved delving into research about a myriad of mind/body issues. It fascinates me on how much wisdom is contained in our biology. To imagine that each cell in the body is like the pilot of a plane knowing instinctively how to navigate through good and bad developments is fascinating. 436 more words

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How we look creates impressions and how others treat us.

My first trip on a plane occurred when I moved from Long Island to South Portland, Maine with my children. This happened over forty years ago. 466 more words

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When I don’t have to go anywhere I stay in my nightgown.

I recently bought the latest edition of Vogue magazine to see what was going on in the fashion world. I have always loved viewing what fashion designers have deemed the latest, greatest couture for the year. 456 more words

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Are you living your most authentic self?

One of my most vivid memories of growing up in Brooklyn were the chickens that were running around the basement. We never ate them. But that was just one of the many unique aspects of my life. 445 more words

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Look at the legs, not the artist, (apparently).


The Defeat of the Bearded Bastard

If we know that our own men are in a condition to attack, but are unaware that the enemy is not open to attack, we have gone only halfway towards victory.  734 more words

The Art Of Wargaming