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Feeling Fat...

Since mid-November I’ve lapsed into a more sedentary lifestyle. I’m on my feet less.  It doesn’t help, of course, I ate a lot over the holidays.Certain clothes aren’t fitting as well. 152 more words

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Global Whining

I’ve shared the following story many times because it so aptly describes how we increase our stress through preconceived ways of thinking about situations we encounter. 474 more words

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The Meaning of Life

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all deep and philosophical on you. Not today at least, ;) One of my goals for 2017 is to have more of a social life. 702 more words


Laughter is truly the best medicine

In every seminar I do, I ask people to go through a belly laugh with me, to remind them what it feels like to really let go. 452 more words

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“If everyone’s special, than no one is”

My mother and grandmother spent a lot of energy being martyrs. They liked suffering over situations that could have been handled in more pragmatic ways. Nonna Francesca would despair over not being able to find over-ripe tomatoes to make her favorite marinara sauce and my mother would begin wailing when I didn’t eat my peas. 430 more words

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Give gifts that may enhance your mind, body and spirit

The holiday season is in full swing and each week the stores are getting increasingly full of folks seeking what they hope will be the right gift for their loved ones. 471 more words

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Annoying Shit People Say

  1. You’re so weird– I get this a lot, especially from people who don’t know me well. I often wonder to myself, is it really just because humans deliberately point the odd one out?
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