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How to Paint 250,000 Miniatures

This is a follow-up from Monday’s post where I commented on this video:

The video said it took 20 years for Mr. St. Clair to paint all of those miniatures. 1,019 more words

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Giga-Bites Cafe Promo Video

After sharing my lamentations over getting new people to join the hobby on a Facebook Kings of War group, the owner of Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta, GA, shared this video: 109 more words

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I have been making my Buffalo Sauce for over 20 years, well 24 to be exact!
For all that time I have never seen it for more than something I made for friends or when ever I wanted wings. 542 more words


Rational begets Rational

Much of our stress and emotional suffering comes from the way we think. I’m a master of this; I can drive myself nuts in two minutes. 471 more words

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What Gamer Guys Know About Gamer Girls [Part 2]

Was Friday’s post hyperbole?

Do gamer guys really know nothing about gamer girls?

I’d like to think we live in age where most gamer guys are gentlemen. 125 more words

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Soundtrack Saturday: MCMXC A.D., by Enigma

In high school I thought I was really cool. Because of French class I understood some of the lyrics in the song “Sadeness,” which I first heard when a Youth Pastor played it  at a Christian Youth group. 247 more words

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Feeling Fat...

Since mid-November I’ve lapsed into a more sedentary lifestyle. I’m on my feet less.  It doesn’t help, of course, I ate a lot over the holidays.Certain clothes aren’t fitting as well. 152 more words

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