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It's My Last Day of Holidays...

And it’s as hot as a bulls bollocks. Seriously, why is it so hot? It’s jumped up about ten degree Celsius from yesterday and it’ll drop back down again tomorrow. 296 more words

Who's Been a Busy Little Bumblebee

I’m not sure what I’ve done differently in the last couple of days, but if I could be as unlazy as I have been… Well that’d be good. 182 more words

I Bought a Big Ruler Today...

It’s a metre long and metal. It’s kinda heavy too, so… heavy metal!

I had to pick up some art supplies and decided to try the art store around the corner from my house. 137 more words

Clean Hard: with a Vengeance

Buried inside me is a hoarder. He likes to keep all sorts of trash, just in case.

“Oh, that window broke? I can do something with that broken glass” or “this oddly shaped ukelele box may come in handy one day.” Or “the strap on this bag broke and I replaced it two years ago… But I better keep it!” 147 more words

Guess what I did.

I’ve checked off one of my holiday todo list items. Yup. I did.

You, my loyal readership of zero, may remember a few weeks…ish… ago I scored a new of a chair thing which took up near all the space left in my room. 118 more words

Looking at my holidays todo list...

It’s Thursday today and my holidays todo list still looks… Full. No check marks. None. Not one. Maybe if I went by percentages I might have some marks… But no. 140 more words