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...and That Makes Three #weightloss

This marks the end of three weeks. Three weeks of exercising every day.

It also marks me hitting a loss of 3 kg.

(I think I lost a tiny bit more before then, but I can only go back as far as I’ve been recording it.) 208 more words

How my Dad saved me from marrying Nonso, the hustling hustler

I was listening to the radio the other day and they were discussing the types of men you find in Lagos. It was an interesting topic. 345 more words

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Two Weeks in and Not Slowing Down... Well, Not Really.

Two weeks ago, as part of my ‘sort my fucking life out year’ I started my weight loss plan. This wasn’t some doomed to fail New Years resolution. 238 more words

Is mobile tech taking over your life?

You lie in bed waiting for the sweet blanket of sleep to envelop you in its cocoon, but then your moment of serenity is destroyed by the faint blue light and buzz notifying you that someone liked your comment on Facebook or the 20%  567 more words

My big fat 600 lbs.. Facing your fears.

It’s Thursday evening night I am up late, waiting for my significant other to come home from his usual Thursday routine. The boys are already in bed, and right about now I’m about to have me some ‘OMG ‘I sat down to watch some TLC Channel. 943 more words


11 Days in and 3.5kg down... #losingweight

So, you may ask, ‘how’s the trying to lose weight thing going?’

And I’d have to say, ‘well, I covered most of that in the posts title. 162 more words