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Talk About Disappointment

Today I had my Month 12 visit with the doctor in the Bariatric Study.  Well, let me tell you that in the 12 months that has passed I have lost inches (minimally it seems) but I also gained 1.6 pounds.   322 more words

Weight loss battle.

I really feel I have failed myself the past couple of weeks, I don’t feel so pleased with myself right at this very moment. Since losing 3lbs over the past month I feel that the last two weeks I have really gone off track. 608 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Striving for Patience

I’m trying really hard to not be frustrated with my weight loss right now. I’ve been solidly on my loss weight/get healthy plan for close to a year now and, while I certainly feel like it’s been a success, I also feel like I’ve spent more time in plateaus than I have actually losing weight. 255 more words

My Journey

Don't Be a Quitter!

Several weeks ago, a post showed up on Facebook about a memory from January 2012. It was a Word Press blog that I had started about quitting smoking. 283 more words


The 5:2 diet. Does it work?

My life seems to mostly consist of preparing meals for 2 toddler terrorists, who would live on fish fingers at every mealtime if they could, and a carnivore husband, who would live on sausages at every mealtime if he could, so I am surrounded by temptation (who hasn’t stuffed a leftover fishfinger in their mouth when tidying up teatime – no one I tell you) 628 more words

To Shred? Or Lifestyle change? 

Hey world! How’s it going? Thanks for checking back at the blog today to read up on today’s post. Much appreciated! 😊

Recently I have been constantly analysing what goes into my mouth ( I’m talking about food and drinks) and how much physical activity I am actually doing. 992 more words


Three Ways To Stay Fit While On Vacation

Working out when on vacation always presents a predicament, doesn’t it?  While most hotels and condos offer weight rooms, who wants to spend their vacation in a sweat- filled, smelly room with a bunch of strangers?   723 more words