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The Awkward Moment I Forgot My Blog Existed.

So. I may or may not have been super off my game recently. I could not motivate myself to work out on Saturday, and yesterday (Tuesday) was crazy hectic and I got sick in the morning so that was not a thing I wanted to do. 247 more words

Life Journey


From the wise words of health guru, Chris Kresser…

‘If you’ve tried changing your diet, with disappointing results; if you haven’t quite kicked sugar, and wheat out of your pantry; if you still struggle with choosing healthier foods … you’re not alone. 178 more words


It's Official! I'm running in my first half marathon!

I have officially registered (and paid my money!) for my first ever half marathon! I am super nervous – cuz now I am in this  229 more words

It’s a Constant Journey

By: Dr. Kevin Sigua, OrthoIndy Physiatrist

Many people have asked me how I lost all my weight and how I keep it off. Let me tell you, it’s a constant struggle and a continuous journey. 696 more words


Holy Poop, I Just Did That.

So, as usual, the lovely Sara accompanied me to the gym today, and today she indulged me. After jogging around those girls, I wanted to see what I could push myself to do. 400 more words

Life Journey

Driving is Like Life, or How I Found Love in My Body Today.

When my dad was teaching me how to drive, he always kept saying “Driving just is a series of little adjustments”. He started telling me that, gosh, almost four years ago, and not a week goes by that I don’t think of that quote (along with “know it, use it, love it” in reference to napkins… That’s another story). 547 more words

Life Journey

Try Something New.

I am not the most assertive little bumblebee.

It is something that used to depress me until I realised I have an abundance of empathy to make up for it, so I’m just happy to be me being me really. 161 more words

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