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Friday Inspiration

There’s an old clichéd saying that goes…”you have to love yourself first, before you can deeply love other people”, presumably, be it your spouse, family or someone from afar. 240 more words


Yummy Weekend Eats

Recently I got to thinking about it and Josh & I have gotten bad about treating my visits to Virginia Beach as a vacation. Since I don’t get to see him all that often we do a whole lot of out of the house dates and that can get pricey, especially when done in a tourist trap type location. 544 more words

My Weight Loss Journey - Week 37

My goal last week was to reach or pass my next milestone of 75 pounds, and I’m so happy to report that I passed that milestone! 327 more words

My Weight Loss Journey - Week 36

I’m a bit late this week, but I have great news, I’m almost to my next big milestone! When I weighed myself on Monday morning, I was down another 1.5 pounds for a grand total of 74.2 pounds. 444 more words

MicroHustle Monday: Walk Your Way to Cash

Let’s face it. Working out is on the back burner in my life. I mean, yes, I YMCA for the free childcare and in theory when I drop them off I head straight upstairs and hop on the treadmill where I WORK IT for a full hour. 505 more words


Why Women Should Lift Weights Too

I wrote last week about how women are often scared of lifting weights because they are afraid they end up looking like a bodybuilder. They think of bulky men pumping iron to achieve beefy biceps and heavy pecs. 1,225 more words


Recipe: The Basic Breakfast Sandwich

There are days in the morning that I have more time to make a more hearty breakfast.  In comes the breakfast sandwich.  Now I’m sure everyone is well aware of breakfast sandwiches and how to make some sort of variation of it.  552 more words