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Four Tips For A Successful Grocery Trip

Happy Friday!!

These past two weeks have been pretty crazy. A one semester class in three days (yes that is possible for my graduate program), my new class at Viking Fitnesss, getting to know and training new clients, keeping up with everyday tasks, running and training, and being social–wow sounds exhausting!! 761 more words

Active Lifestyle

Friday Fitness 01.17

This year I have full intentions of focusing on being healthy – inside and out, because to me being healthy is being happy. And being happy touches every single part of my life, but the part I am most concerned about is my life at home and being happy and content, being the best me. 500 more words


Beginning another journey together

Last night, Sterling and I began another journey together. He had asked for a membership to a gym for Christmas, for his birthday, for anything really. 745 more words


What I Ate On My First Week Of NutriSystem

My first week on Nutrisystem was quite a learning experience. I will say though, that it pumped me up and motivated me like nothing has before. 651 more words


Things to Know BEFORE Starting NutriSystem

Alright you guys, I made it through the Fast Five week! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Was I hungry? Yes I was… But it showed me just how much I was overeating and eating so much of the wrong thing. 771 more words

Monday Motivation

Pssstttttt… Big things coming down the pipe this week! I will save the biggest reveal for later in the week!

First off, I have beeb accepted to represent Nuun as an ambassador again this year! 75 more words


The Sugar Detox Journey...2 Weeks & Counting

The second week into this devilish detox journey has been agonizing.  The first week brought intense headaches, and though that was no walk in the park, the second week made me a certifiably insane sugar savage.   496 more words

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