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Coming Out | Friends, Family and Society

October 20 is Spirit Day, a day that was set up by Douglas College Alumni Brittany McMillan to show support for LGBTQ youth and take a stand against bullying. 465 more words

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Nothing Tastes As Good As Healthy Feels

YAY!!! If you’re still along for the ride then your life is about to improve! So, where to start? Wellness starts with food. Hippocrates is famous for his quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” and I think a powerful concept that aligns with this is to let clean, whole foods be your fuel so you don’t need medicine. 680 more words


App Review: AppBlock

As a student, one of my biggest weaknesses is technology. Scrolling on Reddit is just so easy, and studying can be so hard. When distractions are readily available and tailor-made to suit our interests, they become hard to avoid. 410 more words

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Taking the First Steps: My Struggle With Mental Illness

Mental illness is a hidden barrier for a lot of people. I am no expert on mental illness and I am not here to spout a whole bunch of facts about it. 396 more words

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What Happens to the Fat?

Losing weight is something many of us think about in terms of the how and why, but have you ever considered what? By that I mean, have you ever been curious about what it is that happens to the fat the you lose? 501 more words

Why Diets Don't Work Long Term

If you have tried multiple diets in the past and never succeeded, this is for you.

If you falsely believe that diets are the key to weight loss and overall health… 921 more words


Just A Story About Picking Careers...

I tried thinking my way into a career path once. Not just tried; my face was scrunched up, it felt like my bedroom was shaking, and I think my hair even went blond for a moment. 625 more words

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