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Loose Weight with a smile!

Hello peeps,

Eating without getting fat is everyone’s dream but in this process most of us forget that our motive should be to get fit because being and feeling healthy is very important. 763 more words

Get Healthy

how to get healthy RIGHT NOW

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today is the start of my Get Healthy With Me series! These posts will share my journey towards becoming a healthier person physically and mentally. 473 more words


Getting Started on a Fitness Journey

Getting your bum started on a new fitness journey can be challenging. Even more challenging is sticking with it and making a fitness a part of your lifestyle. 616 more words


Four Easy Ways To Make Time For Fitness

The Cheese-Puff is nude more often than he’s clothed.  Shirts, shorts, and shoes are such an unnecessary bother when sensory processing is a daily struggle.  “Clothes on,” I say, at least twenty to thirty times a day.   1,053 more words

Melanie Hollis

Fourth of July

Where I come from, it’s not necessarily cornbread & chicken, BUT, 4th of July is a pretty big deal. Sonoma has been voted multiple times over the past few years as having one of the best celebrations in the good old U.S of A. 739 more words

Get Healthy

My Weight Loss Journey - Weeks 65 - 72

Wow! It’s been almost two months since I last posted my weight loss progress. Honestly, you all haven’t missed much. As I expected, since passing the 100 pounds lost mark, my weight loss has slowed considerably, and it seems to fluctuate more now with stress, and hormones, but I’m still gradually heading towards my ultimate goal. 317 more words

How To Get Your Best Body Back Now

With July here, a lot of us are looking to look and feel amazing in our body and whilst the basics such as working out and eating well are fairly obvious, there are a few small changes you can also make. 340 more words