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Hello!  My name is Keri, and I’ve decided to take a personal approach to changing my lifestyle.  I want to start blogging my fitness journey.  I am having a hard time right now with it and have seen many others become more successful when they share their own stories. 859 more words

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Get Healthy, Glowing Skin With These Top Tips

There is more to excellent skin care than external treatments. It involves an entire skin care regimen and avoiding damage from the sun. This article may help you create a skin care routine to make your skin glow. 18 more words

Skin Care

Pre & Post Workout Nutrition: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you’ve been following you know my stance on synthetic supplements, if you haven’t no worries I never get tired of finding ways to illustrate my disgust for this industry: If I had $100 dollars and was forced to spend it on either products like NO-XPLODE or Kanye West’s broadway rendition of Phantom of the Opera, I’m watching that idiot Kanye all day. 1,609 more words

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This Stuff Will Change Your Life

One of my greatest success stories is a girl named Ashley. I’m ashamed to admit it but the main reason is because she was one of the few clients I’ve had that I worried wouldn’t be able to permanently change her lifestyle. 724 more words

Healthy Eating

Journey Revisted

Completely by accident I found this blog today. I am not speaking of a blog I was looking for, I meant my own. I originally started this blog as a way to track my progress and journey through weight loss and wanting to be a healthier me. 880 more words


30 yoga poses you should know 

I found a great chart illustrating 30 yoga poses you should know separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced poses:

A chart like this is no substitute for actually going to a yoga class where a certified yoga instructor can see your alignment and correct you. 18 more words


Don't be a sore sport: delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

SPRING! Fiiiiinally, am I right? After a long winter, your body has probably been craving some good, hard, outdoor workouts…and if you spent the winter huddled under warm blankies, you’re probably feeling a wee bit sore. 300 more words

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