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Your Attention Please...

When you give your attention as you are doing right now to this post, you are focusing your senses, your thoughts, your energy, your entire self on a person, place or thing. 566 more words

Daily Food Journal & Photos - Day 2

Day 1 went really well.

I stuck to my weight watcher points.

I walked away from temptation at work. Which is hard to do because temptations run rampant at work! 182 more words

Fighting the Hard Fight

I have some difficult relationships.

My mom can cut me to the quick… but she’s unwavering in her love and support.

My children often hurt me, but I love them fiercely and unconditionally. 747 more words


Starting Over

For some people new beginnings start at the calendar new year, or the Lunar new year, or another religious holiday. I am not big into New Years Resolutions. 713 more words

Health & Spirituality

I like the color pink, but ...

So, I’m stuck at home with pink eye! And while I like the color pink, I’d rather it not be in my eyes! Thankfully, I guess, it’s the viral kind of pink eye, so no need for the gooey ointment medication, which I truly hate! 194 more words


How To Eat Healthily Without Depriving Yourself

Hi Angel’s,

I’m back with another blog post.. fitness edition this time! For all my #gymaholics out there or for people looking to shred a few pounds.. 754 more words


New Year's Resolutions: 2019 Edition

Why setting New Year’s resolutions can help you achieve your goals this year.

A new year begins and old habits fade. Fresh ideas blossom and new perspectives emerge.

304 more words