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Loosing Baby Weight 2019 - Day 2

Today was a pretty good day. I took my kids to a local park and had a good 7000 step walk with the buggy.

I was finding myself craving naughty food, I gave in after my walk and had a Fat Rascal at a cafe… i enjoyed it and rather than punish myself by blowing out the rest of the day, I chose to accept it and just count it into my day. 64 more words

Check this out

Hey everyone my girlfriend has started her own blog about the pinup lifestyle and getting healthy. Check her out, it is a good read.

Healthy Curves a Pinup Memoir

Eating Right

What happened to my body?

Wow Christmas came and is gone. I scroll through my newsfeed on Facebook and I see all those posts that mention how much smaller those pants are after all the festivities. 423 more words

Get Healthy

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Loosing Baby Weight 2019 - for those who dont ‘snap back’.

Hi Ladies,

Today i fianlly got to that point where I had to face the reality of my post baby body. I went shopping with my husband and my two little one’s; Mason (2) and Ivy (4 months). 282 more words

Results NOT Resolutions!

The new year is always plagued by countless lists of things that people want to accomplish, goals they have, things they need to change…and yet year after year often the majority of people making these “resolutions” fail miserably at actually accomplishing any of them. 441 more words

Get Healthy

Getting better. Lifting off. Moving on.

I used to view myself as someone who “is” all of these things, these downfalls and problems that are cohesive with the very basis of who I am. 440 more words