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Add Some Spice to Your Life to Improve Your Health

Spice Up Your Life

A well balanced diet of fruits, vegetable and proteins will help to keep you healthy and strong for many years to come. 525 more words


Hats, Baths, & Masks


Hats are a must have for the summer months.  Not only do they protect our faces from the sun, they protect our hair too.  UVA rays dry out and damage the outer layer of our hair, making it appear brittle.   798 more words

Melanie Hollis

Play Time

Photo A Day Challenge
June 2018
Day 12: Play Time

Yesterday, I made the decision that I was going to get off the sofa and take my life and health back. 106 more words

Dreams & Goals

In the past 1/2 years, my goals for the future have changed dramatically. I no longer want the family life, working 9-5, nice house, kids and pets. 895 more words


Eat these Foods to Stay (or become) Healthy and Strong

Good health is one of those blessings that you might take for granted, until you lose it or it is compromised. If you are in good health, it is important to take care of yourself to prevent disease. 673 more words


The Withdrawal

On May 8, 2018, I resolved not to spend anymore money on my quilting hobby. On May 9th, I received a $50.00 check for my birthday and immediately began questioning my life choices. 620 more words


A Closer Look

I mentioned in another post that I engage with intensity, part of that is personality and part of that is patterning. I imagine most people have a handle on personality, so I’d like to explain patterning and the pattern I’m trying to rewrite. 748 more words

Mental Health