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"Get in the bus" or "Get on the bus"

Why do we have to say “get on the bus”, but “get in the car”? It’s because we have to step up ONto… 116 more words


Dirt Road Graveyard

Dirt Road Graveyard

You’re like a graveyard

on an old dirt road

filled with ghosts

and fun to hold

séances in

(from my book Beautiful Graveyards, Farfalla Press)

12 Things I Learned While Watching: Movie Hookers--Julia Roberts vs. Elizabeth Shue

12 Things I Learned While Watching: Movie Hookers–Julia Roberts vs. Elizabeth Shue

1. The Plots: In Leaving Las Vegas Elizabeth Shue plays a gritty, street hardened prostitute who befriends a sad dude (Nicolas Cage) who’s moved to Las Vegas on a semi-holy mission to drink himself to death. 1,244 more words