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Heh. I start a lot of drafts.

And never post them.

/posted to prove that I can post, I’m just (apparently) lazy.


Newest Worst Thing

They’re on MY square. My hometown. The exact place I got engaged, at a festival I wanted to attend but I wasn’t in town.

Yes, I could stop stalking them. 237 more words


15 Signs You Really Need To Get Your Shit Together (Starting NOW)

1. You can never find your keys. It slows you down when you’re running out the door, it’s all you think about when you’re walking to your car wondering if you’re going to be locked out, but you don’t want to sort through your purse/wallet/pocket/bag to see if they’re in there. 584 more words

Failure is Your Fortune

This post is for and inspired by (other) Cat, who inspires me to stop editing and just share what I write. Read about her adventures in LA on… 369 more words

Getting My Life Together

Shine Brighter

​I used to shine so bright. What happened to that girl? I can’t even remember her.

I remember, being able to do anything I set my heart to, listening to myself and pulling myself through the trenches. 76 more words


Financially responsible

How many Americans can say that they are? Are they happy and financially responsible?  Is this even an American thing? It seems that everyone in this country is in debt and uses credit without a second thought. 322 more words

Single Girl In The City