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To Change Your Life, You Need To Change Your Priorities 

Last year I thought I was living it up. I went to every major concert that came to my city, I was hanging out more, taking my kids on vacations, but I put setting up our future on the back burner. 245 more words

The Part-Time Ramseyites.

We’re part-time “Ramseyites”. I say “part-time” because if we were true Dave Ramsey disciples, we’d have no debt by now. The copy of Financial Peace I purchased in 2007 is out for display on one of  my end tables. 253 more words


Planner Productivity: Complex Task Management 

Last week we discussed the benefits of planning your work which can be found here for anyone who missed it.

This week I am going to discuss the method which I use for more complex tasks such as Project management. 279 more words


Get It Together Already.

I feel so tired and ineffective lately. I’m constantly trying to balance out a base level of narcissism, and a genuine care and desire to help others. 489 more words

20 Something

Friday Frills

Since October is over and November is here, #FridayFrills is back!

This week has been a busy whirlwind of transition as I officially started a new job! 127 more words

Friday Frills

Heh. I start a lot of drafts.

And never post them.

/posted to prove that I can post, I’m just (apparently) lazy.


Newest Worst Thing

They’re on MY square. My hometown. The exact place I got engaged, at a festival I wanted to attend but I wasn’t in town.

Yes, I could stop stalking them. 237 more words