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The Finale: Good-Bye 20s Part I

Kicking and screaming is how I imagined leaving my twenties. I turned twenty-one four times and twenty-five twice. Celebrating twenty-nine umpteen times seemed imminent.

On Instagram I overused #twentysomething in attempt to suck twenty-something dry. 337 more words

an equation for getting it together

You don’t – and won’t – advance any further on making positive changes in your life if you keep repeating the same habits every day… 414 more words

Broke As A Joke

I wish there was a definitive time for when things are supposed to come together for your life. Especially when it comes to marriage, finances, family and friends. 134 more words


24 Signs You've Got It Together

So I’ve been going through old folders and articles that I filed in lifetimes gone by; having obviously found them interesting enough to hold on to, or perhaps hoping that at a future time I would understand or be able to better relate to their content. 717 more words


Seriously Aundrea, get it together.

I know I haven’t really been keeping up with my blog lately, but there is so much running through my mind I kind of let it slip. 85 more words


What is going on with Phatcomics ?

I have a new comic that I cannot get finished. Since finishing book 2 of Monsters, i’ve dried up.

It’s really difficult getting anything finished. I still love comics, but this is the first time in 12 years where it’s not happening. 87 more words

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