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Worst Blogger Ever

The title of this refers to me. Haha. I promise I’m trying to get better about it, though. I haven’t updated ANYTHING. I didn’t realize that starting a new job would throw me off the way that it has. 293 more words

New Job

Get it together...

If, like me you are juggling many things and many people’s schedules keeping track of all matters both big and small can be complex.  There is nothing more distressing than forgetting a day care meeting, a social engagement or a good friends birthday.  28 more words


Trials Come and Trials Go

God is good.  All the time God is good.

This has been quite the week.  LOTS of ups and downs this week.

And yet….  God is good. 507 more words

Vicki's Ramblings

To Change Your Life, You Need To Change Your Priorities 

Last year I thought I was living it up. I went to every major concert that came to my city, I was hanging out more, taking my kids on vacations, but I put setting up our future on the back burner. 245 more words

The Part-Time Ramseyites.

We’re part-time “Ramseyites”. I say “part-time” because if we were true Dave Ramsey disciples, we’d have no debt by now. The copy of Financial Peace I purchased in 2007 is out for display on one of  my end tables. 253 more words


Planner Productivity: Complex Task Management 

Last week we discussed the benefits of planning your work which can be found here for anyone who missed it.

This week I am going to discuss the method which I use for more complex tasks such as Project management. 279 more words


Get It Together Already.

I feel so tired and ineffective lately. I’m constantly trying to balance out a base level of narcissism, and a genuine care and desire to help others. 489 more words

20 Something