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She’s worth it (v-day)

Hello Loves,

Let me jump right into it 😏 I am SO sick of the cliche phrase “we’ve got each other, that’s all we need.” 317 more words

My Reset Routine

Whenever I’ve been feeling burnt out, come back from a trip, or have been sick, I like to take a weekend for my reset routine. It’s a chance to get my act together, both physically and mentally, so that I can come back to my usual commitments feeling refreshed and ready to go. 654 more words


*New Episode* Risk & Decision Making

The Brainiac episode! It turns out that our brains are super complex and absolutely fascinating. Who’d have thought?

How do we know we’re making the right decision? 75 more words

Jackson Carter

Oh hi, friends

News item: I turn thirty this year. In four days, actually. Round face and tiny body mean I still look like a twelve year old, but on paper, it’s a fact. 477 more words

Get It Together

Wussup guh....

Hang up the phone! No need to call the authorities. I’m here, I’m here. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I made some promises I couldn’t make good on. 69 more words

Goals, Plans and My Word for 2018

A few years ago we started making some goals and plans for the year. I thought it would help us to stay focused and think about the things we needed to get done and determine to do them. 593 more words

Get It Together