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why i've stopped hating on Pokemon Go

I keep meaning to write that post from the other night, but things come up, and I get sidetracked.  I’m still dealing with weird abdominal whatever, so my energy levels aren’t fabulous.   246 more words


In The News: Some of You Will Be Offended

I usually avoid making political commentary, and definitely avoid getting into discussions about race, religion, and whatever else I know will make people lose their shit. 2,788 more words

We Interupt This Blog For A Random Rant

It’s day 4 of the Epic Ride 2016. I’m way behind on the blog posts. I’m sitting here in an overpriced Moab KOA doing laundry and thinking about how much I really hate people. 294 more words


Words and phrases I can't stand

I’m in Grumpy Old Man mode today, as it’s broiling hot and I was just outside, singeing in my own fur. And there’s lots of noise outside my office because they’re not only redoing the roof, but digging up the sidewalk to replace the ceiling of an underground tunnel to the adjacent building. 460 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

Erasing the Pop Culture Scholar, One Click at a Time

Hello darlings.

I am super pleased to have this piece published over at The Chronicle of Higher Education on the need for well-researched pop culture writing. 39 more words

if(millennial) then(lazy && entitled)

while(generation == millennial){
int ageRetirement = MAX_INT;      //2,147,483,647
I’m sure you’ve heard something to the tune of “Millennials are lazy and entitled,” or “Kids these days don’t know how easy they have it.” Well…listen here while I step on your lawn with my fist shaking in the air (metaphorically speaking). 568 more words


i hope you poke your eye out.

Call me a curmudgeon–(okay, fine–I’ll call myself a curmudgeon.  I own it)–but  I am beyond sick to death of reading about Poke this and Poke that.   495 more words