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The car-free lifestyle

I have been getting about 10,000 times more exercise than usual, lately.

It starts with the commute, of course. Instead of sitting in a car for two hours a day, I am walking, walking, walking. 599 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

Music to My Eyes

I’m not one to shirk technology. I have my share of CDs and DVDs and whatnot. I draw the line at mp3 players, though. No matter how hard friends and family try to make me adapt to the changing times, I still can’t get used to downloading my favorite music to a portable player with earbud attachments. 271 more words


Lazy Sundays: Get Off My Lawn!

I feel old.

I’ve always been told I’m mature for my age and throughout my school years that was a bad thing as I didn’t really relate to any of my classmates.  284 more words

Mockery of a draft

I can’t believe the mock draft that is going on in the chat today.  Cooper going #1 is interesting but Coleman at 7?   What a bunch of ass clowns.   121 more words


When I Was Your Age...

While helping Son get squared away at school, we got acquainted with his peers, as well as his command. Walking around the school, talking with other students about campus life when some dudes were running around questing for fire was a lot of fun, and they were surprised at the many changes that had occurred since we had matriculated. 271 more words

Fun Stuff

Drone Tries To Film Fisherman, Fisherman Is Having None Of It

Drones can absolutely be a useful and effective tool for the military, and can perform some actual normal tasks efficiently too when properly utilized by their operators. 245 more words


Going Tharn

For days I have been trying to think of some fluff to post here. Sadly, my mind keeps turning to current events and all I can think is, the country is going tharn. 142 more words