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Turning 35

As of today, I’ve existed outside of my mother’s womb for 35 years.

35 years.

Something about that number feels “old”. It is halfway to 70, and I’m pretty sure people die at 70. 757 more words

I'm a Cranky Old Man

I am getting old. Obviously we all are getting older but I made the jump from a young twenty-something to mid-eighties pretty quickly. It snuck up on me and surprised me and I don’t like it one bit. 584 more words


Reading Library

Devilboy’s new school is within a few miles of the Reading branch library. It’s smaller than I expected–normally Devilboy finds a few dozen books but in this case he only found one. 67 more words


White Sox change the name of their stadium again, and it's even worse

Few major league baseball parks retain the names they had when I was a kid, for teams have learned that they can make big bucks by selling the naming rights to corporations. 197 more words


French Mayor Seeks Ban On "Anarchical Settlement" Of Pokémon Go Characters

Wherever Pokémon Go players roam, it seems there’s bound to be someone who doesn’t want anything to do with the virtual creatures. Like in France, where the mayor of one village wants to banish the “anarchical settlement” of Pokémon Go characters that have taken up residence in his “territory.” 261 more words

Gems from the PuffHo food section

The Wall Street Journal reports that Arianna Huffington is leaving her odious website in about a year. Having never gotten anything but tsouris from it (and, I suppose, a lot of posts on this site), it can’t happen too soon for me, and I’m hoping that, as the most popular Regressive Leftist news aggregator, it will disappear: 296 more words

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