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When I Was Your Age...

While helping Son get squared away at school, we got acquainted with his peers, as well as his command. Walking around the school, talking with other students about campus life when some dudes were running around questing for fire was a lot of fun, and they were surprised at the many changes that had occurred since we had matriculated. 271 more words

Fun Stuff

Drone Tries To Film Fisherman, Fisherman Is Having None Of It

Drones can absolutely be a useful and effective tool for the military, and can perform some actual normal tasks efficiently too when properly utilized by their operators. 245 more words


Going Tharn

For days I have been trying to think of some fluff to post here. Sadly, my mind keeps turning to current events and all I can think is, the country is going tharn. 142 more words


General Random Stuff That Makes Me Not So Happy

Sorry I have been absent from the blog so long. It has been a rather weird few weeks since school let out. I find myself making list after list of things to pack up and things to purge and things to finish and the only thing I have done is write the lists. 496 more words


Everything turns to candy

Sadly, Tim Horton’s was outside security at the Vancouver airport, so I failed to secure any donuts before I got to the departure gates. However, I did have one for lunch yesterday, after a creditable meal of a ham and swiss sandwich and a giant frozen lemonate (which gave me my first real case of… 439 more words


On shooting film.

First off. I’d like to say that I am not with the whole film > megapixel movement that has emerged in the last couple of years or so. 597 more words


The opposite of Gen X: Neil Diamond and All Time Low

I am a Gen Xer by the skin of my teeth, having been born nine months after the Baby Boom shut its doors on December 31, 1964. 820 more words

Rock And Roll