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Do I really have to use Snapchat?

Snapchat filed for its initial public offering Thursday, which makes it a good time to admit that I completely suck at Snapchat.

I have the app on my phone (I installed it first on my iPad, which should exhibit how confused I am about the whole proposition), but it’s among the least-used apps on that device. 428 more words

Social Media

Don't Be Fooled.

Back when circuses were a popular form of entertainment, there was a plan for when things went wrong. If a trapeze artist fell or a lion tamer ended up on the business end of a four-claw slap in the chest, the circus management would send in the clowns. 357 more words


Cellarmaker Get Off My Lawn!

Tapping into the SF scene. Get Off My Lawn bottle release.

Get Off My Lawn! – Double IPA
Cellarmaker Brewing Company – San Francisco, CA… 13 more words


Heeey 2000s, it's me Marie

I’m doing three things Thursday but it’s only Wednesday!

I wanted to blog about three exciting new things I got into this week, but it occurred to me that none of these things are exciting or new to anyone else but me. 402 more words


Turn off the music

There are 2 types of riders when it comes to the subject of listening to music while riding; those who do and those who don’t. Pretty basic. 269 more words

Mountain Biking

The Millennal Whoop...

…that one and maybe the other one.

Earlier today, I was listening to Spinning by GROUPLOVE.  Why does that matter, you ask?  Because it’s fucking music and fucking music dictates my existence, that’s why.   1,684 more words


Becoming the Curmudgeon

I’ve always joked that I’m going to become that old guy. You know the one. Pants a little too high on the waist. Hair in wispy explosions behind the ears. 967 more words