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Learn from my mistake -- Chicago now just trying to trick you for money

I got a ticket in the mail the other day for expired plates. “Are our plates expired?” Sara asked me. I literally had to go outside and check. 218 more words


Dear Atlantic: Sure, Millennial's Politics are Incoherent, but so are your complaints

I have the misfortune of reading Derek Thompson’s recent article on the incoherent of millennial politics.   At first, my immediate reaction was #duh (because all expressions of obviousness are #hashtags now), but then I read the complaints Thompson made: 1,214 more words

Social media swallows everything

This is a “get off my lawn” complaint, but virtually the only thing I watch on television is the news, and lately I’ve noticed it getting corrupted by social media. 269 more words


Hitch on Christmas

As you might expect, the curmudgeonly Christopher Hitchens was none too fond of Christmas and its religious connotations.  The Independent has reprinted his essay “The true spirit of Christmas,” 423 more words

Freedom From Religion

These things have to go

There’s simply no way to buy a good, tart, Granny Smith apple—or any apple—these days without getting that infernal paper tag on it. (And don’t get me started on how mushy and tasteless most commercially available apples are.) 54 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

Snooze buttons are for wimps

This cartoon, sent by reader jsp, got me thinking about snooze alarms. 

I use an alarm clock only when I have to get up very early for a flight; otherwise I have a theory (which is mine) that it’s not good for you to be abruptly awakened, and your sleep habits should allow you to arise naturally at the right time. 140 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

my behind

I am behind. This is not to say I am procrastinating, really. More like the black dog is dragging my ass around, distracting me. I am unmotivated to write. 259 more words