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NFL Schedule Takeaways

-Matt Magill

The NFL’s 2017-2018 schedule was released on Thursday night to much fanfare (which in and of itself is a ridiculous thing, seriously, it’s just the schedule guys).  575 more words


Danny Ainge, the Gambling Man

-Matt Magill

What would Boston give for Paul George or Jimmy Butler right about now? Would they part with the first round pick they held on to with a death grip through the trade deadline? 456 more words


another gripping training report (week of 4/10)

It was a pretty uninspiring running week for me but I guess any week without injury or illness is something to be thankful for.

Monday… 632 more words


WaPo becoming HuffPo

There is a new phenomenon I call “Twitter journalism”, in which people manage to eke out articles by stringing together Twitter “posts”. I myself have been tempted to do this, and sometimes have, though not very often. 230 more words


New York Knicks Basketball: A Fitting End

-Matt Magill


In the span of a season, the New York Knicks and especially their upper management have done more to damage their brand than anyone this side of Isaiah Thomas with a few too many cocktails in him.  436 more words


Eli Manning...Really?

April 14, 2017

By Matt Magill

First, I want you to read this article from USA Today. It’s okay, I’ll wait.


Now answer me this: who would buy Eli Manning game worn equipment, unless they’re shooting a Tide commercial? 142 more words


The NBA, Where Integrity Goes to Die

-Matt Magill


Nothing says lack of integrity of the game like the end of the NBA season.  When we’re young, if we are lucky enough to play sports we are taught to “play to the whistle” to “keep pushing until the end of the game”.  465 more words