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An insulting misuse of quotation marks

I spotted this sign in one of the fancy-schmancy stores that sell arts and crafts around the perimeter of the old Plaza of Santa Fe: 67 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

Airport water fountains

I needed a drink of water in the Houston (Hobby) airport, and one good thing about America compared to, say, Europe, is that water fountains are nearly always handy in public facilities. 132 more words


I was right: the NYT is going SJW

Reader Eli Vilker sent me the link to Joe Pompeo’s new article in Vanity Fair, which you can get by clicking on the screenshot below.  1,855 more words

Authoritarian And Regressive Left

Highly critical post.

There’s a reason I love to write these after midnight. It gives me the ability to be more unfiltered than usual because I don’t think nearly as much as to what I post. 612 more words

Love forever.

Dear _ _ _ _ _,

Yes, I’ll love you. You know me.

I won’t die for you, but I won’t let you die for me. 78 more words

Misfortune in the grocery store

This has happened to me twice in the last week. When it first occurred, I wrote about it on Facebook, with mixed comments, and then it happened again this morning. 608 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

When you are inevitably asked to talk about women in tech

Some coping strategies from Valerie Aurora, and yes I AM tired of it. This is what Valerie Aurora calls the “unicorn” problem — when instead of someone asking you about your field of expertise, they want to talk about your identity. 297 more words

Get Off My Lawn