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This is not starting well

The good news is this: I went through TSA Precheck at O’Hare Airport quickly and without a hitch, and not a human hand touched my buttocks. 257 more words


Another word I hate

As I recall, I heard this on the NBC Evening News the other night, and again on National Public Radio this morning. It is a dreadful word: 212 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

Whole Foods Feud Update

Since multi-grain crust pizzas from Whole Foods came up yesterday in Oliver’s poem, I just want to give you a little update. You’re probably thinking that the feud has blown over, because you haven’t heard about it recently. 288 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

Is Gary Player An Old Man Yelling "Get Off My Lawn!" Or Does He Have A Point?

Who do you think holds the course record at St. Andrews? Nicklaus? Seve? Tiger? Nope. The correct answer is – drum roll please – Ross Fisher! 274 more words

Tour Central

Two pet peeves

This one I’ve noticed a lot lately since I’ve been traveling:

1.) The plane gets to the gate, the captain turns off the seat belt signs, and immediately everyone STANDS UP IN THE AISLE, even though it’ll be 5-10 minutes before they even start their egress. 206 more words

Get Off My Lawn!


It was an interesting thing to be counting, as I always did, (8 sets of 8 with one for good luck) when I heard the rapping on the window. 3,454 more words



“Get Off My Lawn!” I think to myself as I try to compose this posting. How can I express this without giving away my age and sounding like my dad?   249 more words