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“Get Off My Lawn!” I think to myself as I try to compose this posting. How can I express this without giving away my age and sounding like my dad?   249 more words

In what world is THIS good music?

Yes, it’s Taylor Swift’s hot new song, “Look what you made me do,” which, as they say, “just dropped.”  This is what passes for hit music these days, and it’s  603 more words


Four lessons I learned in my thirties

Although I entered my thirties with trepidation, it turned out getting older has its perks, beyond just reevaluating dating and career decisions and no longer being carded at grocery stores. 552 more words

Work Life Imbalance

Ice cream versus "frozen dairy desserts"?

For years I’ve been buying Breyers ice cream, thinking that it really was “ice cream”, which, according to Business Insider (BI), is legally stipulated by the Food and Drug Administration to be this: 825 more words


In Your Face

Today’s gripe are water guns, which gets +5 points for being a creative topic that does not involve poo or trash.

please ban water guns from the pools.

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When Life Hands You Lemons, Keep Them Off My Lawn

Growing up in Brooklyn, we didn’t sell lemonade on the sidewalks outside our houses. I’m not sure anyone would’ve bought lemonade even if I’d tried, people would’ve been suspicious. 350 more words