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Finding My Happy Place For Today

Unfortunately, I have to find it without the aid of candy or wine. I already vented my spleen over at Uncivil Peasants (NSFW), and feel the need for happy thoughts because if I don’t, I may just vent something else, like a carburetor. 202 more words


Kanye, Beck, Beyonce, and Me: Why I Don't Give a Fuck

You know how, once people hit their 40s, they start to disconnect from what’s popular in culture? How they’re out of touch and embarrassing? I never wanted to be like that, but . 678 more words

Random Thoughts

Acting My Age

I was watching TV yesterday and there was some commercial about something to which I wasn’t going to pay any attention until I heard a certain phrase: … 244 more words


Everything is not "amazing"

Back in the Pleistocene, I used to criticize my undergraduates for using the word “awesome” to refer to anything that was even slightly out of the ordinary. 372 more words

Get Off My Lawn!

That's Not A Mashup

As a mashup producer, it annoys me when people apply the term “mashup” to something which is clearly not a mashup. Obviously, I can’t make my case without identifying what a mashup actually is. 298 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Don't Need No Jetpack

One of the films invited to the Sundance film festival this year was shot entirely with an iPhone.

I read an article about it earlier on my iPhone. 37 more words


10 items or less?

Let’s leave aside the quibble that the sign over the grocery-store line for the abstemious shopper should say “10 items or fewer.” (I think Pinker okays the “incorrect” version in… 134 more words

Get Off My Lawn!