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Everything You Need to Know about a Payment Schedule

For a small business owner or contractor, keeping up with paperwork, even understanding it, can be a struggle. However excellent paperwork is smart business in how you can enforce your right to get paid. 568 more words

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3 Pillars for a Builders Project Plan

Every builder needs a plan if they want to succeed in business. Nothing fancy, just a plan with solid goals and simple processes behind it. 431 more words

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How a Builder Budgets for Success

Understanding how a builder budgets for success isn’t rocket science. You’re probably already doing some of these processes in your head or writing them down whilst pricing a project. 359 more words

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How to Prevent Incurring Inclement Weather Damages

Whether it is summer, winter, spring or autumn, the Australian weather can be unpredictable. Here’s what small builders and commercial contractors need to have in place to prevent incurring delay damages due to incremental weather. 423 more words

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3 Projects that Suffered from Delay in Project Commencement

Time is money when there is a delay in the commencement of a project. Here are three real examples of when things went wrong.

Richie: the Cost Plus builder – Up to $1M Contract… 558 more words

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Small Builder’s Best Practice Guide for Extension of Time Claims

Nothing slows a project down like a good downpour and while the reason might seem obvious, if you need to submit an Extension of Time Claim, you need to get proof the rain actually happened. 431 more words

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Contract Standards for Commercial Building Contractors

Contracts are supposed to be fair. The Australian Standards templates however are not written for the sole benefit of the commercial contractor.

My view is Australian Standards contracts are too difficult to comply with. 474 more words

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