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Get out the vote

Congratulations! You’re an adult. Part of being an adult means taking part in shaping your government, which in most places starts with voting. Please note, I do not just mean picking any old bubble to fill in to say that you voted, and I do not mean only voting during major elections like presidential ones. 1,133 more words

What is the #1 Most Effective Way To Get Out the Vote?

There is an actual winner. One that has stood the test of time, and been subjected to multiple research studies. The #1 most effective Get Out the Vote tactic is canvassing. 878 more words



Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, and Pennsylvania are holding primary elections today. If you live in one of these places, go out and vote. (PA especially: you have new district maps. 7 more words

2018 Pie Fight

Get Out the Vote!

Is a movement the Hollywood elite, celebrities, and other Democrats have pushed for quite awhile. Why is that? Could it be that they know that almost all uninformed dunderheads, numbskulls, douchebags, and ignoramouses too ill informed to even register will most likely always vote their way when put in the voting booth? 938 more words

Help Tony the Democrat and Postcards to Voters with a Recurring Monthly $20 Donation

Help Tony the Democrat and the Postcards to Voters army by committing to a recurring monthly $20 donation to sustain its good work.

If you read… 553 more words

Use Your Power, Recruit Friends

Maria Venuto for Board of Ed

Glen Cove Indivisiblers! Right now, this is the most important thing on your local political calendar. We absolutely must support Maria Venuto (one of our administrators), in her run for Glen Cove Board of Education. 519 more words