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Don't Boo. Vote!

Thanks to whomever owns this home on Common Street for the tremendous message in the yard. It’s been a tough year for anyone who cares about the electoral process, civil discourse, or just plain human decency. 182 more words


If every vote counts…do you want them to?

For the sake of argument, let’s suppose that every vote counts (that is: every vote makes an impact such that Government or Civics or the outcome of an election or Whatever would be impacted (presumably negatively) if there was one fewer vote). 258 more words

Does it involve getting up?

“Does it involve getting up?”

This is one of our many Family Jokes.

“I guess I should do X….”
“Then do it.”
“But it involves getting up!”

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By Khiyali

The dog ate...

We’ve all heard and even laughed rolled our eyes at that age-old excuse…”the dog ate my homework.” No doubt all the teachers out there have heard that once more than once with all manner of variation to go along with it. 246 more words


I approved this message. Please listen.

A polarizing Republican, both loved and reviled for his views and his record, widely suspected of dark misdeeds. A game but weakened Democrat, lacking the passion and charisma of other Democrats and struggling to overcome campaign blunders. 418 more words