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Get out the vote!

You should be careful what you wish for…538 has this article detailing how Trump could dominate the election if even a handful of the enormous number of non-registered white voters were to decide to register and vote. 59 more words

So, What About the Lesser of Two Evils?

The above cartoon I thought was pretty appropriate, especially given the recent amusing hoopla over national voter registration day. I mean, even if you spent only five seconds on google, twitter or facebook, you probably encountered at least one of their annoying ads “evangelizing” on why it’s SO important to get registered to vote for whoever you happen to think the lesser of two evils might be. 251 more words

The Presidential Date

A Reimagined Debate

Monday night’s presidential debate is much more entertaining (and less scary) if you reimagine it as a disastrous blind date between Hillary and Donald, set up by the worst match maker ever, America. 1,477 more words

Get knowledgeable about this year’s elections

With the November presidential election on the horizon, organizers are preparing to get Sacramentans excited about voting. This Sunday, community groups are holding a rally at the Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative on 44th Street to “ 24 more words


First Day of Fall!!

I noticed yesterday on my commute and today it is official…FALL IS HERE TO STAY! The cornfields are turning brown and the trees are ever so slowly changing color. 152 more words


Politics in America 21: The Great Muffin Attack

It wasn’t that the ingredients were not great. They were. It wasn’t that they weren’t good muffins. They were mmm-mmm-good. That was the problem. Nobody had paid much attention to muffins until…Well, let’s just say, the muffins were a problem. 1,155 more words

From Organized Chaos to Paid Trips

From Organized Chaos to Paid Trips

On the Ground with New Yorkers Volunteering for Clinton, Trump and Sanders

After months of preparation and a three-week spree of intense campaigning, a radiant Hillary Clinton took to the stage in the ballroom of the Sheraton on Times Square. 190 more words

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