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**** (out of five)

Jordan Peele’s debut as a feature film writer/director announces him as a major talent with a big, big career ahead. Get Out is fabulous, a film that not only continually gets better as it goes along, but keeps getting better the more you think about it afterwards. 479 more words

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Get Out - Movie Review

Get Out is a recently released horror/thriller/suspense movie, and it’s directed by Jordan Peele from the hilarious sketch comedy series, Key and Peele. I know what you’re thinking; a man known for comedy directing a horror movie? 646 more words

[Review] Get Out (2017)

The genre of horror is not an easy one to successfully get fully right, no matter what way you go about it. There are many types of horror, and the suspense/thriller route may seem like an easy one to nail but it could perhaps be the most difficult one to get correct. 974 more words

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Men Who Say "Stay Woke."

It’s ever commoner for a “man” to think that the mere bandying of the phrase “stay woke” makes him in touch with the plights of others, with his own very inner so-called turmoil. 196 more words

Get Out ***1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “Get Out” is very intense, funny and twisted. The plot twists are creative and original which was very refreshing.


Get Out (2017)

You know we are in a post-Oscars movie slump when a satire horror like Get Out (2017) can generate global praise for bravely cutting new ground in film. 554 more words