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How Many Hours Should You Work A Week To Get Rich?

According to self-made millionaire, Grant Cardone, the formula for getting rich is simple: 95 hours per week – mediocre salary (or hourly job) = wealth.  Basically, the day job that we rely on for insurance benefits, guaranteed cash, and (sometimes) yearly wage increases holds us back. 87 more words


How To Get Rich And Stay Rich In Your Twenties

These days everyone is obsessed with getting rich. But what’s the point of getting rich, if you don’t stay rich? It’s all about cultivating the right habits. 913 more words

This Is How To Become A Millionaire The 'Easy' Way

Some goals seem damn near impossible until we sit down and literally break down how they can be accomplished.

You have to take apart each component part, understand it, then reverse engineer it into your life. 356 more words

Get Rich Fast?

Is there really an easy fast way to get rich, sadly no. As much as we would all like to believe that the next get rich quick scheme is just around the corner, it isn’t. 349 more words

Forget What You Have Been Taught

What we already know

Everyone has already chosen the same exact path to go down, now what do I mean by that? Let me be a little bit more specific. 202 more words

Forget What You Have Been Taught