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How to Make Credit Card Companies Hate You; Trust Me, You Want Them To...

All personal finance experts have their differing opinions on credit cards.

But why?

This simple piece of plastic can be your best friend, and a tool for leveraging some big credit card company’s money, all while growing your own credit score. 506 more words

Make mistakes

Make money to learn you don’t need it.

Obtain the accolades to realize they don’t fulfill you.

Do what you’re told to realize that its not your life. 7 more words


Do you value yourself enough?

So you understand that you need to value your time.

But do you even know what your time is actually worth?

Remember, that whatever you are paid (or earn) per hour, minute or second of your time has to be enough to make up for the time you are giving up to do the work and earn the money. 172 more words

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What makes something worth your time?

Before you decide that running a business – rather than getting a job – is a good idea for you, you need to be certain that your business idea is a good business idea. 212 more words

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Turning knowledge into cash

Today I want to talk to you about converting your knowledge into cash.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

Firstly, you can swap your education for a job that pays you a salary. 155 more words

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Why only some education is a good investment

Remember in the previous post when I said that you should pay attention in school?

Well, you should. But you should also know that not all education is valuable. 673 more words

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Millionaire maths is as simple as 1,2,3

Rich people understand numbers.

So pay attention in maths class.

Millionaires have to understand how to do things such as pay taxes. Value investments. Calculate margins and mark-ups. 89 more words

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