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But I am poor, how can I attract more money?

You don’t have to be healthy in order to attract the health you desire, you don’t have to be slender to attract your desired weight and you don’t have to be rich to attract the abundance of money you desire!!! 54 more words

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8 Ways To Save Money Without Even Trying

Life is expensive! So much so we end up scrimping and saving just to buy our daily necessities and miss out on all the good stuff. 547 more words


6 ways to trick people in to thinking you're rich

Becoming successful and enjoying the fruits of of your labor is what most people aspire to. Spoiling your friends and family, popping abroad at a moments notice and shopping at Waitrose (without feeling the pinch) is just one benefit of being rich. 606 more words


Portfolio update 15/4/2015

Here is a quick portfolio update, with a clearer strategy.

First of all, my transactions have been, in chronological order:

I have sold all of my Havsfrun shares after a small surge in price, the reason is that I noticed the company is pretty ineffective and have little potential. 306 more words


Attract abundance

When you feel really good then you are attracting the abundance you desire. What things make you feel really good? Think about those things and enjoy the good-feelings your focus gives you. 118 more words

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And so it begins...

Hello all, and welcome to the beginning of something great!

I envision this site to be a place to share some helpful tips and tricks about money, whether in your personal life and daily spending habits, or investing and striving for that amazing goal of complete financial freedom. 250 more words


Your wish will come true

Think for a moment about one or two things you really wish would happen to you – know that what ever you wish and desire will come to you when you improve your thinking and therfore improve how you feel! 18 more words

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