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Yes You Are

Remember This:

‘I want to say something to you – Right Now: I want to tell you that whoever you are, wherever you are from, no matter where on the planet you currently reside, irrelevant of your spiritual/political/religious/social beliefs, inclusive of your gender/sexuality/colour/background and fully embracing of every aspect of yourself that makes you you – You.

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Making Connections in the Real World

Following on from yesterday’s post I firstly want to share with you an embarrassing fact: whilst I was writing the post, in my local library, I was becoming increasingly irritated at an elderly gentleman carrying out a very loud conversation with the librarian. 92 more words


Making Connections / Top Posts of 2013

It always interests me which of my posts are visited more than others. Some top posts of 2013 are listed below but by far the winner is Human Affection – Can We Live Without It?. 275 more words

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How to Make Longer Lasting Orgasms Pt3 (Men)

Another way to help you to last longer, again a more practical and ‘mechanical’ way to prolong sex/masturbation and to delay ejaculation, is to use the technique we talked about in Part1 but in a slightly different way: 455 more words

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How to Make Longer Lasting Orgasms Pt2 (Men)

So in addition to what you have already learned, here are a few more practical tips to help you to last longer. These tips are more widely known and often used by sex therapists to help guys manage premature ejaculation. 338 more words

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Sexual Frustration Causes Haemorrhoids: Discuss

I know. I do think of the strangest titles for my posts, although at least it grabbed your attention…. Mature content to follow….

The sexual energy is housed within the perineum or ‘Root Chakra’. 770 more words

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Listening to your Body

Tonight I am supposed to be at my new job but I appear to be here, at my computer writing this blog post. My hands are warm, my crown (at the top of my head) is tingling, my chest feels open and my feet are pulsating with energy. 256 more words

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