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garlic benefits for men-Get Help Today!

Garlic cured my erectile dysfunction-Get Help Today!

Sexual impotence in guys is a typical problem whose frequency tends to increase with age. So before you start losing your sexual power, understand that being impotent doesn’t imply you need to suffer the issue permanently. 893 more words

10 Things You Should NOT Get Your Valentine's

Today is a day of love and most like to express their love in the form of gifts, well after sitting with my love experts #JustBurrs and #StoweShow we’ve compiled a list of things you should never ever give the person you love or lust after. 102 more words

The 614

Good morning!

See, look i used an apostrophe, i must be excited about the new day!

Nope. Not even at all.

I’ve got a lot to do well.. 74 more words

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Idioms: get foot in the door meaning

Find out meaning/definition of the idiom “get foot in the door” including example sentences and interesting original facts. The phrase has been remained very popular in English language since the ages and even in present times it has gained acclamation in common sayings among the English speakers. 29 more words

[NEWS]: NTA will compete with CNN, if we get $500m loan – Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information, has said that the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) will compete with the likes of Cable News Network (CNN) if the $500 million loan his ministry is seeking for is approved. 256 more words



I am a whole different person the day you lie. You gotta get it when it’s good.


"..Get What You Give.."

The GOAT, Aubrey Graham, once said, “It is what it is, trust me, you get what you give”. It was/is such a great line. But in my opinion, it isn’t always true. 554 more words