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Run. Live. Let go. 

Running. I hated it growing up. I used to rejoice when my asthma dr would write a “sick note” to the school saying I couldn’t participate in the mile run required in gym. 286 more words

SPG: August, Part 3/4

Posting once a day until I get caught up!


“You’re a pretender to the throne,” Dakotah said. “There’s no balance, and it’s making the fey world unsafe. 979 more words

Serious Readers

Sisterly Adventures.

My little sister is my most favorite human on the planet (aside from my brother of course).  We have a bond, and I never realized how special a sisterly bond is, until she was born. 456 more words

Why 'Go Get It'?

It’s plastered all over my shirts, it closes nearly every social media post I write and it has quickly become somewhat of a signature closing phrase for me to use at my seminars and in my videos. 291 more words


Trader Pep Talk 101

We all do it… give ourselves pep talks when we’re down or when we’re about to tackle something head on.  And if you’re a trader, whether you’re a pro, newbie, or amateur, it’s likely that you’ve given yourself a pep talk a time or two.  647 more words

#TRUTH Raw & Unfiltered