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Such Were You...

“But such were some of you…”

Those few words are enough to knock some sense back into me when I unconsciously want to act all judgy. 563 more words


Stephen King's "On Writing"

Stephen King as we all know is very different, & unique. So when my instructor told me I would be reading a book by Stephen King I had no idea what to expect! 376 more words


Figure out the missing pieces 🤘

Did anyone make solid plans? Like figuring out life? Working on your passion? instead slept 10 hours straight and woke up more tired hating life all over again? 286 more words


Setting Goals

One of my favorite things to do is set new goals. Write them down, track them as you progress, and finally CHECK THEM OFF! Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way of my goal setting. 343 more words


12.20.18 - Freestyle VI

The whole point of this was for insight
and if you hold yourself back for any reason, well, you’ve lost it
I’m tryna know the way, yeah… 1,059 more words

When you get it - beginning

The Cranberries’ lead singer has died this month.

It makes me wonder if I will leave a mark.

If this matters at all.

But why do all people do what they do every day? 415 more words