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Shaping up a bit!

Ok, to be fair, it isn’t even February yet but I wanted to take some time to acknowledge that I truly am making positive changes in my life and adulting on a higher level than last year. 154 more words

Gain Momentum

Price of admission

Price of admission

If you use your real eyes
It is easy to realize
That really I tell
Unreliable lies
But still,

Relie on me


When one broad bounces

at first it’s like

but then I’m like

Get it.


Day Thirty-Eight:  Culture Shock, What Is Forgiveness, My Mother is Not Taller

We are starting to explore our new neighborhood and city, and I have to admit, things are not what I expected.  It’s not bad different, just different.  324 more words

Break a sweat every day

In the interest of consistently progressing toward your goals, it’s important to take some step toward them every day. Aim to break a sweat at least once per day through some sort of activity. 45 more words