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Why 'Go Get It'?

It’s plastered all over my shirts, it closes nearly every social media post I write and it has quickly become somewhat of a signature closing phrase for me to use at my seminars and in my videos. 291 more words


Trader Pep Talk 101

We all do it… give ourselves pep talks when we’re down or when we’re about to tackle something head on.  And if you’re a trader, whether you’re a pro, newbie, or amateur, it’s likely that you’ve given yourself a pep talk a time or two.  647 more words

#TRUTH Raw & Unfiltered


Hint: it’s not the price!

Well, the price really is the second best thing about e.l.f. Cosmetics, but the primary reason why e.l.f. is one of the top cosmetics brands out there is its adherence to straight-up, no-nonsense 100% cruelty-free ethics. 221 more words


Lets Talk Dreams

Dreams, aspirations, ideas whatever you call them. Everyone has them. Some dreams die early, others stay dormant the whole life time. Some dreams, and these are the best ones, these dreams become a reality. 156 more words


Kristinia DeBarge


Ever since watching her on Growing Up Hip Hop, I’ve been hoping that she found a label and dropped an album. I love the DeBarge Family (especially Chico) and YAY! 33 more words


Shaping up a bit!

Ok, to be fair, it isn’t even February yet but I wanted to take some time to acknowledge that I truly am making positive changes in my life and adulting on a higher level than last year. 154 more words

Gain Momentum

Price of admission

Price of admission

If you use your real eyes
It is easy to realize
That really I tell
Unreliable lies
But still,

Relie on me