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How do I get a literary agent to like me? And other writer's conference questions

Forced socialization never ceases to freak me out, even when it might benefit my career. Networking events and conferences can be nerve-wracking when you’re just starting out, and writer’s conferences are no exception. 1,285 more words


My submission letter to my agent

I thought it might be helpful to share the original submission letter which I sent to my lovely agent, Camilla at Darley Anderson.

Now, please bear in mind I wrote this letter a couple of years ago, when I was young and fairly naive – but it did get me an agent, so I thought still worth sharing in case anyone out there finds it useful (although if I’m honest, it makes me cringe a bit now!) 928 more words

Publishing Journey

How To Write A Killer Cover Letter

A cover letter introduces you and your novel to potential agents or publishers. This letter is your first point of contact between you and a publishing professional, therefore, it is crucial that aspiring authors know how write a decent cover letter. 683 more words


5 Reasons Agents Don’t Explain Rejections 

Something I have heard a lot from Writer friends is how frustrating it is to receive a rejection without any other feedback as to why. Well, here from the horse’s mouth, are the reasons why: 534 more words


Things are different now, and things are the same.

I remember thinking that when I got an agent magic would take over my world. Words would roll out of my fingers like ocean waves. Revisions would feel like a casual stroll rather than a marathon. 555 more words

My Favorite Query Resources

How it feels to have a book published

It’s 4.38 am, in the early hours of Thursday, 14th September. I’m wide awake, staring into the darkness of my room (well, mainly darkness. I live next to a train line so there is the occasional flashing light!). 846 more words


Top 10 Reasons Books Are Rejected by Publishers

The following article is provided by Keller Media as a public service. It is intended to help, support, guide and inspire writers to achieve their publishing goals. 964 more words