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Product Peel: The New Social Media Site That Will Help You Get Reviews!

Reviews are key for helping your book gain success. But sometimes finding those people to help you get reviews and make connections is hard. I’ve found a new, unique, social media site that can help you get your reviews noticed by connecting with other reviews to get your own reviews. 867 more words

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Publishing for Free IS Possible

I’m not making this up! You can self-publish for free and you can find success. It was a long hard battle, but I’ve done it! Today, my first book came out! 306 more words

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The Man Who Reviews The World

We all love to read. Reading is a pass time and passion for many of us, most of all for writers. When you’re publishing a book, reviews are extremely helpful to help get your book out there. 389 more words

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GETTING BOOK REVIEWS by @RayneHall #WriterTips #SundayBlogShare

Getting Book Reviews: Easy, Ethical Strategies for Authors by Rayne Hall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Getting Book Reviews is a book most suitable for Indie writers although there are some tips for published writers too. 250 more words