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GETTING BOOK REVIEWS by @RayneHall #WriterTips #SundayBlogShare

Getting Book Reviews: Easy, Ethical Strategies for Authors by Rayne Hall
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Getting Book Reviews is a book most suitable for Indie writers although there are some tips for published writers too. 250 more words



Whether you’re traditionally published, self-published, or small press, reviews are an essential part of an author’s career. They help potential readers decide whether or not they want to read our books and Amazon uses them in deciding how our books rank and where they show up in their bookstores. 354 more words

Arizona Novel Writers Workshop

Acquiring Book Reviews, Pt.5

Publicity Tip #73 ~

As you’re well aware, some of the best places to get book reviews done is by fellow book bloggers who are interested in reading your genre. 864 more words


How to request reviews

I think that self-pubbed authors are often so desperate to get reviews that we can be a bit brash in how we ask for them. In the excitement of our mission to get our books out there, we often forget how much time it takes to read and review them. 652 more words

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Acquiring Book Reviews, Pt.3

Publicity Tip #71 ~

The biggest market for writers these days is Goodreads – because that’s where our audience is. Did you know that you could directly connect with reviewers on Goodreads? 472 more words


Acquiring Book Reviews, Pt. 2

Publicity Tip #70

Searching for quality book reviews in bulk is a contradiction we authors try to convince ourselves exists. What I have found in my quest for the impossible are Indie author and book sites that are doing their best to provide us with options. 216 more words

M.J. Moores

Acquiring Book Reviews, Pt 1

Publicity Tip #69 ~

Have you exhausted your personal book review resources? You know, your good friends who bought the book just to support you, your partner’s office buddies, your relatives and colleagues? 231 more words

M.J. Moores