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BoCo vs. DoDo: The Trails of Two Cities

I’m writing this from a Starbucks in West Roxbury, a neighborhood in the western fringes of Boston close to the more upscale suburb of Brookline but also not far from the worst of the city’s ‘hoods. 1,048 more words

Self-Indulgent Wankery

The CU football team's awesome el foldo

I love the CU track and cross-country programs and the diversity of the school’s academic programs, and I despise the football team just as much. Actually, it’s their fans I can’t stand. 547 more words

Getting Boulder

Head games

In early June I was wandering along a sidewalk on my way to a dog show in a neighboring down and happened across a Boston Red Sox hat hanging on a parking meter. 881 more words

Self-Indulgent Wankery

Clipboard gauntlet

When not working or wasting time writing blog entries, I like to spend time reading and pounding coffee on Boulder’s venerated Pearl Street Mall when the weather is pleasant (and this time of year, that’s the case virtually every day). 480 more words

Getting Boulder

Powerlessness is

sitting on a rock on a North Boulder street corner drinking coffee and watching an obviously sick and starving red fox emerge from the east, patter by at close range with what looks suspiciously like a pleading if milky expression, and disappear into an adjacent yard, all the while rooting around stupidly in my pockets for an edible donation that is not there.

Getting Boulder

I'm getting Boulder: Day 2--Bobby McGee


That’s been the theme today, and there’s not a damned thing wrong with it. Notice I didn’t say “humiliated”–people tend to use these words interchangeably, if only in their heads. 1,076 more words

We're Doomed