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Tomorrow I Cook A Whole Fish

Tomorrow i cook a whole fish. Why? Because I want to and quite frankly its the only thing that brings the body at ease. Here is some context. 383 more words


If the shoe fits.

My early-morning San Francisco dog walks involve a fair number of encounters with homeless neighbors. I try to keep Woody from disturbing folks sleeping along the sidewalk and I encourage anyone looking for canine companionship to pet the anxious four-legged love monster known as Woody. 239 more words

Opposite Day

Sometimes, it gets a bit too much

When all you’ve ever known in this life suddenly blurs and you’re only left with a vague vision of now and tomorrow, what is there to do? 115 more words

Slow I'm getting up...

..my hands and feet are weaker than before.

*Trigger warning, mental illness, trauma, childhood sexual abuse, abandonment*

The sad reality is hitting at this point. Well all over again, with a brute forced impact unlike other times. 1,447 more words

The Trouble with Being an Artist....

“Prisoner” 14″ x 11″ – Oil on panel – Price upon request

Sometimes, you find yourself between here and there as an artist.  “Here” being the work that sells, and “There” being the work that you really want to do, but doesn’t necessarily match the gallery clientele, the company couch, or the guest house living room.   87 more words

Painting, Art, Coincidence

3 ways to handle time sensitive stress!

I found the perfect image to describe my mood this morning.

I usually don’t mind Mondays, especially since I work at my favourite vegetable stand location but today is just one of those Mondays. 301 more words

Getting By