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It is Memorial Day weekend, and I hate this weekend of the year more than any other weekend.

Not for any anti-patriotic reasons but a sense of guilt that I made home alive. 260 more words

Living Dangerously and Surviving

I don’t want to brag but I’m still out here living dangerously and surviving.

People think that  I’m just some random dude with a fabulous dad-bod, this is true. 90 more words

Dad Life


I paid the taxes on the house, enough to keep it from going to auction this year. So Cho and I won’t be thrown out by sheriff’s deputies with our sad possessions on the street. 130 more words

Aches And Pains

Not Sure

I am not sure about some things– whether or not I should wear pink, if microwaving counts as cooking and where I’m going to be this time next year. 285 more words

Aches And Pains

The home of your Icebreaker

We were on a mission North from the rainy, preserved Fiordlands to the city of Christchurch. We spread the journey over a few days because, why not? 424 more words

Van Life

Beyond the Glass

It’s weird how I can sense your presence, but you won’t reach out to me if I call. I guess right now I can compare you to God, but I’ve seen your presence. 577 more words


Day 6 - Same Same

Still ill, still grateful for the help of friends to get me through.

One took B to before school dance, another took C for a couple of hours so I could sleep. 26 more words

Getting By