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Beyond the Glass

It’s weird how I can sense your presence, but you won’t reach out to me if I call. I guess right now I can compare you to God, but I’ve seen your presence. 577 more words


Day 6 - Same Same

Still ill, still grateful for the help of friends to get me through.

One took B to before school dance, another took C for a couple of hours so I could sleep. 26 more words

Getting By

Day 5 - Knowing when to stop

Today’s positives come from knowing when to stop trying and let others help. Yes, I’m still feeling ill. I’ve relinquished cooking, leaving the house and various responsibilities for the coming week. 19 more words

Getting By

Day 4 - Is this cheating?

My positive end to the day is quite simply that the day is over!

Still full of whatever bug it is I’m full of. Every day ticked off is a day closer to not feeling rotten! 33 more words

Getting By

Day 3 - Zero Accidents

The title says it all really today.

The first day of Child C’s toilet training that has involved no toilet mishaps. C is doing amazingly. 80 more words

Getting By

Day 2 - A Challenge

It’s not been a bad day as such but it’s a little hard to finish positively because I just feel rotten.


Other than a wee first thing this morning, Child C has made it to the loo every single time today. 37 more words

Getting By

Day 1 - Just What I Needed on Valentine’s Day

Today, I have felt rotten. And Child C is toilet training. And Child A was overreacting to life. And Child B was stuck in the middle. 214 more words

Getting By