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To the Mommas Gettin' By

I went to a mommy and me yoga class a few months back and the instructor had us participate in a little sharing sesh where we introduced ourselves and our babies. 430 more words


When no one sees.

Who are you when no one is around?

She is the person who counts every blots on her face. She traces every belly fats. She touches every strands of unshaved legs. 128 more words

Ang Limang Pandama

Bulag ka ba?
Hindi ba makita..
Nakikita aking mga mata?

Ikaw ba’y bingi?
Marinig ba’y hindi..
‘Di madinig aking hikbi?

Amoy mo ba?
Ang kandilang nanliit.. 28 more words

Getting By


Ako’y sanay
na um-“aray”
Ako’y sanay
na um-“aray”


‘Di ibig sabihi’y
ako na’y nasanay
Isipa’t puso’y
hindi na uma-“aray”

Getting By

Between All Lines

We cannot fully understand a story without reading in between the lines.
We can’t actually understand the emotions without being in the feeling.
We cannot precisely understand the road without reading the signs. 28 more words

Getting By


What do you do when chaos strikes? How does one cope when the rug is pulled from under your feet? Where do you go when you’re pushed into darkness? 237 more words




We’ve steeled ourselves to think

That we can be AT, even, “over the brink,”

And still be “OK” in God’s sight.

Things that used to be considered sin, 14 more words