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Review: Getting By

Tom Haines-Doran reveiws Getting By: Estates, Class and Culture in Austerity Britain by Lisa McKenzie, published by Policy Press (2015)

“Do the lower classes smell? Of course, as a whole, they are dirtier than the upper classes”

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Houses And Other Needy Things (Re-Blog)

Today is re-blog Monday.  My post(s) later this week will deal with my current house renovations – while you are eagerly awaiting that, you might enjoy the one about my house-ownership nightmares in 2013… 1,053 more words

That's Life

Average, or Only a Little Better

I never really excelled at anything in my life. I was a shitty wrestler back in high school, and an even worse football player. I averaged a B through high school and college. 100 more words

Hello World!


I’m Kat and this is my personal blog as I do have a bit of a opinion on quite a few things as I go through this thing called life. 61 more words


Language trauma

Today’s tasks include editing a couple of music reviews, making a huge space available to lay out everything I need to do my annual tax return and writing an article on living in Germany. 484 more words



I am getting progressively aggregated with our government.Today specifically with Unemployment.

When my former employer closed the department, we were told that we would get severance. 447 more words

You Should've Called

When the twins had colic and cut their first teeth,
When measles were making the rounds,
When storms and tornadoes cut a swath through our town, 258 more words