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What Am I Doing Here?

I don’t really know what I’m doing here and I don’t really have an introduction for you.

I want to start writing everyday to help increase my vocabulary and writing skills. 239 more words



What do you do when chaos strikes? How does one cope when the rug is pulled from under your feet? Where do you go when you’re pushed into darkness? 237 more words




We’ve steeled ourselves to think

That we can be AT, even, “over the brink,”

And still be “OK” in God’s sight.

Things that used to be considered sin, 14 more words


You Know You're Broke When...

Your piggy bank that camouflaged seamlessly into your room suddenly becomes noticeable, and you take out all the coins and count how much you have in your life savings… 284 more words


A certain week

The bed’s been missing sheets for two days

she washed them, all right,

that at least got done

but then forgot to finish the job. 143 more words

Daily Words

Making the Grade

by Julie Oldham

Seaweed fingers … under my bed … her memory box … seagulls crying …

“I’m off now, Jen. I’m leaving early — the roads look icy.” 561 more words

Flash Fiction

Doing just fine.

​It’s been a while

Thinking about you

Missing you

Dreaming of you

Wishing upon wishes

But not hurting.

You say you want to

To be needed again… 45 more words