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Recurring Impasse No. 1

(April 17, 2017)

I was always more ambitious and competitive than he was. He wanted a simple, happy life that did not welcome challenges other than the ones that presented themselves in the midst of getting by. 501 more words

Without WiFi 

I cancelled my ISP, it was a long time coming. My service sucked, too slow and occasionally dropped, usually when I was downloading music or podcasts or trying to watch netflix. 386 more words


Life as He Knows it

He wakes up, head throbbing with pain
Barely questioning the why of feelings obtained;
Brain checks out of the morning routine
Just get out the door, sight unseen. 255 more words


Over.Under.Through. {How do you do?}

(Her Prepositional Phrase Phase)

She’s been over
the rainbow
the line.

She’s been under
lack of supervision
the influence… 70 more words

Living the dream....

I just got my salary through and I officially pay more in TAX than my previously contracted permanent jobs paid altogether. YET, I could live more comfortably on Newstart allowance (It’s an Aussie thing). 562 more words

To the Mommas Gettin' By

I went to a mommy and me yoga class a few months back and the instructor had us participate in a little sharing sesh where we introduced ourselves and our babies. 430 more words


When no one sees.

Who are you when no one is around?

She is the person who counts every blots on her face. She traces every belly fats. She touches every strands of unshaved legs. 128 more words