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The Rachael Philosophy

My aunt was one for simple words; she said what she meant as plainly possible, niceties be damned. You always knew where you stood with her, because she told you. 813 more words

Discipline, Motivation & the Tides | THOUGHTS

My proverbial heart is heavy. My mind, my being, my vibe, whatever it is, that this thing is.

It is melancholy, tired, hurting, sometimes numb, stuck. 358 more words

Life Stories

Getting By in Japan

Being in Japan could be difficult unless you know the language. Even for someone like me who is currently studying the language, I struggle with reading the boards and information-loaded guides and flyers due to unrecognizable kanji. 510 more words

Getting By

I have not made a secret of the fact that I am dealing with a divorce and that I’m sad about it.  So, I get a LOT of people greeting me with a concerned look and the question, “How are you doing?”  Well, early on I was likely to be open and thorough in describing my emotional state.   556 more words

Not so criminal.

The security alarm began blaring as I sifted through a bin filled with mildly abused apples at the local Safeway. The security guard was barely fazed as he walked slowly toward the emergency exit door left slightly ajar. 173 more words

Opposite Day

Marching On

So it’s been a good while since my last post, and much has picked up since then. I have been recovering steadily and although I still have weak moments that leave me feeling vulnerable for a few more days after an attack, I am able to cope. 312 more words


Beyond the Glass 

It’s weird how I can sense your presence, but you won’t reach out to me if I call. I guess right now I can compare you to God, but I’ve seen your presence. 583 more words