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So like with the exams on I havent been doing much but thats okay guess I have a chance to use this to figure things out, maybe if I get it out of my head it might make sense? 518 more words


I am fake

Sometimes I feel like I’m sinking into this black hole unable to get out, like I go further and further into this bitter hole of desperation, desperation to feel something, feel like there’s a reason for me to get up and go on, but no one will ever know this as I’ll never show it. 486 more words


Tuesday struggles

So today was an actually ok day, I had a few little problems but my big smart brain figured them out (good job brain). Does anyone else ever wake up and have no idea whats going on or even where they are? 357 more words


I don't mean to complain, but...

I am at that point again, that point where I have so much to do and so little time to do it that I’m just slowly caving in on myself. 201 more words


A series of bad luck

Hey to all.

So you may or may not have noticed I have been missing for over a week I think,I do apologize to anyone who may have missed me ? 416 more words


The Role of Others in your Depression

There are times when I worry about how I’ll face another day. Everything the world has to offer seems so pointless, especially when you’re stuck in a job, have a family, or some other kinds of roots holding you in one place. 362 more words


Daily Tasks When You're Depressed

It is hard to stick to your goals and daily activities when you’re suffering from depression. I often take hours to get in the shower and smoke cigarettes as a procrastination tactic throughout the day. 369 more words