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Doing just fine.

​It’s been a while

Thinking about you

Missing you

Dreaming of you

Wishing upon wishes

But not hurting.

You say you want to

To be needed again… 45 more words


Getting by

I don’t know what I’m looking for exactly. I just know that something’s not right. That something is missing. And that because it’s missing, I just want to stop breathing. 60 more words



waiting at the doctors office not wanting to make eye contact with other people in the waiting room we have all at some point picked up our cell phones pretending to do something super duper important but we can’t find anything else to do except play solitaire on our smartphone. 816 more words

Rantings Of A Girl In A Green Dress

An Open Letter to My First Mother

An Open Letter to the lady that gave birth to me and raised me for 17 years,

You gave carried me for nine months, gave birth to me, and you were the lady I called my mother for most of my childhood. 410 more words

Getting By

Out of Tune but Still Here

I know that I’ve been messed up, but yet you understand like no one does. Sometimes, when I put forth things on the internet, it amazes me what others would sacrifice for a complete stranger. 153 more words

Getting Personal

This is the start of this blog

First things first who knows how long this will last as I don’t anticipate being a blogger. I am just bored. 

2nd I am bored and frustrated because I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus SLE. 290 more words



Tall and broad at the shoulders, he was a brute of a man, but limber.  Unexpectedly so.  He’d walked light-footed through the casino in a pair of nubuck Timberlands when she’d first spotted him, size 13.  217 more words