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The In Between

For some the Great Pause as I refer to the time since Covid has caused things to stop, not much changed in their daily life except location of where they worked. 784 more words


Thoughts about Getting by, a song by Amiel Sol.

This song made me think about things. And quite a few remnants of the past…

Maybe it just hit me right in the heart. Maybe it opened up old wounds which I thought had gone away. 1,134 more words

Persuasion 199 | Getting By... with Luke T. Harrington

Humor has been rather hard to find in 2020. We’ve had month after month of very serious happenings. When the world is falling apart, laughter feels wrong—even callous. 426 more words


Persuasion 198 | Getting By... with Gina Dalfonzo

Our current moment of political, social, and even religious upheaval has been isolating in many inexplicable ways. COVID-19 restrictions have eliminated many of our opportunities to build friendships and network with colleagues. 467 more words


Persuasion 197 | Getting By... with Wendy Alsup

In polite conversation, when someone greets you and asks how you are doing, the typical, benign reply is to say you “are doing just fine, thanks.” But today, that reply feels disingenuous at best, considering the global pandemic, the racial reckoning across our nation, and the general polarization in society. 411 more words


i forgot the title

You are never truly alone, you’ve got yourself right?


I’m stuck,

at home,

and I forget the little things,

like the name of the big triangles in the desert,

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Forgiveness (Part 4)

Friends, it’s been a long week.  I don’t know why, but I have had a hard time sleeping or staying asleep.  I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be wide-awake for almost an hour before I can get back to rest.  839 more words

Getting By