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Lock the Door, Always

Men are visual creatures. They like porn. (No judgement; so do I.) They like seeing women in lingerie. I call them outfits. Well Matthew loves… 370 more words

True Stories

That's Unfair Though. I Remember Those "Rules" Too

A friend of mine used to bemoan the loss of the “playground rules” he grew up with, most notably the rule that if you were fairly caught cheating or lying, you owned up to it and didn’t waste everybody’s time with flimsy denials. 18 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

Poland Had Extradited the Criminals Who’d Committed Fraud, Thirty-Three Were Taken into Custody

Shaming the country’s reputations, INTERNATIONALLY here!!! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The extradited Taiwanese telephone scam artists from Poland, the first wave of 34 perpetrators after being interrogated by the Miaoli D.A.s office and police, other than a woman who was four months pregnant who was allowed out on a bail of $100,000N.T.s, the other thirty-three all had flight risks, collaborating their statements with each other, and suspicions on destroying the physical evidences, early yesterday morning, they were all taken into court custody, the second wave of fourteen perpetrators all arrived back in Taiwan yesterday, after police interrogations, they were sent to the Miaoli D.A.s offices to be investigated. 282 more words

Lessons Of Life

What Is THE Definition Of "An Affair" -- And I Am, Of Course, Talking "Stormy Daniels".

by Anura Guruge

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I am not going to totally self-incriminate myself (in my old age), though in terms bona fides in addressing this issue, let me just say that I do not have that many regrets in my life, but one of them was that one of my wives talked me out of writing a ‘ 302 more words

Anura Guruge

Make Mine With Whipped Cream

Real whipped cream makes everything taste better.

Coffee. Any dessert. Waffles. Tip of a finger. Straight from the can into an opened mouth.

It’s the ambrosia of those who won’t settle for Cool Whip. 502 more words