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What if I get caught?

I thought about this question a lot growing up, knowing it would never happen to me. It stressed me out to think that my friends might have had sex and gotten caught by their parents, because I couldn’t fathom looking my mother and father in the eye and having some sort of conversation with them. 328 more words


The Prospective Police Officer Became a Predator Using a Camera, Got Caught in the Act Himself, Inside the Frames

A wolf, in sheep’s clothing, this time, the wolf was, “masked” as an officer in training, a peeping tom, getting caught, RED handed, from the… 499 more words

The Consequences Of Life

He’d Murdered His Adversary in Love, Escaped for a Year, and Was Charged with Murder Alongside the Woman He Was in Love With

Out on the run for murder, and yet, you still got caught, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Huang was displeased at how his girlfriend, Tu was displeased at how her ex-boyfriend kept bugging her, last June he was suspected of running the man over with his car, and hacked the man over ten times to death, then made his escape, he was at large with an active arrest warrant on him for over a year, last month, he was accidentally caught by the police in Changwha, and they’d taken him to the Tainan D.A.’s Office, and the D.A. 360 more words


The Peeping Tom in Starbucks, Worried He Might be Arrested, So He’d, Confessed to What He’d Done and Admitted Pleaded Guilty

these THINGS are everywhere, when we’re, not looking!  Photo from online…

And, chances are, this M***ER F***ER will offend again, if he doesn’t get LOCKED up, and thankfully, he couldn’t, make bail, and he’s, spending some time in JAIL, but, what happens afterwards?  537 more words


Lock the Door, Always

Men are visual creatures. They like porn. (No judgement; so do I.) They like seeing women in lingerie. I call them outfits. Well Matthew loves… 370 more words

True Stories

That's Unfair Though. I Remember Those "Rules" Too

A friend of mine used to bemoan the loss of the “playground rules” he grew up with, most notably the rule that if you were fairly caught cheating or lying, you owned up to it and didn’t waste everybody’s time with flimsy denials. 18 more words

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