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Matching Socks

So you may remember that I made these socks for my husband awhile ago.

I just really love this yarn. It is Cascade Heritage Prints in Baltimore. 234 more words

Getting Crafty

Yarn Alley

This weekend I headed to Guangzhou City to trying find some yarn. This took quite a lot of preparation beforehand. Fist of all, I don’t speak or read Chinese so I needed to research where to find yarn and the mode of transportation to take. 296 more words

Getting Crafty

WIP: Blaster Sweater

Lately, I have been knitting away on my Blaster Sweater by Andi Satterlund. This sweater has the right amount of detail knitting. I have a little challenge, but I can still catch up on shows on Netflix. 10 more words

Getting Crafty

Card, sweet card

It’s very rare that I make a card that doesn’t involve any cross stitch whatsoever, mostly because I feel like my plain old hand made cards just aren’t as good. 242 more words


FO: Calais Shawl

My Calais Shawl is complete! Well it was completed about two weeks ago. The issue with posting was the photos. I’ve been having a tough time finding the perfect photo spot in my new apartment. 259 more words

Getting Crafty

A Sticky Situation Resolved by Gorilla Glue

We’ve all been there. There are those annoying jobs around the house that you say you’ll always get to – but in reality you know that you can put up with the problems enough that you just keep going about your daily life. 633 more words


It's Here!

The day has finally arrived! My husband and I are moving to Guangzhou, China! As I sit here in the airport I am all types of nervous, excited, and curious. 63 more words

Getting Crafty