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Do just the one thing

So he says, ‘Why don’t you try doing just one thing?’

There’s definitely something there.

Always failing

I often get this feeling that I’m trying to do a hundred things at once, but failing to do any of them well or at all. 765 more words


QuickRead: Replace Happiness With Excitement

We all know that the common denominator for our life goals is to secure some form of happiness. This is what we know, this is what we’ve been taught to achieve. 312 more words


Practising what's relaxing: for the love of baking

So, I really love baking. Big shock I’m sure. It probably won’t count for much, but I actually liked it well before the Bake Off and often used to bake in the summer holidays from school (even though I never did get those scones quite right.) 686 more words


Bestival 2014: the origins of adventure

So you know that 2015 is the year of adventure. What you perhaps don’t know, is why. Simple really. When working out the best approach to the upcoming year I looked back over 2014 for the best moment of them all. 636 more words


Resolutions with good reason

Happy 2015!

Welcome, one and all, to the year of adventure

So, 2014 got a bit messy and a bit muddled both in my head and outside of it: the upshot being this blog got more than somewhat neglected. 583 more words


2015 - Possibilities, Probabilities and ... Pesticide?

Ah! The refreshing opening of a new year! A time to reset, recalculate and to stop shoving your face with food. I, as millions of other human beings across the world have joined me in doing , have set a few new years resolutions for myself. 494 more words

Road Crew get ready for show Number 3!

We have been tossing around a 3rd show, we called about a show in New York but want to run their ourselves before committing to the arena, we thought about Pennsylvania as well but there are some great shows there already – we lined everyone up a time or two and the dates were just not going to work out for all of us to do the 3rd show. 176 more words