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We made it to Pamplona. Now to come tomorrow when I can find my brain.

Getting It All Together

Sock it to me.

Besides shoes and your pack being the most important things to consider when Planning, socks are the next things of major importance.
When hiking in the past I always wore a silk liner and wool hiking socks. 107 more words

Getting It All Together


We started with a camel pack thinking it would be the easiest way to carry water and it probably is. However, it isn’t the most practical way to have someone fill it. 81 more words

Getting It All Together

These boots are made for walking

We have tried several kinds of boots and we finally ended up with the Danner boots. These boots now feel as comfortable as your most comfortable shoes. 159 more words

Getting It All Together

Hey folks, I'm not a total slacker!

I’m working on transferring this blog to this site. As you can see, it’s a total work in progress, but it shouldn’t look too much different from what you see here at good ole’ wordpress. 12 more words

The New Activist

The problem with promoting liberty....

Is that freedom is a scary concept. Not just for the fact that there is no “Safety net” using money forcibly taken from your neighbors, but primarily due to a fear of ones neighbors. 80 more words

Getting It All Together

What? The New Activist hates people who wear glasses!

People who wear glasses are evil! They probably lied, cheated, and stole from hardworking people with good eyesight in order to get those glasses! There are people with good eyesight who toil all day long for those evil people in glasses! 120 more words