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They don't understand......

  As I glanced thru my Facebook the past few days, there have been so many posts about families being either yelled at and or criticized because of their child’s behavior. 748 more words

Getting it, calm cafe and cheesey GBBO

Getting the spreadsheets. After freaking out about them.

Being in a nice cafe. Middle class calm.

Cheese on toast and Bake Off in bed. A happy place.


I realized something: I enjoy exercise.

All the times I swore up and down that it wasn’t a thing. That I didn’t like it. Girl, lying to yourself. 79 more words


After 2 years, my fitbit flex decided it was going to quit me. I don’t necessarily need it, but the encouragement from little dots was more motivating than a person telling me to move forward. 87 more words


A little better everyday. People are noticing my hard work. I am noticing my hard work. I want this life so bad. It is not a fitness journey. 269 more words

Growing up / "... [gulp] ..."

He was clear that today was an auspicious day.

Today was the day he finally decided that if he found something irrelevant to his interests, and here he meant his personal side, what engaged his brain, what made him think “Hey, this looks really cool”, he would politely disengage. 194 more words

Me To Yous

Should / Not / ?

When you’re doing what you should

what you should

encloses you

in a cocoon – no, a web: redo-

lent and sticky, but not borrowed actively – 197 more words