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A friend Shared this, via FB. I don’t know who it goes back to originally, but it came with a caption concerning Male and White Privilege. 253 more words

Setting out (Doughf's weekly roundup)

“We’re cycling to Lijiang,” Head said. We met eyes and held each other’s stare for ten seconds, 20 seconds, i don’t know, i always get lost in Head’s azure gaze. 1,199 more words

Epiphany - On The Wisdom of the Unexpected

“The music began and it was life-changing…it struck me that hard. Maybe the word is epiphany, when you have that sensation.”  Clive Davis

“I get it.” Jennifer Place… 1,102 more words

Writings By Wordsmiths And Others

I Am. Are you?

How often have you tried to explain something to someone? A concept, an idea, a new way of thinking …

How often do you find you seem to speaking a foreign language? 720 more words


I Think I Finally Get Grooming

For the first time in a long while, I have short hair and not much beard.

While I have a vague notion that beards are ‘in’ at the moment, I have worn mine for far too long to even try to claim trend-setter status. 659 more words


How I'm Getting IT!

Everyday is a new opportunity to succeed! The key is to have a daily routine.
Here are 7 ways to get the success you want on a daily basis: 162 more words