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Our boy is growing up.....

When we first started on this autism journey I would always question whether or not Jonathan would grow up.  Whether or not he would “get” what we have tried so many times to tell him. 175 more words

Being Responsible

Knowing it and getting it

Knowing it and getting it

One of the very first things I learned when I began my spiritual and philosophical education years ago was that everyone, myself included, was okay the way they are. 495 more words


Family is LIFE!!

Thank you to my mom and dad for coming to Longwood to support me as I got inducted to Lambda Pi Eta the communication studies honor society! 11 more words



Once in a while, I try to find that one quote that explains something, or puts life in perspective. In this case…and based on some close family and friend’s posts this week….I wanted to find something about PASSION. 177 more words

Jam's 365 Project: Day 40 (Backlog)

Ok. So is this duo of super buff dudes that have class around the same time I have class. And by buff…. I mean RIPPED! 67 more words

Jam's 365 Project

The fine art of motivation...

I could do with a firm kick up the bahookie today.  Despite going to bed at a reasonable hour and sleeping the whole night through, I woke up feeling sleepy and with absolutely no motivation whatsoever.   620 more words

Stuff About Me


The good life is a process .

Not a state of being .

It is a direction not a destination .

The good life constitues selections . 56 more words