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How to pack a ridiculously large purse

Ridiculously large purses are known to inspire wild theories about their contents in men. They wonder what sex toys you decided to carry around and look at you like a kinky desirable sexual being just because of the presence of your huge bag. 221 more words


Introducing "Game On" Video Series

I want to take a few minutes to introduce my online video course I’m titling “Game On.”  The purpose of this video course is simple.  I’m going to help you get laid with  REAL women.   1,573 more words


How to Get Laid

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          Casual sex is common like a common cold, especially for men. It is exaggerated in “statistics” that men think about sex every seven seconds of their lives.Whether you are looking for a lifelong partner or you just need to respond to your  raging hormones, there is a universal protocol before you get down to business- penetrate the inner workings of your main chick. 422 more words

Here we go round the mulberry bush

Ok, ladies, hold on to your handbags. It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for.

Because sometimes, a girl just needs to get laid.

It had been 18 years with the same guy, for Pete’s sake. 677 more words


More Arbitrary Numbers

I was talking to a friend how Brother Bean is getting married in less than a month at the tender age of 28 and how our Facebook feeds are starting to blow up with sickeningly saccharine engagement and wedding photos… 616 more words