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    (for the wingman)

  • swap phones with a third party
  • mark a target
  • call upon her to resolve “a heated argument”  between you(the wingman) and the bro looking forward to getting laid (disclaimer:  it should be either a topic she’s likely to  know or an interesting one you’ll need to explain,*wink* *wink*
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How I Met Your Mother

Here Are 10 Types Of People Having More Sex Than You. (Are You One Of Them?)

Sometimes you meet someone who’s just SO bright and cherry that you start think, Wow, they’re definitely having a lot of sex. Or, you meet someone who kind of just sucks and you think, please, can someone take one for the team and sleep with this person so they’re in a better mood? 986 more words

Physical Intimacy

Yes, this maybe the usual lament about being single by every lad out there, but hey, each to his own!

Let me make this clear, I am not desperate to have a gf, but it would be nice, I guess. 793 more words