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Ug! Or: Please consider trade school, dear writer.

Dear Creative Writer,

I haven’t an iota of interest in your mind, heart, experiences, or delusions.  That said, please do not consider my lack of appreciation for your life’s blood an indication of the generally pointless pursuit of relentlessly polishing your creative writing toolkit.   530 more words


How Not To Get Laid 

My friend gave me this gist yesterday night. She had gone to see a guy and he made indomie for her, no egg or anything o, just super pack indomie, that one of ninety naira, with one satchet water ten naira, so altogether everything cost hundred naira. 727 more words


Advice - Part 1 of 3

“Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”, I believe that is the correct way the saying goes right? I may have two because I have been told that I am opinionated, maybe just a bit. 2,152 more words


10 Surefire Ways To Get Laid On The First Date

1. Smile

The first thing your date will notice about you is your smile. If you seem disingenuous or creepy, it could set the wrong tone for the entire date. 870 more words

Part 1 of 3: Is pornography preventing you from getting a girlfriend?

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. Bill is going to be meeting up with some friends later for dinner and then some evening wine-infused bocce ball. 792 more words

How to pack a ridiculously large purse

Ridiculously large purses are known to inspire wild theories about their contents in men. They wonder what sex toys you decided to carry around and look at you like a kinky desirable sexual being just because of the presence of your huge bag. 221 more words


Introducing "Game On" Video Series

I want to take a few minutes to introduce my online video course I’m titling “Game On.”  The purpose of this video course is simple.  I’m going to help you get laid with  REAL women.   1,573 more words