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Can't all Birthdays be like this? (Part 1)

Whilst fighting the massive waves, the riptide, and getting sunburned this morning at the beach, it tired me out enough to relax under my umbrella and figure how I was going to lay this one out.  1,420 more words


Featured Beauty: SUMMER (summer.waves)

As I mentioned before, I love the beach. Not that I care for the water or scenery and shit, I go because girls are either half naked or already nude when I get there. 107 more words

Getting Laid

Surf's Up!

I was up before my alarm went off, which for me is quite odd given the fact I never seem to get enough sleep.  I had went back to the gym the previous afternoon and well into the evening to help with tearing up the floors and laying the new matting down.  1,535 more words


The Pharmacist

Be patient as my PC has been on the fritz and I’m about to toss it out the window.  Doing this from my Smart Phone (thanks Nexus 6)… 1,087 more words


Sometimes I wonder why I am not getting laid any more…..

….. then I am like “No way is it these corduroy dungarees, because the girl in the charity shop said they would look amazing on me!”

Returning Beauty: Red Hot (sweeetcheeeks)

Red Hot came over my place again, and this time we didn’t waste too much time before we got naked.

And I know I promised I would post less pics of me fucking and more pics of just the girls themselves, but I can’t help how things turn out :P

Getting Laid

Just when you think you're up (Part 2)

I blew off her rejection with hardly a change of emotion.

“You’re the type that plays hard to get hm?”

She smiled coyly.

“Perhaps…what type of guy are you?” 1,860 more words