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Using the law of attraction to get laid

Okay so let’s start off with the basics – Let’s define the ‘Law of attraction’. There are a lot of Gurus, teachers, motivational speakers, spiritual leaders and that one woman always posting motivational quotes on your facebook wall – and everyone’s got their own definition of the law of attraction. 1,516 more words

Dear Dandy: Will I ever find love?

26/M/Solihull: Dear Dandy, I make myself presentable and always try to listen to what people are saying to me in conversations, however it can be hard at times when no one else likes Stargate as much as I do. 78 more words

Agony Aunt

How Much Sex Should You Have?

No, this is not a rhetorical question and I’m not asking for a friend. While doing a web search on increasing my libido by eating kale… 294 more words


Will I Get Laid?

Mr Browne asked “Will I get laid in the next two months?”

The answer is “No”. 424 more words


Online Dating 101 - the unauthorised, unrequested rules from a Rookie.

Right, so I’ve really committed to this whole online dating thing. Just for fun really. Just to get out and hopefully, have an interesting conversation. I never would have thought. 718 more words


Ug! Or: Please consider trade school, dear writer.

Dear Creative Writer,

I haven’t an iota of interest in your mind, heart, experiences, or delusions.  That said, please do not consider my lack of appreciation for your life’s blood an indication of the generally pointless pursuit of relentlessly polishing your creative writing toolkit.   530 more words


How Not To Get Laid 

My friend gave me this gist yesterday night. She had gone to see a guy and he made indomie for her, no egg or anything o, just super pack indomie, that one of ninety naira, with one satchet water ten naira, so altogether everything cost hundred naira. 727 more words