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What Do Men Really Think About Sex? 9 Brutally Honest Dispatches From A Man

1. Sexiness is all about the nuance of your being. Sexiness is the way you move your tongue while we’re talking to you, the curve of your foot, or the way you perk up when a song that you like comes on the radio. 689 more words

10 Bartenders Reveal How They Can Tell You're Easy

Are you starting to feel like you’re attracting the wrong type of guys (like homeless men, for example)? It might be due to the fact that you’re giving off the wrong impression when you’re out on the town. 807 more words

The Wine Cigar

Verse I

Getting laid is no simple feat, it takes dedication and hard work. Unless, thou has the knowledge of Thy Book of Ben.

Lesson I :: The Wine Cigar. 327 more words

Female Mind

Review of "How To Get Laid On Tinder"

I had planned on taking the weekend to read through How To Get Laid On Tinder by Will Freeman of Revolutionaryllifestyledesign.com and write my review; however as I got into the book I took more time reading it than I had anticipated. 342 more words

Book Reviews

The Mediocre Artist and yogurt.

So last night I got laid. It was with the tinder guy that believes in open relationships. Because of that, Brian, my best friend, told me to be careful with that because a baby would be the least of my worries. 274 more words

One Night Stand Tips

I thought I would write a blog on tips to getting a one night stand, and what to do when you have one. Being the self proclaimed Kiwi Cassanova (Just thought that up now :p) I thought I would share my tips on one night stands and how to keep them as just that. 329 more words



    (for the wingman)

  • swap phones with a third party
  • mark a target
  • call upon her to resolve “a heated argument”  between you(the wingman) and the bro looking forward to getting laid (disclaimer:  it should be either a topic she’s likely to  know or an interesting one you’ll need to explain,*wink* *wink*
  • 65 more words
How I Met Your Mother