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Weakness as Strength

If there’s any big thing I’ve been learning about this year, I’ve been learning about love. Well, actually, I’ve been learning about weakness. But they might usually be one thing, the one way I’ve felt more and more strongly called to live. 1,061 more words

Connecting Ourselves to Death

We live in an age of magic. I’m a wizard. I can talk to Skopjans from Laguna Niguel with no effort. I can instantaneously send my thoughts across distances my ancestors would never have dreamed to cross in their entire lives. 1,348 more words

On Precision in Language

“The sick are man’s greatest danger; not the evil, not the ‘beasts of prey.’ Those who’re failures from the start, downtrodden, crushed––it is they, the weakest, who must undermine life among men, who call into question and poison most dangerously our trust in life, in man, and in ourselves.” (The Genealogy of Morals 122) 1,031 more words

Art / School

If time is money, and money is money too, then college is ridiculously expensive. Because it takes both a ton of time and a ton of money. 1,986 more words

Knowledge As Trust

Everything you think you have done is an illusion. Your will is a fond figment of your imagination, your decisions, direct results of your environment. Maybe you’re part of the Matrix. 1,025 more words

Recess Rules and Poetry


Have you ever tasted and seen the astounding joy of a swing set? Or felt the harrowing thrill of plunging down a tube slide? Unless it’s a blindingly bright day, semi-darkness swallows you for a few seconds as you spiral down and down, feeling the electricity building from your friction. 1,234 more words

On Reading Christianly


Has time ever felt like a bullet train with bad brakes? This sensation slammed into me towards the end of January. I had spent a good chunk of my Christmas break reading for my interterm study abroad trip, and then spent most of January taking the trip. 587 more words