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Yoga in the Dog Puke

Since I’ve been staying with my friend Katie (first time we have lived together since college in 2002-2003), we’ve gotten into a really good routine of self-care and being productive.   161 more words


Does anyone have the phone number for DIY SOS?

Painting. In the hands of a creative genius, I daresay the process is enjoyable and the result a delight. In the hands of an impatient incompetent, it’s a different story. 616 more words

Getting On With Life

Success at dating? I went to Ibiza and came back with a pen pal.

Back in 1999, me and two single friends went to Ibiza trying to be Zoe Ball, recreating the bottle of Jack Daniels, straw hat and jean shorts vibe hanging out at Manumission, or whatever the cool clubs were at the time. 941 more words

Getting On With Life

These guns ain't made for Body Pump

Holy crap I can barely move my arms. And if I have to pick something up off the floor, it’s taking a good five seconds to encourage my thighs to get up again. 545 more words