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Tax Day, Robin Hood, and the Pangs of Unrealized Voluntarism

I love the story of Robin Hood.

I loved the fox Robin Hood, Erol Flynn’s version is EVERYTHING, and I loved the various British series on the man in green. 558 more words


While We're In The Mood...

In the car on the way to the gym, me and my big sister got talking. At first it was just casually about exams and just doing my best, but then it turned a bit into the actual logic behind school. 1,374 more words

Emotional Realisations

Freedom and the Internet

Better late than never? Some scribbles on civil liberties and technology from 2014…

Yet another year another – in 2014, the Internet hit 25 (depending on exactly the year its various inventors lay claim…). 465 more words

Blogging For The Hell Of It

Getting Political: What the hell, 'gamebros'?

Reading the news is always something of a roller-coaster.  There are high points and low points.  Maybe I should say, though, that the news is more like riding a rickety roller-coaster, because at the end, I usually wind up feeling off-balance, confused, and a tad sick to the stomach, with little of the rush riding a good coaster gives me.  339 more words


#AgGeek: A Millennial Finally Gets a Farm Education

I’m basically waiting around for spring to start.  Come April, I will once again be an apprentice farm hand, continuing my journey toward eventual farmerdom.  To keep the waiting from feeling too much like waiting, I am making myself ag-literate.   1,071 more words


Old Tools for a New Ag(e)

At the root of the new sustainable farming movement lies the realization that our mechanized, “efficient” modern food system, intended to feed the world and bring a life of ease to all, is in fact feeding the world a bunch of mass-produced nutrition-stripped crap, and in the process quickly stripping the land of its ability to support a life of ease for anyone.  778 more words


Who designed the Internet? Pretty much all of us

(I liked this article in Culture Digitally about the origins of the web, SO MUCH, i decided to paraphrase it down from 600 words so that more people might enjoy it) 224 more words