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Tense moments in Trumps America: The alcohol edition

My father always told me not to discuss 3 things in the United States: Politics, Religion and Guns.

Unfortunately, I’m a bad listener. (Sorry Dad) 667 more words

The Trump Card: What to do when you're facing political suicide

Like a never ending spiral of bad news we tumble further down the rabbit hole with the announcement of the US president: Donald Trump. And like Brexit, the winners go into hiding with their tails between their legs, unable to give any reassuring words to the undeniably distraught. 263 more words

Love (noun) vs. Love (verb)

Love Wins.

That is one of the placating statements in times of violence or fear or hate. Love Wins. I’ve said it. You’ve said it. I’ve truly believed it. 614 more words


A question of when: Terrorist Attacks, 28 dead in Istanbul

*Breaking News: 10 28 Dead in Turkey, 20-60 injured in Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul*

If you haven’t seen the news yet, a terrorist just blew themselves up Instanbul’s main airport. 400 more words