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i want to get pregnant - vol 2

11. Get To A Healthy Weight
A healthy weight range body mass index ( BMI ) of 18.5 – 24.9. Health authorities, experts and women who have BMI of more than 29 as compared to normal weight individuals reveals that the chances of getting pregnant is less. 675 more words


Home Pregnancy Test Before Being Pregnant - Reliable? Negative pregnancy test or positive pregnancy test

Home Pregnancy Test – How reliable is pregnancy detection 4-6 days before delay as promised on the package?

Some Facts You Should Know About Home Pregnancy Tests. 645 more words


How To Detect Pregnancy, Home Test, Signs Of Pregnancy And Pregnancy Week - The Guide

Trying to get pregnant?

How to identify pregnancy? What are signs of pregnancy?

How would you know if you were pregnant in the first week? 404 more words


Before motherhood- my fertility journey 

So, I am going to backtrack and start at the VERY beginning of my “motherhood journey”, if you will.

The first part of my personal journey to parenthood was our decision to try to have a baby. 1,353 more words

First Time Mom

I am Finally Starting IVF :)

I have spent my life very focused and devoted to my career. As many career-oriented women, I have pushed aside having a family life and a baby. 470 more words

Geriatric Pregnancy

Confession of a New Mommy

Birth takes a woman’s deepest fears about herself and shows her that she is stronger than them.” – Unknown

I totally second that quote by an unknown author. 617 more words

Confession Of New Mommy

Getting Pregnant

To getting pregnant, the first decision you need to make it a definite. The responsibility of a child mom and dad you come to the level enough to get candidates in every way pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth, they must have decided to confront the processes that can bring problems. 754 more words