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Helpful Distractions.

It’s CD22 of cycle #3, and I think I’ve ovulated already!
According to my CM patterns and a rise in temp, anyway. FF is suggesting I ovulated somewhere between CD11 and CD19. 276 more words


Clomid Round 2...in the 2WW

So I haven’t wrote for a while. Been really busy with work and just life in general. The weather here is starting to get nice so I’m enjoying it! 491 more words

All just weird really

So … I guess I might be pregnant. I don’t feel different. I’m kind of being careful about what I eat, but … it all just feels not real. 20 more words


OMG... can this be, are we really.....

I just can’t believe it. This is surreal….

On monday, at 11dpo, i had texted R the probability of getting a positive pregnancy test according to… 194 more words

So it's done

I now have a %15 to %20 chance of getting (being?) pregnant.

And all I really want is a martini.

Actually, that’s a lie. Walking into the clinic, I definitely wanted a drink. 26 more words



Yes, getting a little ahead of myself, but … I quite like the idea of alliteration, and of the initials that have run through a few generations of my family. 57 more words

Getting Pregnant

Carrie does infertility

Ugh, so I wrote a post but realized I sounded like Carrie Bradshaw in the Trying to Conceive City, so I won’t subject anyone to it. 351 more words