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His age matters too!

Did you know….. a man’s fertility decreases with age too?
It is commonly thought that men can father children well into their 60’s! While that is possible, it’s not very likely! 204 more words

Things I Missed While I Was Pregnant

When you become pregnant, it’s a fun secret. You don’t tell everyone right away, and sneaky moments alone with your spouse or your best friend might be the only time you get to dish about how you’re feeling, how excited you are, or things you’re planning for the pregnancy/baby. 740 more words


Product Review -Period Tracker App

Whether you’re looking to become pregnant, become a surrogate mom or just don’t want to be
caught off guard by the arrival of your period, it’s important to keep track of your menstrual cycle. 465 more words

Dawn Marmorstein

Your Nontraditional Guide to Having a Baby

So, you want to have a baby. And for any number of reasons, the “traditional” approach doesn’t work for you. Perhaps you are a lesbian couple, a single woman, or a straight couple using a sperm donor. 756 more words

Getting Pregnant

The Age Factor

Did you know……. a woman’s fertility starts to decline from age 30?
Many women think they will be able to have children quite easily into their early 40’s – unfortunately that is not very likely. 167 more words

Choosing A Fertility Doctor

One of the hardest decisions you have to make in your life is choosing a doctor. It really doesn’t matter what type of medical assistance you require. 513 more words

Dawn Marmorstein