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Factual Tips to Become pregnant Faster

Nowadays many are searching for several manners in which you can get pregnant. A lot of people are still avoiding the aspects to get pregnant. But getting faster pregnant will not really easy or so tough. 499 more words

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Birth-Control & Getting Pregnant

Birth control.

This was something I needed to seriously think about before heading into marriage. I’m a born-again Christian who believes that saving sex for marriage is what God has called me to do, therefore, I didn’t need to think about being on birth control before. 648 more words


Eating to Conceive

Just about any woman knows that you should eat proper nutrition while you are pregnant. The benefit it presents you and your baby is invaluable. But, do you also know how important it is often consume well before you will have pregnant? 547 more words

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Pregnant? Toddler doesn't care

Just before our son was a year old we had the conversation about trying for a second child. I have some health concerns that could potentially complicate getting and staying pregnant, so I wanted some buffer room. 1,390 more words


Getting here... 

… And how difficult it can be.

I just want to circle back for a bit, to trying to get pregnant and how difficult it can be, and the attitudes towards me whilst pregnant. 1,712 more words


Still no positive results to report - and overweight

This post finds me a little discouraged. It’s been 5 months now that Drew and I have been trying to get pregnant – and still no positive pregnancy test. 342 more words

Starting A Family

Welcome To The Family

Before the baby

Me and my husband met what seems like ages ago. We were still in high school and we have been dating ever since we met. 934 more words