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5 Fast Weight Loss after Pregnancy Tips and Tricks

For quick weight reduction after pregnancy, tips and tricks that stress the significance of physical practice and in addition knowing as much as you can about sustenance are the best types of protection for keeping those additional pounds under control. 569 more words

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The ABC's of Pregnancy - The Most Important Pregnancy Tips You Should Know

While beyond any doubt not all birth deformities and difficulties connected with pregnancy can be kept, a pregnant lady can simply take a few activities to expand her odds of bringing forth a sound infant. 576 more words

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How To Prepare Your Pregnancy Scientifically?

If you are considering having a baby, you may have wondered how long it will take to get pregnant, when to have a sex, and how often, what should prepare before getting pregnant.  364 more words


Chapter 10: Getting my spinach plants in a row

My new lovely house is at the end of a cul de sac (I’ve always wanted to say that! Actually I don’t even know what a cul de sac is). 510 more words


Chapter 9: I'm a Biological Nightmare and I'm a"We"

My baby has somewhere to live! I’ve just bought a house. My Mum has been amazing and helped me pull together a deposit so I can buy this gorgeous one-bedroom, free-standing kinda-batchy looking place in Paraparaumu Beach. 750 more words


Chapter 7. You're *ucking kidding me

I’m “infertile”.

Go away.

I’ve checked out.

I can’t cry.


Don't tell the, er, parents...

So, as you might have guessed from my previous post, it’s full steam ahead, all guns blazing, let’s try and get pregnant on my own. 716 more words