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Yep, it happened when we least expected it.

Okay, so I was optimistic for a little while.  But then I sort of gave up.  And I was okay with it, too.  We had done it so many times, gotten our hopes up and then realized it wasn’t the case.   532 more words


So My husband and I have decided to take the next step. April was our 1st anniversary as you may have read in my previous post. 279 more words


4 weeks, 4 days pregnant

-Cheers me the smart app just downloaded. For a while now I am not in control of my body. 2 months ago the doctors hijacked it, and now I realise from small things that my little Sticky Snowball has started to take charge of it. 187 more words


Little Settler

Well, if you are trying for a baby, and if you are doing it for long time, you get to know your body a bit better than average, and you know exactly which of your organs is messing about in your tummy. 344 more words


My husband said after ET

that he is so happy to tap into my gene pool. <3


best way to get pregnant

For some people young women, conceiving can be as relatively easy as giving out their personal contraceptives, regardless whether they may be performing work on their personal first kid or their own 4th. 509 more words

Getting Pregnant

I hate today

Today was my due date, 2 years ago. Crazy to think I would have had a 2 year old. It would be easier to let go if I weren’t now infertile. 13 more words