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Happy Not-a-Father's Day

In celebration of Father’s Day, I would like to greet my wonderful Papa in heaven, 69 more words

Daily Prompt

Letter to the Daddies of Infertility

A few months ago, on Mother’s Day, I poured my heart out to tell the story of our journey to become parents. Looking back now, it is not surprisingly almost all my own feelings and experiences with only a nod to Daddy2twindividuals who travelled the same path. 499 more words


Stress, the Saboteur

It’s not really a secret that stress can wreck havoc on your fertility.¬† It can throw off your cycle, keep you from ovulating, screw with your hormones, and even cause you to miscarry in extreme cases.¬† 1,006 more words


Getting pregnant with PCOS: Metformin

Metformin is the most commonly used medicine in Type II Diabetes Mellitus.

In order to understand why a diabetes drug is used to treat PCOS, we first need to understand a few basics. 773 more words

Insulin Resistance

The Agonizing Two Weeks

Anyone that is trying to conceive, understands the agonizing wait between the fertile days of her cycle and the hopeful missed period. Not only are you praying to the fertile gods themselves that you are pregnant but all the fun stuff in life has to come to a screeching hault. 769 more words


Feeling that first baby kick...

With your first baby you think that every little twinge or gurgle of gas could be a baby movement that you are feeling, but with subsequent pregnancies you know exactly when you feel that very first kick. 267 more words

Having A Baby

The Second Session

I don’t remember all my clients. There is so much information flowing through that it seems impossible to keep track unless they come to me regularly. 354 more words

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