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You Are My Sunshine: An Infertility Reality

Tonight this little cutie was having a difficult time falling asleep. He wanted to “cuddle with his blanket and mom.” Of course, I obliged even though I had already laid him down 30 minutes prior. 375 more words


Becoming Pregnant

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant, which means I have just started my 3rd trimester. Scary stuff. This week according to one of my pregnancy apps she is the size of a papaya fruit (I don’t even know what one of them is!) It also says she is roughly 35.6 cm and is roughly 760 grams. 709 more words


We're Pregnant

I say we’re pregnant, but really she is pregnant. My beautiful wife. I’m happy for her. I’m happy for us. But it’s different, you know? 115 more words


One mother's tips on how to get pregnant faster

There are all sorts of reasons why women may want to get pregnant faster. Some plan for their baby to be born within a particular ‘window’ of time, or work towards their children being separated by an age preferred space of time. 20 more words


Getting Pregnant In Your 40s; The 8 Key Factors

Whether you always planned to have a baby after 40 or things just turned out that way, there are some pregnancy related problems that to-be-parents over the age of 40 must be aware of. 356 more words

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The First Trimester

Matt and I were celebrating our one year anniversary when I woke up feeling…off. I had had a low backache a few days before, and that morning I woke up with a wave of nausea–the kind where you feel it in the back of your neck and feel like you might pass out. 984 more words


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Want Children

Your early twenties are for mistakes and exploring and finding yourself. You can paddle your way through and try new things. As soon as you cross the threshold into your mid-late twenties, you’re drowning deep in dangerous territory. 688 more words