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Hey little asshole,

I am finally starting to feel somewhat human again. On the tale of some severe morning sickness I got the stomach flu, have lost weight, strength and at certain times, a will to live (oh the drama). 214 more words


None In the Oven

I thought I learned everything I needed to know about getting pregnant in junior high. Turns out…I was wrong!

As I sit at Café Express, typing away on my keyboard and listening to the expectant moms next to me talk about the joys of babies and pregnancy, I realize I have to get out of here before I stab someone. 931 more words


Amazing pregnancy tips - prepare for your baby's birth

Check now New post about best way to get #pregnant : Amazing pregnancy tips – prepare for your baby’s birth which one has been published on eHowToGetPregnant – … 61 more words

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I Am Barely Breathing, and I Can't Find the...Egg?

Oh yeah, that was a play on a Duncan Sheik song, whatchu know ’bout that? ;)

Yesterday I was so sure that I was having an anovulatory cycle, then FF gave me my cross-hairs! 326 more words



Well little Asshole, I’ve been on a hiatus… finishing certifications, teaching, working, remodeling, marrying your father and ass kicking in general. Was planning to have you next year to let the newlywed bliss wear off a little (who am I kidding, your father and I have been together for six years…bliss better describes my relationship with the contents of the refrigerator). 96 more words


5 Reasons to stay Positive when you're not Positive

I’ve read a lot of blogs recently from disheartened woman waiting to conceive.  I’m in the 2WW (2 week wait, for those of us in the TCC (Trying to conceive) club), and while I know I’ll be upset, disappointed and behave like a crying little girl if this isn’t the month it happens.  829 more words

Trying To Conceive

Checking my inbox every 15 minutes...

I contacted the fertility clinic today – despite what my doctor suggested. I’ll take some new blood samples in the end of this week – but I feel like I need to know my options if my number of eggs are limited, and I don’t have any time to lose. 284 more words