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Elevator Pitch Blues

How to write an “Elevator Pitch” of your book.

Being able to describe your novel in one sentence is a useful skill. It is called an “Elevator Pitch” because the idea is one could speak to an agent or publisher while riding an elevator and quickly tell them what one’s book is about. 952 more words


Can't I just disappear for a while?

This morning I got up, dragged my sorry rump off to work, got stuck in traffic and rolled into work late. Not awesome. I was able to stay late to make it up, no problem. 1,251 more words


If it's not the money, why do I do this?

I was on the way to Richmond to speak at the Black History Museum of Virginia recently when I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?” 259 more words

Life As A Writer

Five Reasons You Should Start Your Fiction Writing Career with Short Stories

The life of a writer is a tedious one. It does get better when you get published. Even so, you still have to ‘write constantly’, which is where the tediousness resides. 863 more words

Getting Published

So you want to publish a book?

My partner Josh Langley has at this stage had five books published.

Because of this he, and by association me (I haven’t had a book published, yet), often get asked by people how they can get a book they’ve written, or are writing, into the bookstores. 80 more words


Me and Harry F. Byrd

When the audience member asked, “Why did you pursue this story?” I decided to abandon the safe answers that I usually give to that question. Instead, I tried to put into words the feelings that have percolated inside me ever since I started working on… 357 more words

Life As A Writer

Handling the Disappointment of Rejection

Along the road to becoming a successful novelist, every writer bumps into a set of unavoidable potholes, one of the most devastating being rejections.

Of course, those depressing replies will always come – worse, in dozens. 286 more words

Getting Published