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Guest Post: Do You Really Want to Write Full-Time?

Our last guest blogger brought us writing advice from her home in Turkey. Today we roll around the world to Australia. Australian writer Sarah Gates, author of  752 more words


What to learn from rejection; as for feedback, never a lender be

Thanks to Maggie for tweeting a link to the agent Piers Blofeld talking so helpfully on the five types of rejection (for authors, that is, not in love or life generally!). 100 more words


I'm Getting Published Part 2

The wonderfully exciting and exhausting adventure of printing my own book goes on.

As many of you know, I’m planning on publishing 4 of my novels. 455 more words

A New Publisher is Born

We were just like you at some point. We had finished writing a book (3 actually) and the whole process of trying to get them in front of a publisher to even be given a chance was beyond daunting. 397 more words


How long does it take to write a book?

Answer: I have no idea — even after writing nine of them.

Maybe some authors have a formula that produces consistent results, but for me, the question is too nuanced to allow for a simple solution. 899 more words


It's a book!

So today my poetry book is available to buy.

I’m just going to sit here a minute and allow that to actually sink in for me… 821 more words


Publishing your PhD thesis: “Big words. Small print. No sales.”

At the PhD Life blog, we like to predict your reading needs. That’s why Felicity Chaplin is here to give you advice on anticipating the expectations that a publisher might have of your own writing. 715 more words