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Submission Logs Offer Encouragement

Thoughts by Rebecca Willman Gernon

I strongly believe every writer should maintain a Submission Log which lists item submitted, to whom, date sent, response, and comments. 546 more words

Rebecca Gernon

Things are different now, and things are the same.

I remember thinking that when I got an agent magic would take over my world. Words would roll out of my fingers like ocean waves. Revisions would feel like a casual stroll rather than a marathon. 555 more words

My Favorite Query Resources

How Agents Submit to Publishers - an Editor's Perspective

One of the most exciting parts of being an editor is receiving a brilliant pitch from an agent. For the most part, agents submit manuscripts via email. 583 more words

Getting Published

How it feels to have a book published

It’s 4.38 am, in the early hours of Thursday, 14th September. I’m wide awake, staring into the darkness of my room (well, mainly darkness. I live next to a train line so there is the occasional flashing light!). 815 more words

Family Ties

A few blogs back I shared a piece I’d written about ‘The Grotto’, a magical childhood place I visited when staying with my Great Aunty in South Shields. 424 more words

Blooming Late

The Pressures of Being a Struggling Writer

Your manuscript should be at least 80,000 words.

Hearing that may be overwhelming. It’s similar to that part in I, Robot where Sunny tells Will Smith’s character the vast amount of stairs they have to climb. 161 more words

How to Get Published: Things to Keep in Mind When Writing

How to Get Published: Things to Keep in Mind When Writing

1.      WRITE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, then consider who will read it.

2.      It’s your story. 343 more words