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When to Break the Rules When Submitting Short Stories

In their guidelines, the magazine Bards and Sages Quarterly highly discourages submitting first person or present tense stories.

My first published story with them was both. 326 more words


Guest Post By Arka Datta: Getting Published in India, AKA the Act of Befriending Rejections

Arka Datta is a recently published author and I’m proud to be his friend. Arka is a writer from Kolkata, India. He has been a lot of different things before deciding to settle with writing books.  2,294 more words


How Do I Beat Writer's Block?

Writer’s block is sudden drying up of the well (the ink-well?). It’s when ideas cease and that flow of words that you had going turns from a stream to a trickle to dust. 389 more words


A sneaky peek at my new erotic novella - Secrets of the East Wing

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the ‘Spicy Bites’ anthology, due out in August, which will contain my first foray into erotic writing – Serendipity.  This is a short story romance with graphic erotic scenes. 614 more words


What Should I Write About?

The phrase most spoken in creative writing groups and classes is; ‘write what you know.’ I’ve never fully subscribed to this assertion.

I don’t think Terry Pratchett had much experience in flat worlds atop enormous turtles and I’m quite sure that Douglas Adams had never hitchhiked through the galaxy and yet they both wrote legendary books set in those very worlds. 153 more words


Writing is the Easy Part

Editing is not my favorite part.  Slow, tedious, and an opportunity to really second guess what you wrote during that first round.  I’m wondering if I was drunk when I wrote parts of it (?!) and I’m grateful for the opportunity to fix that mess! 348 more words

Childhood Mental Health

A new podcast for writers

Are you struggling with your first draft? With editing? Do you want to be traditionally published but are not sure where to start? Do you know how to write a synopsis? 199 more words