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How to Be a Better Writer

Ok, so before I even begin, I’m not going to tell you I’m an expert, because I’m not. I’ll never tell you I’m an expert in anything… Except maybe that I’m an expert in eating and being lazy. 961 more words


Monsters: A Phoenix Quill Anthology

I love writing. You write, you pour your soul into it, you send it out, it gets accepted, and then you wait. It needs to be edited, layout is required, cover art, and so on. 273 more words


3 Things to Do to Your Magazine Query Letter Right Now

It’s been a few months since I’ve sent query letters to magazine editors and I’m about to send a batch. I had a few large content writing and… 547 more words


BookBrunch Opinion | Faber Academy - it's not about the hit rate

It’s been a while since I busted out an opinion on publishing, so here’s some thoughts about Faber Academy and their extraordinary success with getting their students published. 458 more words



This week was our training week on the website Submittable.com. This is the website that student authors will use to submit their pieces of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art to the  769 more words

Some feedback about the book is puzzling

The Last Lynching in Northern Virginia has been out three weeks, long enough for me to get some feedback. As expected, the results are mixed. 332 more words

Life As A Writer

Labor of love

Every writer and artist dreams that they’re going to write the next breakthrough masterpiece. Then doubt comes along and the words “What if it’s not good enough?” comes along and dashes the confidence. 555 more words


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Anyone needing some encouragement and courage to stay the course should read this and take it to heart. I will definitely be guided by this on my journey to getting published. :) "People can tear you down, but only you can determine how far. So dust off that old manuscript, sharpen your pencils and flex your fingers. Be tenacious, be bold and above all else be confident and create or revisit your breakthrough masterpiece then get ready to run with it." - Sheryl Thank you, Sheryl.