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"Reactionary" is not an insult!

I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot of “buttons”, triggers that set me off, and apparently society has a lot of fingers with which to push them. 327 more words


I'm not sick!

I had a fairly deep conversation with myself this morning, over a steaming sink of dirty dishes. I realized myself was making a pretty decent point, so I decided to let you in on the chat. 378 more words


Let's Get Real...

Recently due to outside forces, my posting schedule has been slim to none and I feel horrible. The first year of my blog I was trying to figure things out. 432 more words


Long Distance Relationships: How Not to Be Miserable 

5 months.

That is how long it would have been from the time I said goodbye to my boyfriend at the airport until he comes back. 999 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Should girls have to cover up?

While living in Jakarta with my family, I often wore low-cut tops and belly free shirts. I would walk around the house in a pair of underwear and a shirt thrown over it. 1,645 more words


All And Every Lady

I felt so empowered that I dare to share with you such a bold statement. It may not be that bold but it’s honestly bold for me. 233 more words


Regaining a Grip

You know how you can kinda cruise through life for a bit and people ask how you are, and you just automatically say “I’m good thanks – how are you?” – it’s an automatic response that can cover up a whole load of stuff.Well that’s how I’ve been coasting for the last few weeks. 1,881 more words