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Quitting Smoking Step 1: Blogging, Soups, and Cats. Why Not?

Blogging. As a writer it is both something I’ve felt that I’ve always been born to do, and yet something I revile more than centipedes, or stepping on wet tile with bare feet where I know other wet dirty feed have tread before me. 519 more words


Personality wars... 

Introvert? Extrovert? Where do you fall? If you were to ask me that question or put it on one of those personality tests, I’d draw a blank… I’m a complex creature. 640 more words



Remember all the wonderful thoughts I shared yesterday about feeling happier and more at peace?

Yeah, well, if you saw me during the hour and a half window between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm today, you would swear yesterday’s post was a lie. 649 more words



I listened to a radio show I don’t usually listen to yesterday, and I was struck by how fast the presenter whipped through the various topics on the programme’s agenda. 175 more words

Embracing it

“Oh good grief, I’m doing it again.” -I thought to myself, as I pulled my jacket a little tighter. What was I doing? What was it? 673 more words


If Jesus had a FaceBook.....

Scrolling through FaceBook this morning, I just had to shake my head a little. Some people had one post praising Jesus and in the next talking about “Turning up this weekend”. 471 more words

Good Leaders Embrace Resistance

When the boss tells you “this is how I think we should go,” resistance like “no, I think that’s the wrong way” is the last thing that he thinks about.  309 more words

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