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Should girls have to cover up?

While living in Jakarta with my family, I often wore low-cut tops and belly free shirts. I would walk around the house in a pair of underwear and a shirt thrown over it. 1,645 more words


All And Every Lady

I felt so empowered that I dare to share with you such a bold statement. It may not be that bold but it’s honestly bold for me. 233 more words


Regaining a Grip

You know how you can kinda cruise through life for a bit and people ask how you are, and you just automatically say “I’m good thanks – how are you?” – it’s an automatic response that can cover up a whole load of stuff.Well that’s how I’ve been coasting for the last few weeks. 1,881 more words


Getting Real Vol. 1: On Ethical Shopping

When I began to write this blog some time ago, one of my intentions was to focus on ethical shopping and don’t support the terrible modern slavery in sweatshops anymore. 713 more words


New site content coming soon!

This will be the home base for some short stories, comics, links, art and poetry that I will decide to share with those who choose to follow my writing exploits in the upcoming years! 126 more words


Getting Real

Coming off the feminist high of last weekend’s Women’s March (shout out to all my fellow ladies and allies fighting for our basic human rights!) and the sad chain of events of the last few days, I realized I’ve got a lot of shit to say and it’s about damn time I said it. 499 more words


Start N.O.W

Greetings lovelies!

I am not sure whom this concerns but am inclined to write this.


Looking back on last year we’ve all suffered & survived loss after loss. 304 more words