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Vintage Post - The De-Masking Of Prince Charming

(Originally posted on June 27, 2012)

Each of us on a specific day of a specific year stood before others and exchanged our marriage vows. Most likely we were full of great anticipation of this being our fairy tale come true. 848 more words

Christian Marriage

we vote for ourselves

It is understandable to get frustrated when after everything our politicians have done, the masses still vote for them. we think there is something wrong with them. 425 more words

Getting Real

When technology may be worth it

The boys worked hard today inside and outside. They did their Math, writing, and reading in the morning, then by 10:00ish as usual we were all desperate to get outside in the fresh air. 414 more words

Getting Real

Day 430: Redefining the word Live (3)

Not being real with me, how can I say “I Live”?

The word sincerity came up for me to look at in the context of sometimes not knowing exactly what I mean in an expression and then not giving me time or space in the moment to look further into what I’d said, to interrupt and get it more precise, more specific, or then when the other person’s understanding of the words that I had used is out of line with what I meant, and so also, their response, I do not direct the situation, I do not give myself the time or space to communicate what it is, who I am essentially in this expression. 841 more words

This time is different

I’ve written at least a hundred blog posts, if not more over the course of my adult writing career, and not one of them actually touched on the truth of what I was experiencing. 188 more words


Unpacking Your Baggage

Before making big changes in life you often have to deal with the baggage you already carry. You probably know what I’m talking about. We all have a history of some sort, with hurt, disappointment and even trauma. 366 more words


Teenagers get stressed too...

I’m sure there are many parents out there who are worried about their teenage son or daughter.  Maybe they seem depressed, or angry and frustrated, or are rebelling to extremes. 416 more words