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To come Toe Gather

Through the light in his manic eyes
the confidence of of the going to die
scared by his will to live
we hide our eyes with tears… 72 more words



We did family photos this week. I LOVE them. Bethany did an incredible job. Photos have a way of capturing moments that can paint an inaccurate picture of perfection.   435 more words

Life Lessons

Hey, Parents... let's keep our kids safe online!

It’s back to school time and I seem to post this message every year about now. PLEASE please please be careful with your CHILDREN’S identities online. 732 more words


What We Hide Hurts Us...

Once upon a time I was a cynical jaded “don’t get in my fucking personal space, shut up with your whining” kinda girl. Feelings I did not do.   1,824 more words

Meeting Margaret- My New Motivation

I met the woman I want to emulate in about 40 years. She was absolutely wonderfully perfect. She’s 80-something, a cancer survivor, married 63 years, gloriously blunt, uplifting to all she meets and exceedingly joyful. 1,235 more words



Everybody grew up in a certain environment, much as we wish it wouldn’t, our environment affects the way we reason about certain things. But the truth is, irrespective of the environment, what makes a man who he is, is his thinking. 399 more words

Write Ups

Falling Forward

Last year I asked my meditation for an exorcism.  I wasn’t kidding.  Everyone laughed, but I was dead serious.  I was in pain and I didn’t like it and I wanted it to be over.   1,553 more words