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These Words are Enough Today

I read this and there was nothing more I could add to it. It was exactly what I felt today – that I had enough, that I do enough, that I AM enough. 38 more words



I had a dream

That I was great

The whole world valued me

Because I was living my purpose and impacting lives…….

But then I woke up and decided to go back to sleep… 581 more words

Getting Real

Getting REAL! (being different, standing out, choosing the positive)

https://youtu.be/mkRR22FCgzo In this segment we actually talk about standing out, and how it applies to individual self esteem. If you liked, Getting REAL! (being different, standing out, choosing the positive) then please share it. 7 more words



A part of human existence is to go through situations thus have experiences

Some of these experiences are rich in their nature of being sweet, bitter or bitter-sweet (if there’s a word like that) 540 more words

Getting Real

...About those babies...???

Lesson of the Day…
A good contraceptive SEALS!
I am talking to you! Yes! You with the very serious minded ovaries and Olympic-medalist-wannabe-spermatozoa!
So for it not to be a burden with the predictable backlash of skipped diligence or tardy compliance with the ultimate and rarely escapable consequences of…heck, well…”unplanned babies”…a common parlance in the presentation of most of the more orthodox folks when they would actually mean the rather irritating phrase…”unwanted pregnancy”…and those who forget you dont go wading around in mud and dont get looking piggied!…or Sexually Transmitted Crap…sorry, Infections…Married or otherwise, 393 more words


Each waking moment in our lives, we’re faced with different decisions, different choices

Choices that ultimately determine the course of our lives

Maybe you live everyday oblivious of the power your choices exert on your life… 684 more words

Getting Real