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To The Parents of Borderlines Who Think They Are Innocent

One thing I can’t stand when I go to Borderline Personality Disorder forums or blogs, is seeing comments from a parent who says, “Our child didn’t come from an abusive home but he or she has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.” 185 more words

Mental And Emotional Health

Who are you Behind the smile?

Who are you Behind the memes?

Who are you Behind the quotes?

Who are you Behind the words that rhyme? 175 more words

Wholeness, Completeness & Security

Just a Thought

You know when you find someone physically appealing? That’s great but I like when you dig passed the surface of the superficial and are comfortable with just the state of being.


Your Situation Can Be Your Anchor Or Your Springboard. It's Your Choice. 

This week I got in an uberpool taxi in New York and listened to some poignant words from an insightful passenger named Dante. “It’s your situation”, he said. 1,222 more words



with a lie, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

That’s it. I’m about to get real, real. Why do you people even have blogs if you don’t want to interact with your readers? 203 more words




How long will it take to get over the habit of you
Waking up to the pretend words that you love me
How long until I turn in my covers… 20 more words