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When in Doubt, Throw it Out!

I’m in the process of moving all my arts and crafts stuff from the basement to the guest room which is no longer a guest room but my office/studio. 327 more words

Lifestyle Changes

My Hero!

I come to you from my recliner, where I’m researching bohemian clothing (or curating my ideal wardrobe on Pinterest, whatever). Mike is watching a comedy in which two well-known actors discuss writing a screen play about super heroes who can control the world with their minds, and it occurs to me we all have that super power. 87 more words



Three weeks ago we had to watch Inside Out for our psychology class. Which I should say is the coolest homework ever, but researching it I came across this one video that makes the point of how compulsive happiness is the reason for increased anxiety and depression in this day and age. 268 more words

Getting Real

Getting Real


They say you should never go back to where you were once happy because the changes you find may rob you of your memories. 928 more words


State of fiction

How can you expect creative minds to emerge from a country with no science fiction or fantasy magazines, no comic books and Spider, the only IT magazines that once was, discontinued two years ago. 531 more words

Getting Real

Notes from the book - Getting Real

Here, I will post the notes from the book Getting Real by 37Signals. You can download the copy on their website Getting Real.

Entire book can be summarized in the fact that you build a simple software and then add features. 1,542 more words


"Reactionary" is not an insult!

I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot of “buttons”, triggers that set me off, and apparently society has a lot of fingers with which to push them. 327 more words