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Where is Hell?

I absolutely understand that people can look at certain places on this earth and think that that’s Hell. War zones, over-populated run down areas, prisons, hospitals, even living in an abusive marriage. 292 more words


Someone's description of Hell

Someone once wrote the following description of Hell based on what’s written in the word of God:

Hell is a furnace of unquenchable fire, a place of everlasting punishment, where its victims are tormented in both their bodies and their minds in accordance with their sinful natures their actual sins committed, and the amount of spiritual light given to them, which they rejected. 80 more words


Responses to the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

According to the survey company, Nielsen, here are the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions that people make every January 1st, along with my responses to each of them. 930 more words

Getting Saved

Sinners in the hands of an angry God

The following is an excerpt taken from the excellent sermon by Jonathan Edward’s, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God!”, preached around 1740 AD. 422 more words


Hell is not a nice topic

Hell is not a popular topic of conversation.

Whenever a Christian mentions the word ‘Hell’, most people criticise and say that they are “employing scare tactics” 176 more words

Getting Saved

Being Remade

I’m going to try to summarize 42 years in this first entry, so I apologize ahead of time if it’s overlong. I’d like to start at the beginning. 897 more words