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How to Inherit Eternal Life through Salvation

By Brook Ardoin

What is Salvation?

The Bible is not only a Believer’s blueprint to living a righteous life while on earth, but it also gives clear instruction on how to inherit eternal life through Jesus Christ. 84 more words

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A Short Work Of Fiction

There was a man

There was a man. He was not a very intelligent man. Somehow upon making his way to a church he learned about the Christ, about Salvation. 384 more words

They Would Have You Believe

The Analyst and the Rabble Rouser would have you to believe that it is good for you to believe in yourself.

It is good, except it must be done utilizing a common sense which demands truth. 1,066 more words

Why the prerogative of mercy is the stumbling block of God's justice

I’m part of a weekly community Bible study program, and this year we’re making our way through Matthew’s gospel. It’s fascinating to read familiar stories about Jesus and see them… 1,176 more words

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The Most Important Thing to Teach Your Child

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Because of some interaction in terms of follow, I broke into the normal series earlier to insert the Testimony of healing and will also insert this ‘cast, on getting saved. 48 more words

Activities To Do With Children


January 24, 2016


 May we pray? We thank you God for your patience and mercy and grace for we know we are a work in progress — we are your work in progress. 197 more words


This cannot be posted often enough (reblogged from Isaiah 53:5 Project)

This is from The Isaiah 53:5 Project blog and is too good not to share with you!

This cannot be posted often enough

I have posted this before but it’s an important message and sharing it is the sole reason this blog exists so… 191 more words