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Grace and "Getting Saved"

GRACE. A strong and powerful word. GRACE. A word that is used too flippantly. What do we know about grace? What is Getting Saved Mean? 770 more words

A loving correction

So I have felt the urge to tackle this topic for a while now.  It is a bit of a sensitive one and may upset some people so I have been hesitant to, but today is the day I felt compelled to rant.   854 more words


FBC180 Podcast 10: What Does it Mean to "Get Saved"

Catch up on this week’s news from FBC180, the Youth and Family Ministry of First Baptist Church, Avon Park, FL. PLUS, join in on a discussion of what it means to “get saved.” What are we saved from? 22 more words


What is the Gospel

As we are only a few days from Christmas, lets’ talk about what the Gospel is.

The Gospel is that Jesus Christ is God in human flesh, eternally the son of God. 299 more words


What Is Wrong with This Picture?

This poster for a Protestant ministry is using simply the most deceptive claim possible in order to ‘win souls.’ Jesus never promised that it would be ‘fun’ to follow Him. 95 more words


Basic Premis of "Getting Saved" Culture

The problem of “getting saved” culture is not on the surface but in the depths of the heart, in the premises. A fundamental primis of this mind-set is that the world is seen as separate and distinct from humankind. 595 more words


Sublimated Religious Violence

An image that is indelibly imprinted in my mind from the past year or so vividly illustrates the violence that is present in the religious impulse. 483 more words