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Installing and testing DC/OS on AWS

In the step-by-step tutorial Getting Started with DC/OS on Vagrant, we have learned how to install a MesosPhere DC/OS data center operating system locally. This time, we will install a DC/OS system on AWS Cloud: existing AWS CloudFormation templates will help us create a fully functional DC/OS data center with a Mesos master and five Mesos slaves within less than two hours. 3,472 more words


Making New Friends

A couple weeks ago I received an email through the contact page on the blog. It was from a lovely couple on Camp Lejeune who had been following along with our journey and were also looking to make the leap to the liveaboard life. 322 more words

Living Aboard

Waiting for Someday

For far too long, I’ve been waiting for someday.

Someday, I will figure out what to do.
Someday, I will have the courage to do what I really want to do. 667 more words

Facing Fear

You are more than your degree, step outside the box.

Some degrees are vocational, some are not, but whatever you study there are always more options after Uni than just literally using your degree. You may be a scientist but you don’t have to work in a lab! 665 more words


What is the Worst that Can Happen?

We ask this question in every situation we are presented with. The situation could be dating, asking for 10% off a coffee at Starbucks, negotiating, investing in the stock market, making a change to our lives, etc. 1,004 more words

Getting Started

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step

The proverb, “A journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” by the Chinese philosopher Laozi, couldn’t be any truer for us at Eclectic Box Goods. 267 more words