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Getting Started

The first and foremost thing to do when writing code is to logically think through the problem. You should create some sort of outline using either pseudo code (small snip bits of code to organize your thoughts) or an schematic showing all variables and loops required (or so you think). 271 more words

Getting Started

Lesson Learned: Spring Slim Down Challenges Do Not Support Me

I have debated a post like this because I do not like to focus on appearance or size. Why? It causes me to have pretty negative thoughts, but slimming down is an important part for many folks to get healthy. 571 more words

EP9 - Data Scientists rocking the house

Hello people,

We must agree. Having a role model really helps to navigate through the hardships. Yeah the latter is not always round the corner; but we got his/her way of thinking rooted deep inside us. 291 more words


EP8 - Data Scientist | The Why & The How

Hello People,

After some time on this blog and reading reviews and related documents. I think it seems legit to assess what I have been up to and if my thought as a Data Scientist are getting clearer. 612 more words


A Guide to Rice

A long and traditional staple, rice may become a huge part of your preparations and outlook. Rice is a hearty addition to any meal, and can really help when stretching food rations. 297 more words


How Can I Get Started?

As a parent you have so much to juggle already so if anything is going to add too much complexity or take too much time it just won’t last very long.   119 more words

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Update to RTKLIB config file recommendations

I’ve just updated my “RTKLIB: Customizing the input configuration file” post from a few months ago with information on all of the new config parameters I have added to the demo5 code up through B26B.   18 more words