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Anxious Anxieties


Does any of this really matter?
Yea. It kind of does…to me, even if no one else shares that feeling.

You know what?

I kind of wanted to write this as a facebook post; a preface to revealing this blogsite. 609 more words

Sanity Sanctuary

What started my search?

Growing up in Courtney Street, stories of yesteryear were everywhere.

Whether it was the ghost of Joseph (my paternal grandmother’s side) as an explanation for every creak or unexplained happening, to the stories of the Green side history (Mum’s)  a tramp, Aston Hall and other ‘facts’. 377 more words

Getting Started

Those first nibbles...

In the community college creative writing classroom, students sometimes don’t know where to begin and often claim to have writer’s block. Some students will confess, “I’m not good at this creative stuff.” 344 more words

Destination Unknown

101 Books You Gotta Read, for Entrepreneurs

Writing has always been apart of my life; I started when I was 8 and obsessed with scribbling songs, quotes and short fiction.

I started blogging 5 years ago unsure of what I would blog about and found myself going through challenges, personal growth and renaming my blog many times in hopes of finding the right voice. 205 more words


For the Love of Basics

Basics are called basics for a reason. They are the necessary foundation of any person’s wardrobe in order to build an outfit. With a smart mind and good basics you can go from daytime to anytime in the blink of an eye just by swapping out a few pieces. 614 more words

Red Doors!

Apparently there are (at least) three significant meanings for a red door:

  1. The Feng Shui “welcome”
  2. A sign to the world that you are mortgage-free, a tradition originating with the Scots…
  3. 89 more words
Getting Started

Getting started

I have owned a few small blogs before, but this will be different. I am into technology, gaming, films, science and fitness (the last one is recently added). 18 more words