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2019:3:3 // Session 3 Halfway Point!

We are finally halfway through Session 3!

I know this post is coming late in the week, but I’ve been pretty busy at work. But here it is: 308 more words


Higher power

I already stated that I believe in some kind of higher power. Probably not direct in christian omnipotent/omnipresent and otherwise omni God, but more in some kind of not apparent connecting tissue in life, more like not apparent cause and effect pairs. 150 more words

Being Braver

My theme on bravery continues as I divulge some of the key insights I gained from the Marketing Society’s Braver conference in November, that I was lucky enough to attend. 459 more words

Personal Development

Be More Effective - Week 16: Take Time Management to the Next Level

Do you know how you spend your time through the week? Do you really know? If I would ask you, could you tell me how much of your time you have spent on each of the different topics you care about? 670 more words

Healthy Habits

Be More Effective - Week 18: Declare War on Procrastination and Wasted Time

Did you check Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn updates today? Did you play a game on your phone? For how long? Did you wonder where the time went? 552 more words

Healthy Habits


Laying in my bed and the only thing that keeps me from getting up is a big unstructured pile of stuff I need / want to do. 86 more words


2019:3:2 // Session 3, End of Week 2

Blah. Pardon the following brain barf.

This week wasn’t nearly as productive as I was hoping it would be.

Instead of using the same format I did last week, I’m just going to bullet point what I did, whether it’s related to a goal or not. 166 more words