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Kiss the Frog

Well, what a whirlwind to get my last 3 projects, DONE!  Successful am I!  Woke up this morning not really motivated to DO anything.  Was wondering, why?   262 more words

Accomplishing Goals

It doesn't matter - Yes it does!

What you do matters. What you want matters. How you feel matters.

I’m ready to start my list and I figured out why it is so difficult. 1,117 more words


Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Maybe it was my new header photo, taken in Jamaica by one of my students, that inspired me to recall the Bob Marley song, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright… 284 more words

Everyday Life

Healing the Will

Psalm 23:2 speaks of the restoration of our souls. The famous passage in James (5:14-6) on healing, while covering the need for the restoration of our bodies, also, I believe, refers to the healing of the soul (while it can be argued that physical illness stems, in some way or other, from sin, clearly our souls are affected (injured) when we or someone else sins. 216 more words

Recharge Your Resolutions

Driving around town the other day, I spotted a massive Christmas tree.  It filled every inch of a grand front window on a red brick house.  874 more words

Why does there have to be struggle in life

How many of you think struggle is part of life?  That if you want to get something or somewhere, you have to fight for it?  How many of you believe everything happens without having to fight to conquer it all?  543 more words

Inspiring Human Potential

Three Ideas for Getting Unstuck

How crazy frustrating it is to be stuck.  You know what you want to be different.  You see it clearly; go to the gym, less stress, eat veggies, get focused, meet people, or maybe even spend more time with family.  744 more words