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Feeling Stuck? How To Move Forward and Live The Life You Deserve

I have a habit of being too hard on myself and looking back at decisions and choices I’ve made and continuously kicking myself, over and over again. 797 more words

Health Tips

Another Reason We Get Stuck: Putting the "How" ahead of the "Why"

THE COMMON EXCUSE we provide for not following a particular course of action, or for not pursuing a set goal / desire is “I don’t know how”. 638 more words


Saying no and snow

Two or three inches fell. It felt like a surprise but it shouldn’t have.

It was a week of honoring my basic preferences and screwing up the courage to say ‘no’ in order to do so. 171 more words

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Help! My brain is stuck!

This week’s blog is about writers block and how to get things moving again.  It came about when I was musing about what to write for this week and first off came up with…… crickets…. 588 more words


Kiss the Frog

Well, what a whirlwind to get my last 3 projects, DONE!  Successful am I!  Woke up this morning not really motivated to DO anything.  Was wondering, why?   262 more words

Accomplishing Goals

It doesn't matter - Yes it does!

What you do matters. What you want matters. How you feel matters.

I’m ready to start my list and I figured out why it is so difficult. 1,117 more words


Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Maybe it was my new header photo, taken in Jamaica by one of my students, that inspired me to recall the Bob Marley song, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright… 284 more words

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