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Getting Stuck and how to get Unstuck

Feeling stuck and lost are the emotional, mental and physical manifestations of beliefs.

A belief is just a repeated thought that is concentrated so much that it manifests into form as “real”. 839 more words

Ashati Journey

A Rock And A Hard Place? Or...

Life’s sweet spots sometimes come towards the end of big struggles. I admit I create many of my own struggles, wrestling with how to be kind to a perpetually irksome person, or with the plight of the nearly-extinct white-bellied spider monkey. 758 more words

Moving On

When is it time to move on? The answer is simple—it’s when we have done everything in our power to change the situation but it remains unbearable to stay. 361 more words


The Truth that Sets Us Free


“The truth is with us all the time, the problem is, we have been taught to believe, and focus on the lies.” 1,294 more words

Be Freedom

How being your own ghostwriter can help you be a more productive writer

Writing is a very personal thing.

Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, you are drawing from your experiences, beliefs and knowledge and wrapping it in the trappings of the words you choose and the syntax you use. 542 more words


What are You Truly Passionate About?

Are you feeling a bit stuck?  Not quite sure what you REALLY like, want to do with your life or even what makes you the happiest? 29 more words


No Energy today? Let's fix that...

Do you have no energy, today?
Why is that?
Why don’t you have 10 times the energy you do, today?
You can.

There are forces within you that are fighting against the real you, blocking 90% of your energy. 2,665 more words