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When the ideal meets the real

One thing getting into my forties has shown me is that a lot of the “ideals” of my twenties and thirties haven’t truly meshed with “the real”. 893 more words


Increasing Productivity through Time Management

Many people start off their day feeling optimistic and excited with every effort focused on engaging in things that help in one’s personal growth and development, however that changes for most people the moment ones begin to start off on a serious work. 407 more words

Getting Unstuck

What to do when you’re stuck

In my last blog post about my big trip up North, I wrote about the fear I was having about the trip.

I was stuck in this place of fear. 568 more words


It's time to get over yourself and serve others

I bet you are wondering why are we talking about “getting over yourself”. I know I did not think I needed that message at the time that it came but it was exactly what I needed to hear. 550 more words

Embracing the beauty of being on the fence

One of the most painful things we can experience, at times, is that feeling of being “on the fence.”

We’re not quite at “yes”, but it doesn’t exactly feel like a “no” either. 875 more words


Squirrel wisdom (or, the power of a good question)

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at my kitchen table with my journal, and I paused to stare out the window. It was cold out, bitterly cold, and I watched a squirrel make her way up a telephone pole across the parking lot with a frozen piece of hamburger bun. 820 more words


Relationships: Separate to Elevate

Everyone can’t go with you to the next level. Elevation requires separation – from relationships that are keeping you stuck, from jobs that are keeping you average, from ministries that are keeping you in faith but not in manifestation. 44 more words

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