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Entrepreneur Training Academy-Meet Investors

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

As we approach the 9th entrepreneur training academy designed and implemented by Murphy Life Coaching. A training designed to assist aspiring entrepreneurs with tools and resources to sustain and manage a successful business.

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Motivational Advice

Procrastination Doesn't Draw Comics (Who Knew?)

Ever had a great idea and perfectly laid plan? Me, too!

This was the first comic strip I ever drew, dated almost one year ago (June 22. 396 more words

Trying Something New

Getting Out of the Mud

If I’m honest (which I am), I realize that I’ve put the approval of others before my own, and no matter how I try to justify, it isn’t right. 196 more words


Getting unstuck - find your purpose, make every moment count, get out of your comfort zone

If you are not living a life that you are excited about and that has you jumping out of bed every morning, you might want to seriously consider re-assessing where you are at and how you are living. 703 more words


Hearing my voice in a noisy world

I grew up in a chaotic and noisy home. I’m not sure why it was this way — we were (and are) a loving family, and our propensity is more toward the introvert side of the personality type spectrum. 736 more words


When you're overwhelmed, get specific

Something I’ve noticed while working with clients who are “overwhelmed” is that, often, we remain in overwhelm because we are not getting specific enough.

We’re not specific about what exactly it means when we say “I’m overwhelmed.” 905 more words


What I Learned from a 45 Minute Coaching Call

There have been times in my life and career that I’ve wanted and needed a coach, but a personal coach was not in my budget. Several months ago I purchased a book that I had no idea came with a free 30 minute personal coaching session. 546 more words