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When a tiny shift in your point-of-view makes a world of difference….

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So yesterday was one of those days where nothing really went well. 752 more words

What Is The Story Only You Can Tell?

Comparison and the "iceberg theory"

Sometimes when I am working with a life coaching client, I become aware that there is a kind of unspoken self-judgment going on for the client that has to do with comparison. 1,085 more words


Getting Unstuck

I enjoy writing, sharing, inspiring others. I really do. Maybe that’s why I started this blog back in 2014. I have not been consistent, but I was doing pretty good at writing and posting like a good blogger writer person in 2016. 1,395 more words


Seven years of The Artist's Nest

Seven years ago this month, I wrote my very first blog post (you can read it here!).

Seven years is a long time! (Five, I could believe — but seven? 645 more words


 Slow walk to Refreshing

Antsy…! That was the word! I had stuff to do – projects to start or finish – but wandered around the house dictated to by the demands of existence rather than accepting the invitations of Life. 526 more words

Cabin Fever

What To Do When Your Writing Hits A Wall

Blocked writing comes from incorrect characterization.

Victor Poole, You Are So Silly!

I’m not silly, I’m an actor person, and bad acting always comes from blocked characterization. 1,638 more words


How to deal with big changes in your life and more

I see things changing in my life. Things that were my everyday life will not be again.

I don’t deal well with change. Change scares me, it’s unsettling. 628 more words

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