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Three Ideas for Getting Unstuck

How crazy frustrating it is to be stuck.  You know what you want to be different.  You see it clearly; go to the gym, less stress, eat veggies, get focused, meet people, or maybe even spend more time with family.  744 more words

Writing: Getting Unstuck

I edit and teach writing, but I also write. I imagine most of us who work in creative fields as the saying goes not only teach, but also… 654 more words

Discipline Begets Discipline

It is amazing how when we set an intention and follow through and become disciplined with just one thing how it influences us to incrementally become more and more disciplined in other areas of our lives as well. 565 more words


Do One Thing...or...How Fixing My Sewing Machine Helped Get Me Unstuck

Previously, I wrote about the value of doing one thing differently to start to break out of your rut and get off of auto-pilot. Today, I want to look at the value of getting one thing done off your long-term to-do list as a catalyst for change. 455 more words

Making Changes

Getting Unstuck

Sometimes we feel stuck. Perhaps we feel stuck in fear or indecision, or we’re stuck feeling confused and in trying to figure things out, or we just have no idea why we’re stuck… we just are. 825 more words



Fear keeps us immobilized, but action is what we need now.

I remember only one line from David Cronenberg’s 1986 movie, The Fly:

“Be afraid. 775 more words


Ladies. Listen up.

I’m writing to you – you lovelies who find joy in my work, who find a bit of love and inspiration in these posts.

I want to talk to you about connection. 50 more words

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