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When you're overwhelmed, get specific

Something I’ve noticed while working with clients who are “overwhelmed” is that, often, we remain in overwhelm because we are not getting specific enough.

We’re not specific about what exactly it means when we say “I’m overwhelmed.” 905 more words


What I Learned from a 45 Minute Coaching Call

There have been times in my life and career that I’ve wanted and needed a coach, but a personal coach was not in my budget. Several months ago I purchased a book that I had no idea came with a free 30 minute personal coaching session. 546 more words


The New Gig

I had my first interview today since leaving my job at Disney. What was different about my interview today? Well, for starters we each meditated (before meeting one another, before the interview). 808 more words

a message from beyond...

“You have a lot of help around you. Your challenge is to trust the deepest part of you, to bring forth more heart, and to release to the higher mind, the angelic kingdom, the Spirit Walkers, those beings.” 9 more words

Fun Friday: doodle art

I’ve always loved drawing ever since I can remember. As time passed by and I grew up I started doubting myself and my creative abilities. 245 more words

Healing Art

What is stopping us from having more fun: Thursday's Thought

Fun is a good thing, right? And we all wanna have fun as often as possible.

So, what is stopping us from actually enjoying ourselves? 349 more words

Spiritual Teachings

Teaching is... difficult. My plea to the Universe.

Yes. I knew this. Or at least I thought I knew this. But now, I know this sentiment well: teaching is difficult. I know it well but I’m sure that’s not even well enough. 238 more words

Real Life