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One Thing I Never Expected After My Book Release

‚ÄčI have had numerous magazine publications, and even books published (non-fiction). But having my picture book published caused something I never expected. Utter concern over the need to getting another book published. 259 more words

Spotlight On Writing

Getting Your Book Published is not a Complicated Concern Now

If you have a bent on writing short poems, stories, blogs and any piece of art, do not keep it confined within few pages of your notebook or diary. 229 more words

Book Publisher


I was speaking to two friends recently about how I completed three books, many others stated but not finished, and how the publishing world is a nightmare. 979 more words

Getting Your Book Published, Psych!

One of my favorite cartoons of all time undoubtedly be adorable kids Peanuts comic strip nobility. Charles Schulz Peanuts fire masterfully orchestrated 18,000 comics in over 2,600 newspapers. 637 more words