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Ray Ban Wayfarer Just Continue Getting Better

The Ray Ban 2132 wayfarer sunglasses is theoretically the classic model that gained high popularity amidst movie stars Tom Cruise, Bob Dylan and Audrey Hepburn. Comparing with the original design, the new product has been integrated with several alterations, to keep pace with the latest trendy…

Earth's days getting longer, slower: Study

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

WASHINGTON: Earth’s days are getting longer but you’re not likely to notice any time soon — it would take about 6.7 million years to gain just one minute, according to a study published on Wednesday (Dec 7). 371 more words

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Chipotle is getting slammed after saying it's nervous about hitting its guidance for the year

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Chipotle shares slid 5% in premarket trading on Tuesday after the company said it was nervous about hitting its guidance for the year.  240 more words

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HDB Loan vs Bank Loan - 3 Ways to Decide Which is Best for You

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When deciding on what is probably the biggest loan you will ever take in your life, it’s quite safe to say that understanding what you’re getting yourself in to is of paramount important. 201 more words

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The market may have shrugged at Italy's 'No' vote, but the drama is just getting started

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Sunday marked the third time in less than five months that we’ve had a major political event trigger a market response.

The outcome of the first of such, Brexit, took the market by surprise and caused major declines across much of the global financial markets. 915 more words

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Day 6

Yet another day gone by. I’ve had a lot to do, a lot to think about and very little time to do it in so no surprise I’m exhausted. 129 more words


The Moto Z is getting new mods in the form of a Mophie battery and Incipio car dock

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The Moto Z is getting new mods in the form of a Mophie battery and Incipio car dock

Motorola has unveiled two new… 280 more words