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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Planning an Intimate Wedding Ceremony After Getting Marriage License

Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kanye West apparently got their marriage license in California last week and so are planning for an intimate wedding ceremony now. 41 more words


I am getting disillusioned about India, but I’ve not acted yet

I had bought shares in India—it was one of the few times I’ve done that in my life, and it was… This is an excerpt only please visit… 23 more words

YAY! It's "Shake The Dust Off" Friday!!!

There’s something so refreshing about Fridays…and it doesn’t seem to matter if your weekend is really one to look forward to or if it’s as booked as the week has been. 144 more words


Book Review - "Getting To Yes With Yourself"

“Getting To Yes With Yourself” by William Ury shines a light on the mechanics of winning negotiations, first with yourself, then with others. In a win – lose world we may ask, “How we balance our need to win, and need to give?” Get to Win – Win – Win with your family, coworkers, professional network, and friends with the insight found in this book, but first begin with You.


Matthew McConaughey reacts to himself getting an Oscar

I can imagine this is how Leonardo Dicaprio would react if he won too.


Grown Up Games...

It seems like lately I spend hours talking to my friends about pregnancy… getting pregnant, being pregnant, child-birth so on and so forth.   I decided that others may be going through the same thing, the same struggle, or the same logic… or as my friend Amy and I often refer to it the… 442 more words

10 Website Mistakes

10 Website Mistakes
Nowadays, sites are getting better. With minimal design and highly maintained archives they continue to offer comprehensive services. However, prominent mistakes on several websites are still apparent. 15 more words

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