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Solid Tips For Getting Your Customers To Join Your Email Marketing List

When you are looking for new ways to raise the visibility of your business, you may want to consider marketing via email. Email marketing is a great way on how to reach your clients and customers. 20 more words


4 Tips for Getting Value From Your Home Inspection

Many buyers assume that the home inspection is their opportunity to pick the home apart and find its flaws. While the inspection often results in a second round of negotiations, buyers should view the inspection as the introduction to their potential home. 513 more words

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4 Essential Tips On Getting Fit This Summer

New Year resolutions about getting healthy get all the publicity, but arguably the summer is a better time to decide to make life changes for the better. 34 more words

Women getting ready for a wedding

Average time it takes for a man to get ready for a wedding?

Fifteen minutes!

Average time it takes for a woman to get ready for a wedding?

Three days!!

The game is getting soft

CHAD Wingard says Bryce Gibbs’ tackle on Robbie Gray was fair & Patrick Dangerfield agrees. The MRP does not. Gibbs’ two-week ban is just another step away from the old game and I don’t like it. 10 more words


Ready, Set, Sell: 3 Strategies for Getting Your Home Off the Market Fast

Most sellers have a specific goal when it comes to their transaction: a quick sale and top dollar. But sometimes fast action doesn’t align with achieving the highest and best value. 609 more words

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Indian Culture Getting Fade

Indian Culture

one of the most well known cultures in world. Indian culture speakes for itself. The Indian culture, often labeled as an amalgamation of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old. 215 more words