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Fox is letting people watch fewer ads on TV using a trick adapted from the internet

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

  • Fox and video-tech company Innovid are bringing a new ad product to TV that is designed to let people watch fewer ads.
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Google Is Finally Getting Serious About Hardware. Here's Why.

(Source: www.forbes.com)


The brief history of Google’s forays into mobile hardware goes something like this:

  • In the beginning – circa 2007, at the dawn of the mobile era – Google vowed it would not make hardware, preferring to let a vast ecosystem of Android device makers thrive.
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Bureaucracy Is Keeping Health Care from Getting Better

(Source: hbr.org)

Growing bureaucracy is taking a toll in the health care industry. Clinicians and other frontline staff who actually help patients are subject to more, not fewer, fragmenting directives from above and are forced to devise work-arounds to cope with ineffective problem-solving systems. 977 more words

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Dating tips for men #2: Getting Her Number Isn’t Enough

Most men feel really excited when they get a woman’s phone number. They think dating will be the next step. “I got her number,” they think. 642 more words


Tips and tricks for getting started with the LG V30 [Video]

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Now that the LG V30 is finally available in the US, it’s starting to make its way into the hands of eager customers looking to try its terrific new video capabilities, quad DAC, and OLED display. 562 more words


Why You're Not Getting Promoted: 4 Career Growth Mistakes

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Part Of The Series “Breaking Through Career Inertia”

Of the thousands of professionals I’ve worked with and heard from in the past 11 years, a good percentage want help to ascend the corporate ladder – to be promoted, recognized and rewarded for the good work they’ve done and the contributions they’ve made. 1,429 more words

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