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# 14 - "Rendering And Fathoming"

When we talk about “emotional comprehension”, we tend to use words like “processing”, and “fathoming”, and “understanding-ness”, and acceptance, and “getting”.

Instead of these terms, I often personally prefer to use the term “rendering”. 174 more words



I’m counting down the days ’till we bring home our flock. We have found a  breeder of Coopworth sheep, conveniently near us. Shearing day is soon, followed by lambing, and then, after the lambs are old enough to wean (around 60 days) we’ll be bringing our small flock home. 51 more words

Around The Homestead

Is giving a form of getting?

Giving is getting. If you know the streets of any city, you soon become familiar with the alleys where homeless people hang out. One such place is an alley behind our home when we lived in the city on South Prince Street. 497 more words

Cable Guy

6 Tips to Online Marketing Success - Affiliate Marketing training

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Internet marketing can be very intimidating to someone who has never done it before. It can easily lead to a bit of information overload because of all the resources available to new marketers. 7 more words


Getting Back to Work/Starting Writing After an Extended Break

Like every writer I have ever known, my two week break from writing stretched out for two months. Last November I had a groove. 2,000 words a day, man. 739 more words

getting toward you

imagine if we share a meal

and just her the things

and just hear what is the air

we breath

and what is the  cause… 49 more words