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The Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln

Intention:  Lincoln delivered this speech after the battle of Gettysburg was fought in the American Civil War.  His speech was designed to remember all of the men who died in the battle of Gettysburg and to celebrate all of the soldiers who died while fighting for freedom. 442 more words

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Battle of the Bands, part 2: Comparison between Tredegar, Macon, and authentic Parrotts

When discussing Parrott rifles, we really have to focus on the bands.  The bands over the breech end of the cannon are what make the Parrott a Parrott, by type.   1,069 more words

American Civil War

Shaara, Michael. The Killer Angels.

NY: Random House, 1974.

Shaara had been a professional fiction writer for two decades, and he made a decent living at it, but he never hit the big time until a family vacation visit to the Gettysburg battlefield inspired him to begin researching and writing this book. 611 more words

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Top 10 Places I've Visited

I wouldn’t call myself a world traveler, but I’ve been to a lot of places. Mostly up and down the East Coast. Here is my top ten places I’ve visited. 594 more words

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Do You Know How Imperative Your Reputation Is?

For a long time, Google has been very aware that a business’ reputation was a major factor in how their business should rank. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that they were able to accurately incorporate reputation into their algorithm in terms of how websites rank. 21 more words

looking to the west

At Gettysburg, the Confederate army came down from the west, while the Union army came up from the south.   43 more words

A Few More Non-Gardening Books

Some more books I’ve read recently:

Gettysburg: the Last Invasion, by Allen Guelzo

This retelling of the pivotal American Civil War battle is engrossing even for people with little interest in military history. 660 more words