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Tornado vs. Gevent - Benchmarks

“After FriendFeed was acquired several years ago, Tornado stagnated a bit, but this past year the community has been hard at work. Version 2.0 came out this past June, and the framework is now at 2.4.1 (at the time of this writing). 60 more words


GreenletProfiler, A Fast Python Profiler For Gevent

“If you use Gevent, you know it’s great for concurrency, but alas, none of the Python performance profilers work on Gevent applications. So I’m taking matters into my own hands. 27 more words


Introduction to Gevent

“In a previous post, I described how to build a web chat server with socket.io and gevent. If you’re trying to actually learn gevent, socket.io, however, it’s probably not the best place to start. 56 more words


Fast, Multipart Downloads from S3

Using the “Range” header and greenlets, you can do very fast downloads from S3. The speed improvements are considerably higher than with uploads. With a 130M file, it was more than three-times faster to parallelize a download. 71 more words


Doing Fast Multipart Uploads to S3 Using Greenlets

S3 allows you to upload pieces of large files in parallel. Unfortunately, most/all of the examples that I’ve seen online are inefficient or inconvenient. For example: 770 more words


Using a REST-Based Pipe to Keep Systems Connected

You’ll eventually need a bidirectional pipe/bridge between environments/subnets, and an infrastructure-level pipe/VPN connection would be overkill. You might consider using SSH multiplexing, which allows you to: 375 more words


Using ZeroMQ With Coroutines (gevent) Under Python

ZeroMQ (0MQ) is a beautiful library that basically replaces the socket layer with a very thin, pattern-based wrapper. Aside from removing this overhead from your code, 0MQ also usually gives you the guarantee that one read will return one message (or one part of a multipart message). 225 more words