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GF/CF Jam Tart Recipe

A fellow gluten free friend told me that she is allergic to coconut as well as gluten, (and therefore coconut oil.) After just having enjoyed my recent… 199 more words


Israeli Chopped Salad

This is barely a recipe, more a suggestion of an easy and flavorful summer side dish that will works well with any Middle Eastern or Mediterranean main course, or even on its own with a dollop of hummus. 164 more words


My Son's Autism Was Caused by Autoimmune Encephalitis and No, I Won't "Accept" It.

Something highly unusual in the world of autism happened to my son last week. He received a diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis from a prominent and highly respected mainstream pediatric neurologist. 1,866 more words

A Quiet and Refreshing Asheville Visit

With it’s gorgeous mountain views, cool refreshing air, and relaxing and inviting surroundings, Asheville is one of my favorite places to keep coming back to multiple times a year. 586 more words


Food for thought - How a change of diet can help your autistic child

Many swear that a change of diet can help manage autism and other autism spectrum disorders. And it’s not just autism that can be improved with a change of diet. 328 more words

Banana Almond Pancakes

Did you see my healthy breakfast tipsĀ in The Telegraph earlier this month? The Telegraph featured several Brain Food breakfast recipes in their article on… 227 more words


Autism Diagnosis: Still The Same Family

As many of you may already know, me and my family have been dealing with developmental delays with Leo. Therapists and doctors kept going back and forth between it being just a delay to something more. 359 more words