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Fish. It’s What’s for Breakfast

Fellow parents who do biomed, or are familiar with Martin’s diet, like to ask me what Martin eats for breakfast. Deep in our psyche sits a notion that breakfast, especially a kid’s breakfast, must involve cereal, porridge, toast, muffin, eggs, and milk or yogurt, and we seem to have trouble fathoming breakfast for a kid who eats none of those except eggs, which he really doesn’t like. 531 more words


Paleo Easter Casserole - aka scalloped potatoes with bacon, prosciutto or ham (with sneaky cauliflower)- Gluten Free/ Dairy Free

So, I just made (and ate) this.  It was so delicious I had to post immediately before I forgot how I made it.


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Biochemistry Treatment - Week 1


第一個決定,就係揾一個相信biochemistry treatment,同埋有ASD經驗嘅醫生睇下先,自己唔識,當然要問人。



1) Probiotic

2) Fluconazole

3) L-Gluthathione

1) 同 2)係腸胃保健,3)係加強排毒功能,另外建議開始Gluten Free Casein Free diet。

離開診所,開始GFCF shopping。


Mashed Potatoes with Sneaky Cauliflower (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, GFCF, kid-friendly)

Okay… full disclosure… I’m sure this recipe does not in any way compare to REAL mashed potatoes loaded with butter and cream.  However, if your family is like mine and has experience with “special diets”, taste buds become a little more forgiving.  338 more words

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Mostly Void, Partially Information: Diet Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Recently, I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder along with ADHD. (Note: prior to DSM-5, it would have been labeled Asperger’s Syndrome, if that’s more familiar to you).  1,012 more words

Indian Fiscal – a little slippage is healthy

Let me begin this blog by first thanking all of you for such an overwhelming response to my previous write-up on the Indian Steel Sector. Your comments are truly encouraging (and humbling too) and inspires me to write more. 2,391 more words

Traveling with a Gluten Free/ Casein Free (GFCF) Diet

Between delays, traffic, missed connections, and other unexpected mishaps, traveling can be stressful; however, if you want to make it even more so, you should just go ahead and add in pretty restrictive dietary restrictions into the mix. 1,100 more words