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Lessons learned from Ten Years of the Foundation for Social Transformation

This article was originally published by Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace on 26 March 2015. The original article can be found here.

By Chandrika Sahai… 1,203 more words

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BRITA Collaboration - Berry Fizz

I was very excited to be asked by BRITA water filters to develop a series of healthy drink recipes for kids. I’ve used my BRITA filter every day for many years, and it is a product I really believe in. 260 more words


Our Version of Hamburger Helper (aka Cheesy Mac)

I’m not really sure why my husband calls this Cheesy Mac, but he does. It’s the slight modification of an old girl scout recipe from my mother-in-law (who was my girl scout leader when I was young). 92 more words


Sloppy Joes

Now that I’ve had to go low-fructose, a lot of things are again off limits to me. Thus, homemade sloppy joes, which I must say, seem to taste better than the canned version. 70 more words


Popular Diets/Nutritional Protocols for Autism

Whilst a (modified) GAPS Diet was very successful for my family and many others, it isn’t the only healing protocol for people with autism. Most autism diets are based on Paleo principles (with their own variations for particular sensitivities). 926 more words

Gut Healing

Allergies & Food Intolerance

Wheat and dairy can inflame the gut in many people and contribute to intestinal permeability. Gluten, in particular, has been found to trigger a human protein called Zonulin, which causes the junctions in the gut wall to open. 214 more words


Keto Sausage Gravy. GFCFSF

I just had a religious experience… so much so I am writing this blog post as I stand in my kitchen because I can’t wait to share it with you. 426 more words