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Almost three weeks ago, I got diagnosed with clinical depression, but it’s been going for  months then before I convinced my mom to have me checked by a doctor. 281 more words


Day one, one day late.

It’s safe to say the FAR clinic is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. 6 days a week of intensive therapies to attack all the yuckiness inside my body. 358 more words

Chronically Awesome

Lykourgos Neofotistos - Freestyle Session

Ο Λυκούργος Νεοφώτιστος σε ένα βίντεο με χώσιμο και λιώσιμο στις παραλίες της Εύβοιας.


Schutt Sports To Develop Head Collision Monitoring Technology With GForceTracker

Schutt Sports announced collaboration with GForceTracker Inc that will develop the company’s head collision monitoring technology. This new technology will be placed into helmet chinstraps where users will be able to observe velocity of impacts, severity of impacts, and predict athlete energy reserves. 225 more words


If Your Kid Wants To Be A Professional Athlete: Here's The Cheat Code

Raising child prodigies is an arduous task. Athletes like Tiger Woods, Micheal Phelps, Venus and Serena Williams are made……. not born. They were blessed with insightful parents that identified their gifts and reared their talents and followed the Cheat Code. 1,292 more words