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Film Review: The Cured

David Freyne’s The Cured sees contemporary Ireland is rebuilding itself after the Maze Virus epidemic, and a military run program of rehabilitation is underway for the once infectected. 400 more words

Cinemasters Feature: Lynne Ramsay

In association with the GFT

Žad Novak examines the singular authorial presence throughout the works of Lynne Ramsay 932 more words

Film Review: Submergence

A Glasgow Film Festival review

Adapted from the novel by JM Ledgard, Submergence focuses on two people brought together by a chance encounter. James (James McAvoy) is a Scottish spy about to embark on a dangerous mission in Somalia. 329 more words

University Of Glasgow

Film Review: You Were Never Really Here

As part of the Glasgow Film Festival

A suffocating, transcendental, and understated psychological drama, You Were Never Really Here, elevates Glasgow-born director Lynne Ramsey to the forefront of up-and-coming cinematic pioneers. 400 more words

University Of Glasgow

Film Review: Isle of Dogs

Glasgow Film Festival Opening Gala

Isle of Dogs, the opening film of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, sees Wes Anderson returning to the stop motion style of filmmaking, which he had previously incorporated into 2009’s Fantastic Mr Fox. 416 more words

Film Review: The Shape of Water

In association with the GFT

Guillermo Del Toro is one of the most visionary minds out there, in part due to his delightful obsession with monsters. 418 more words

University Of Glasgow

Film Review: Loveless

In association with the Glasgow Film Theatre

Ex-partners Boris and Zhenya fighting over who gets to avoid custody of their twelve-year-old son, Alexey; Alexey running away, leaving his parents unsure whether he has been missing for the last two days or just a couple of hours; Zhenya being unable to remember the last name of her son’s best friend – Loveless is an unrelenting two-hour run of one heart-breaking moment after another. 377 more words