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Film Review - Berlin Syndrome

For many of us the premise behind Cate Shortland’s Berlin Syndrome would be our worst nightmare. Teresa Palmer of Hacksaw Ridge plays Clare, a tourist backpacking around Berlin.   412 more words

Film Review - The Transfiguration

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First time writer-director Michael O’Shea’s suburban vampire tale The Transfiguration tells the story of Milo (Eric Ruffin), a young boy living in a rough area of Brooklyn. 303 more words

Film Review - Frantz

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Francois Ozon’s Frantz begins just as it continues: quietly and apprehensively, with little fanfare. Anna – young, restrained and delicately played by newcomer Paula Beer – is visiting the grave of her fiancé Frantz, a German soldier killed in the last months of the First World War, when she unexpectedly comes across a Frenchman laying flowers on the dead man’s grave. 353 more words

Film Review - The Levelling

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Ellie Kendrick of Game of Thrones and The Diary of Anne Frank stars in The Levelling, written and directed by Hope Dickson Leach.   405 more words

Film Review - Lady Macbeth

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The name “Lady Macbeth” carries a lot of baggage – connotations of violent passions, unchecked cruelty and manic self-centeredness. It’s a perfect fit for this film. 365 more words

CineMasters: David Lynch season opens at GFT April 9

A run of screenings celebrating the work of surrealist filmmaker David Lynch begins at the Glasgow Film Theatre tomorrow.

The American director, as famous for his cult television series, Twin Peaks, as he is his dark and fiercely original films, has been chosen as part of the cinema’s CineMasters season, which has previously showcased the works of Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese. 259 more words